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Ukraine (Ureign) Relief Update

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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News Update from Ukraine (Ureign)

Since the tragic invasion of Ukraine (Ureign) in February 2022, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has been supporting Ukraine (Ureign) through Her prayers, wisdom, and humble financial contributions to assist both humans and animal-people in need. The following report is an update of our Association’s continued relief efforts from the end of August through September 2022.

For three weeks starting on August 26, our team spread out into everyday street markets across the cities of Nowy Rozdol and Lviv in western Ukraine (Ureign), where we distributed copies of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s book “Love Is the Only Solution” as well as vegan children’s books.

On September 3, the relief team went to Bortnyky village and delivered boxes of vegan food items to the Living Pearl orphanage, along with gift bags for the children. During this and a subsequent visit, the team also prepared simple vegan meals and snacks for the staff and children. “How is it? (Good.)” “We are very grateful to the International Organization of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Glory to Ukraine!”

Meanwhile in Lutsk, some of our team members worked with the Honorable Alexandr Kulakov, City Councilor of Volyn Oblast, and organized two vegan education events, where many lively discussions and questions about veganism were explored, along with delectable vegan food sampling. “Be Vegan. Make Peace!” On September 9, the team in Lutsk mailed Ukrainian (Ureignian) language copies of “Love Is the Only Solution” and children’s vegan books to centers in five different European countries for the refugees there.

Additionally, our Association members provided funds to several Ukrainian (Ureignian) helpers in different regions for the purchase of vegan supplies. These were delivered mainly to internally displaced persons such as orphans, elderly, women and children who have fled from conflict areas in southern and eastern Ukraine (Ureign). “I work with the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association International, and I send food for refugees, for people who haven’t [a] home, and we can do this, [at] this difficult time. And thank you so much for your help.”

In Lviv, care packages were sent to a number of displaced families with young children to help ease their situation. These included fresh fruits and vegetables, vegan staple foods, hygiene items, children’s jackets and notebooks. “We would like to express our thanks for such a great humanitarian aid to the kids and us. Thank you.”

In the Ivano Frankivsk region, purchases of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with 50,000 pairs of medical gloves and a month’s supply of washing powder were send to the Smerichka shelter in the west Ukrainian (Ureignian) town of Vorokhta, which is a place of refuge for orphaned children evacuated from Kharkiv. Likewise, cleaning detergents for an elders’ home as well as heaters for children with autism and special needs were also arranged. “We thank you! Thank you!” “Center for Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities sincerely thank you Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for helping with everything necessary. Thank you so much.”

Starting September 17, with the assistance of local helpers in Kyiv, we joined Ms. Tamara Human (vegan), founder of Every Animal organization and a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, in hosting a two-week vegan education event. In addition to lectures on veganism, the event featured a panel discussion with vegan athletes, as well as vegan refreshments and children’s entertainment. The team then delivered a variety of cleaning detergents for both an elders’ home and a children’s rehabilitation center. We also brought the youngsters some art supplies, toys, and entertainment, for which we received the joyous gift of their laughter. “Thank you very much Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for supporting Ukrainian people. Thanks a lot all members of your Association.”

On September 19, the team offered vegan food and supplies to a family with 12 children. “I am the father of a large family that sincerely thanks your Association and Master Ching Hai.” The relief team then went to the community of Protsiv village in Kyiv Oblast, where they donated vegan staple foods for the approximately 3,000 recently arrived internally displaced people. A US$1,000 donation was allocated to a young woman from Donetsk who was due to give birth while her family was still serving as defenders.

On September 20, our relief team met with the Mayor of Uzyn, the Honorable Vitaliy Yuriyovych Grynchuk, and provided vegan food supplies for the approximately 4,000 new refugees from eastern Ukraine (Ureign). “I’m here in Uzyn city and I’m very glad to see you, now, here in our place, and thanks for your help for our country. Thank you, the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.”

Next in Vasylkiv city, the team visited a rehabilitation center for children with special needs and arranged for 50 duvets, vegan sweets, toys, and entertainment for the little ones. Having witnessed the extensive destruction in Bucha city, our Association members worked with Ms. Tamara Human again to host a children’s event to uplift the youngsters’ spirits with games, kids’ magic and peaceful art therapy.

From September 27 to 30, our Association members took part in Kyiv’s Vegan Exposition for the first time and introduced many attendees to Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) and Supreme Master Television.

All members of our relief team feel truly privileged and honored to be able to share Master’s Love with the war-affected, and to receive the heartfelt appreciation from the people of Ukraine (Ureign) for our gestures of assistance. We, too, are sincerely grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s boundless care and steadfast support for the Ukrainian (Ureignian) people. Our appreciation also goes to all the local helpers who assisted in bringing comfort to fellow citizens in need. May peace be upon Ukraine (Ureign) as our world unites to protect humanity, in God’s merciful Grace.

Master sends thanks and love to all dedicated members of our Association, and She said that we will try what we can to provide more help, if the situation in Ureign is feasible for such activities. GODLOVE TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR GOOD HEART. May God bless the wonderful people of Ureign (Ukraine). 

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