Veganismul – felul nobil de a trăi

Vegan Boxing Rabbi - Yuri Foreman (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Yuri was born in Belarus and, overall, he had a positive childhood. When he was ten, he and his family emigrated to Israel. While living in Israel, Yuri participated in swimming, but after experiencing some bullying, his mother signed him up for boxing classes.

While living in Israel, Yuri became an amateur boxer and won three national boxing championships. In 2009 he became the World Boxing Association (WBA) super welterweight champion. This made him the first Israeli WBA champion, and Israel’s first world boxing champion.

Rabbi Yuri Foreman (vegan) describes how his experience as a boxer was linked to his decision to study and become a Rabbi. In his experience, boxing has a spiritual aspect to it. “Boxing, it's a lonely sport. You are not against yourself, but the biggest obstacle is going to be you. You are there by yourself and these moments, very often, you find yourself (in a) very spiritual moment.”

“You can be a rock musician, you can be an actor, you can be a very enlightened person and still do, let's say, boxing. And I think I can also reach to more, younger people or young adults and inspire them, perhaps, to seek, spirituality while not stopping the day-to-day life.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has had a similar experience in as much as She is a spiritual teacher while also being a poet, an artist, and a designer. Her spirituality has served as a powerful inspiration for Her poetry and other artwork, which in turn inspires others. “It’s just the empathy to humans’ struggle to achieve the impossible. We all go through this, saints, sinners, mortals, all alike. If you want to seek your true Self, this is a struggle like that. Even the non-practitioners, they also have moments of despair and the moment of need to turn inward, to pray to some power that they don’t even know what, to pray to the God that maybe they do not even believe. Always there is a struggle within the humans’ heart. So my poetry, the ‘Silent Tears’, is just the reflection of that.”
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