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In today’s news, Norway and UNICEF join hands to support education in Mozambique, expert warns spillover of avian flu to humans may be “on the horizon,” researchers in United States make nanodiamonds from plastic, study aid for primary school kids wins Irish design award, police officer in Los Angeles, California, USA, saves child who stopped breathing, benefits of plant-based diet promoted by political party in Germany, and kindhearted Tunisian veterinarian turns her house into animal-people shelter.

Norway bolsters education access in Mozambique.

The Ambassador of Norway to Mozambique, His Excellency Haakon Gram-Johannessen, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Mozambique, Maria Fornara, recently signed a US$10 million agreement to support about 50,000 out-of-school youth in a three-year initiative focused on learning, empowerment and protection in conflict-affected areas of Northern Mozambique. His Excellency Haakon Gram-Johannessen highlighted Norway’s commitment to building peace and social cohesion by rehabilitating schools and founding multipurpose centers so that children and adolescents can learn life skills and receive assistance and counseling, thus helping to ensure gender equality and human rights. Ms. Fornara hopes this program will lessen the impacts of the humanitarian crisis in Northern Mozambique and ensure young ones between the ages of 6 and 12 receive quality education and protection. Norway is a recipient of Shining World Leadership Awards for Environmental Protection, Humanitarianism, Good Governance and Peace, and a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Compassion. Our gratitude, Norway and UNICEF, for your caring support of bright youth. We pray that Mozambique’s youngsters can soon enjoy a better learning environment for a brighter future, in God’s Love.

Epidemiologist cautions new bird flu pandemic may come in near future.

A report published by the United Kingdom’s Animal and Plant Health Agency on August 1, 2022, reveals that the ongoing outbreak of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 strain among breeding bird-people in Great Britain and northwest Europe has been “unprecedented,” as mass die-offs have reached “uncharted territory.” Alarmingly, 63 different wild bird-persons species at 354 locations in the UK have been found to be infected with the virus, and sadly, tens of thousands of avian-individuals have succumbed to it. Scientists have warned that intensive chicken-people raising sites are potential “mixing pots” and sources of the lethal pathogen. Soberingly, Dr. Keith Neal at the University of Nottingham in the UK has assessed that a zoonotic spillover of the virus from bird-individuals to humans is very possibly “on the horizon.” Many thanks for the timely warnings, Animal and Plant Health Agency and Dr. Keith Neal. May humanity swiftly embrace the healthful and holistic vegan lifestyle to avert another deadly zoonotic outbreak, in the Providence’s omniscience. “Non-vegan people can b successful in reaching hell.”

Up next, researchers in United States make nanodiamonds from plastic. We’re going to thank the hotel night auditors who work overnight shifts at hotels during which they assist guests arriving at nights and handle end-of-day financial recordkeeping and reporting. When we return, more informative news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hi there, I’m Edna, a vegan housewife from the Echidna kingdom! Many secrets of the Universe open for us when we turn towards our inner merciful nature. And I just know we can’t afford to live without compassion and the kindhearted plant-based way. Here is a gardening tip for you! Peppermint oil is a good option for deterring pests in your garden due to its strong scent. To make your own peppermint oil spray, take a 500-milliliter glass spray bottle and fill it up with water. You should leave about an inch (or 2.5 centimeters) of space at the top. Next, add 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil and thoroughly shake the bottle prior to each use. Spray all the plants in your garden, and please be sure that you get the stems and underneath the leaves as well. Spray again following each rainfall. Now you won’t have to worry about pests damaging your plants! Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants alike. And thank you for watching. Now the weather around the world.

United States scientists create nanodiamonds from plastic with laser.

Researchers from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States recently produced nanodiamonds from PET plastic by irradiating the substance with a high-powered laser. PET is commonly found in single-use products such as water bottles, and the discovery could help to reduce waste while providing a source of nanodiamonds that could be used in an array of applications, such as drug delivery for chemotherapy and antibiotics, as well as in quantum electronics. The experiment was similar to the process that occurs inside Uranus and Neptune, where diamonds rain within the atmosphere due to extreme temperatures and pressure. Wonderful news, researchers from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, on the potential to convert plastic waste into useful nanodiamonds. In the support of the Divine, may our technological advancements help to usher in a new age of healing and cooperation between all nations.

Learning tool for primary schoolchildren garners Irish design award.

Méadú, a simple device which enables interactive problem-solving involving multiplication, has won the Irish James Dyson Award along with €5,800 to help further develop the device. Its designer, Paul Hendrick, graduated from the Technological University Dublin in product design. He explained that the inspiration came when primary school teachers shared their concerns about the lack of physical aids to assist higher primary school pupils in solving their math problems. The 12 by 12 grid board shows a multiplication table on the top side with two sliders to help calculate answers and a whiteboard on the other side for students to write upon. Mr. Hendrick’s tool will now go on to be a part of the James Dyson Award international competition in November. We applaud your thoughtful design, Paul Hendrick. May Méadú inspire more designers and engineers around the world to create more brilliant learning products for our beautiful youth, in Heaven’s goodness.

Bodycam shows Los Angeles, USA police officer saving child’s life.

When Officer Nick Ferara from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was meeting with a community member at the LAPD Harbor Division Station, he heard a parent nearby yelling for help as he walked toward the bathroom carrying his son. The officer followed them and took the boy into his own arms and began to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by patting him on the back. The father splashed water onto his son while Officer Ferara continued to provide CPR until the youngster started to breath. The young one was brought to the hospital and has since made a full recovery. During the pandemic, the kind officer also paid for and delivered US$300of groceries to community members in need. Our sincere kudos, Officer Nick Ferara, for your exemplary spirit of assisting others. May many people be inspired by your noble actions, in Celestial grace. Vegan: u will have many fans.

Coming up, benefits of plant-based diet promoted by political party in Germany. We’ll just pause for a moment to do some lunges to strengthen our back, hip and leg muscles. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – High-thinking News for a Wiser World.

Party in Germany calls for policies to promote plant-based diets for residents.

The Green Party in Germany’s Bremen County has called for measures to encourage people to adopt a vegan diet, including sharing information on the many advantages of the lifestyle. Public canteens would be requested to offer vegan meals, and a vegan cooking school would be created for caterers. In addition, the party believes that major public events like festivals should make at least half of the food stalls vegan and that local food businesses should receive assistance in transitioning their offerings to plant-based ones. At the federal government level, His Excellency Professor Karl Lauterbach, Germany’s Health Minister, suggested taxing meat and providing subsidies for plant-based alternatives to it to drastically reduce meat consumption earlier this year. Bravo, Green Party of Bremen County and Your Excellency Professor Karl Lauterbach, for your veg advocacy. We wish all the governments in the world to follow your example to help achieve World Vegan, World Peace soon, in Heaven’s wisdom.

Veterinarian in Tunisia uses her house as animal-people sanctuary.

Dr. Raoudha Mansour, a veterinarian in Nabeul governate in northeastern Tunisia, turned her home into a loving refuge for animal-persons in 2007 to give them a safe space. She is taking care of 150 cat-persons and 25 dog-individuals and the amount is increasing day by day. Dr. Mansour feels fortunate and happy to be able to provide the animal-folk with a new life. All the animal friends are neutered and vaccinated by her. Animal welfare associations contribute food and medicine to help Dr. Mansour with the expenses and an organization called Doctor Mansour’s Support Association fundraises so that she can continue her noble endeavor. Our deep appreciation, Dr. Raoudha Mansour and benefactors. In the blessings of Allah, may you continue your selfless work of saving and protecting our co-inhabitants in need.

Please feel free to let loose your laughter with this joke of the day entitled “The Fastest Dad.”

Three kids are arguing about whose father is the fastest…

“My dad is the fastest. He only takes 10 seconds to run 100 meters.”

“No! My father is the quickest! He can catch up with a fast car when he runs.”

“Actually, my papa is really the fastest. His shift ends at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, but he gets home at 4:30 every day.”

And now we have a heartline from Avery in Chicago, United States:

I’m writing this letter to convey the thanks that I’ve been holding in my heart for a long time to our Beloved Master.

A few years ago, we tried to adopt a dog-person, but for some reason we kept getting rejected, and I was disappointed.

Then, in early 2020, our daughter got seriously ill and had to undergo very intensive treatment. Later, I realized that it was indeed God’s arrangement that we couldn’t adopt a dog-person earlier because it would have been extremely difficult for us to take care of a newly adopted dog-person while our daughter was undergoing her intensive treatment, as we had to take her to the hospital frequently and stay there with her sometimes as well.

When my daughter’s treatment was about to finish, I accidentally saw a dog-person’s picture from a Korean shelter and applied for adoption. This time, the adoption process went smoothly. The shelter found a flight volunteer who helped bring the adopted dog-person, Rookie, all the way from Korea to Chicago.

Initially, we thought we had rescued Rookie. However, later we learned that it’s a great Blessing from Master that Rookie came to us all the way from Korea because he watches over Master’s sheep. He had to endure a lot of hardships to come to our family. We’re deeply grateful to our Beloved Master for sending Rookie to our family. Avery from Chicago, USA

Understanding Avery, It was a pleasure to read how Rookie came into your life. How lucky you are to have him as a companion! Canine-persons are amazing beings filled with love. Thanks for conveying your story of good fortune for us all to enjoy. May you and the capable United States enjoy eternal peace, in the blessings of the Providence, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some happy words for you and Rookie: “Knowing Avery, humble Rookie has been waiting to reconnect with you, and it is wonderful how God works and miraculously your souls came to be together despite the great distance. Rookie is home now with you and your family, and with Rookie around, love is even more obviously abundant! May Divine Light always lead your way and bring you, Rookie, and the American people a world full of kindness and joy.”

Vegan: cos all evidence pointed 2 this sustainable, world-rescuing way of life.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May boundless love and light shine upon you.

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