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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, Switzerland contributes funding to uplift lives in Pakistan, New Delhi, India urged to lower toxic air pollution, Oxford researchers show switching to renewable energy saves money, United States based psychologists study random acts of kindness, Ukraine (Ureign) awarded distinguished prize honoring promotion of European unity, university in United States to shift over half their menu to vegan food, and researchers in Africa discover wild elephant-people have special food navigation skills.

Here’s a neat way to make DIY heating pads! There are many benefits to these; they are quick to make, effective, reusable, and can be utilized for a long time! Just fill a sock with rice and tie the end of it. Then, put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, and it will be ready to use to heat up your hands, bed, or even your furry companions! What’s nice is they maintain the heat for quite some time!

This seems like a good moment to exhibit the joke of the day. Let's see how funny it is. This one's entitled, “Get a cellphone.”

A son approached his father and said:

“Dad, can I please get a cell phone?”

“Sorry, Son. You know the rules. You can't get a cell phone until you get your first job and can pay for it yourself.”

“But that's not fair! All my friends have cell phones, and they didn't have to wait until they got their first jobs!”

“Maybe so, but your friends aren't 30-year-old men who are still living with their parents!”


And now we have a heartline from Zhi-Xiu in China:

Dear Beloved Master and the Supreme Master TV team, Hallo! I’m a senior high school student who hasn’t gotten initiation yet. Recently, due to the pandemic, I can only study online at home, but fortunately, after studying, I could have free time to watch Supreme Master TV, learn Master’s teachings, and understand more about the crisis of the Earth. When hearing Master say that there’s only six months left to save oneself, I was very anxious and wished so much to get initiation with Master as soon as possible, in order to be liberated from the dangerous situation and follow Master to return to Heaven!

I’m now striving to keep the vegan diet. As I’m studying in a boarding school where there’s rarely any vegan food available, during the boarding period, every day I only take breakfast which is vegan, and brew a pack of oatmeal for dinner. I pray that the vegan lifestyle could come to our campus! I pray that Master remembers to save me! May Master’s Buddha body stay in safety and good health! Zhi-Xiu from China

Strong Zhi-Xiu, Thank you for sharing your heartfelt longing to be initiated. Welcome to our vegan world, and know that by being vegan and connecting inside with our Beloved Master you are blessed. May Buddha’s eternal Love assist you and the resilient Chinese people in achieving all your noble goals. In the Sun’s warm embrace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies to you with fondness: “Precious Zhi-Xiu, know that whether initiated or not, you always have my loving support and protection, as your humility and sincere longing for Heaven’s Home touches my heart! Well done for your determination to be vegan, with prayers for your wellness, and God’s Love! You can try to request for some vegan options, because even some students who have allergies can demand special food. Ask your parent to help with that. Take whatever salad, greens, fresh veggies and fruits are available there as well, as they are packed with life nutrients. Those such as avocado and cabbage, etc... are equal to meat, according to research. In keeping the pure vegan diet, you will feel lighter and happier. Please also continue watching Supreme Master Television, for the inspiration and spiritual insights that will come your way. Take care, my love. God Bless you, child, and I love you! May you and picturesque China forever be uplifted by the Divine.”

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