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Wake Up Quick, Be Vegan in Big Cleaning Time, June 26, 2020

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Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai again graciously took time from Her intensive meditation retreat to speak with Supreme Master Television team members. During the conference on Friday, June 26, 2020, Master, deeply concerned as always about the welfare of our world, continued to warn about the pandemic.

Even the WHO (World Health Organization) keeps telling people it’s not safe. (Yes.)

“You have to really protect yourself. Not safe yet. It doesn’t go away; it keeps coming! Please take this virus really seriously. It hasn’t gone away. It’s very much there. Please respect what the public health folk are telling you to do. They’re saying it for a reason. Please protect yourself and others; maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask when you’re in public places, and if you’re at all unwell, don’t go out. It’s really important that we recognize that this virus is dangerous and we’ve all got to work to get on top of it. I really ask everybody in the US and indeed everybody everywhere to go on taking this virus seriously. Please.”

Before, it’s just over one million (COVID-19 cases) and we feel, “Wow!” And now it’s nine million plus, I think maybe ten already, officially. (Yes, Master.) But unofficially, it’s more than that. (Yes.) Three times, at least, more than that. So, it’s not leaving us yet. I say all this for people, so they’ll be more careful. It’s not fun to be sick, especially this type. (Yes, Master.) It terminates you, and tortures you before that. It’s a big cleaning time. (Yes, Master.) And even if we get over this, others will come.

Master proceeded to remind us of some of the crises already facing our world from all sides.

Not the pandemic only, but the animals die by the hundreds of thousands because they cannot sell. (Yes.) They kill them, hundreds of thousands. Pigs or cows or chickens, minks. And then the whole world is in deficit. Because of the pandemic, people don’t work, they’re less productive, but more payment. (Yes, Master.) And then there is Ebola. And the salmonella in chickens, etc., etc. And then even those sicknesses before, you know already, like SARS and MERS and stuff like that, they’re still in the corner, somewhere. Maybe they don’t spread so quickly like COVID-19 but they are still spreading. (Yes, Master.) It’s just because the COVID-19 now covers everything. Many cancer patients are neglected. Tuberculosis is neglected. And malaria, people with other kinds of chronic disease or dangerous disease, many are neglected because of the COVID-19 situation. So, many patients are not really cared for, and die. (Yes, Master.) Especially the elderly. So it’s not only the pandemic that kills people, there are other things as well. Other old epidemics/pandemics are also still ongoing. And now we have even floods, torrential rains and landslides in many places, and the locust disaster in many places, bee declines, also droughts everywhere, and farmers – helpless; no one can help them. It’s worrisome for our world, some people worry that due to all this, we will have food shortage. We already have anyway. I HOPE EVERYBODY WAKES UP QUICK, QUICK, QUICK. BE VEGAN TO USE THIS COMPASSIONATE, BENEVOLENT, SUSTAINING ENERGY IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR PEOPLE, OUR WORLD.

While expressing Her deepfelt sorrow and care for humanity, Master revealed more from Her diary and also shared some very good news.

The zealous demons, they’re gone. (Oh wow! Yes! Wow!) Maybe just a few cases, but not unmanageable. (Wow! Yes, Master. Thank You.) I knew already, it’s just that the Godses told me. (Wow!) So I said, “Yeah. So said You. I would really want to see the world to live in peace and love, just like high Heaven. Not Astral Heaven, higher.” Because the energies of the zealous demons and ghosts and evil and all that, are still in the world. (Yes, Master.) Like, even if maya is gone, the energy still lingers, because they infected the humans and the animals on this planet since long, long, long ages already. (Understand, Master. Yes.) So, even if they’re gone, it takes years for this energy to clean up. That’s why I’m frustrated. That’s why I said to Them, “I really want to see the world in peace and harmony and love, not talking anymore about that.”

Most Compassionate Master, Your words uplift our hearts and assure us that, in Your sublime Love and Mercy, all beings will soon experience true peace on Earth. In this cleansing period, we pray that humanity will choose vegan now! May the Mighty Heavens continue to protect Beloved Master and hasten Her awesome wish for our world. For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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