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From “The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ”: The Law of Humane Love, Part 2 of 2

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Let us continue with when Lord Jesus Christ explains that the Law of Humane Love includes the wealthy helping the poor and the needy, as well as the importance of repentance, for humans’ sins to be forgiven.

“And then Jesus said unto Simon, His disciple, ‘Indeed, Simon, it is very difficult for the wealthy to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For truly I tell ye this day, unless the rich share with the poor, and look to the needy in their despair, they cannot fulfill the Holy Law of Humane Love, nor shall they enter into the Kingdom of the Elect.’ And Jesus continued to journey from place to place, healing every kind of disease that Satan brought upon the Earth and man, and even leprosy did Jesus heal, and every infirmity, thus teaching the people the use of every herb God gave Noah to cure all manner of illness.”

“But when Jesus perceived their thoughts, He looked upon them and said: ‘Why do ye reason this way in your heart? Can even God Himself forgive sins, if man repent not? Whether it is easier to say, “Thy sins be forgiven;” or to say, “Rise up and walk,” know ye that the Son of Man has power upon Earth to discern, and declare the forgiveness of sins; for any who put their faith in me and my law, their sins will be forgiven, and they shall become purified.’ And many, on hearing these words of Jesus, glorified God, and were filled with the spirit of reverence, for they believed Jesus to be the Son of the Holy Father.”

“And Jesus turned to the Pharisee and said unto him ‘If ye know not the Son, ye know not the Father who sent the Son. Ye speak according to the ignorance ye live by. My Father, Who sent me unto the earthly sons of man is above earthly matters, wherein every deception and falsehood originated. For what has the Maker of all things, Who rules and owns the universe, reason for jealousy, He Who is all Love, and all Wisdom, and all Power, and all Grace? God is over All Created Good; in your deception ye speak corruption unto the sons of man. If ye understood Moses, ye would understand me, for Moses spoke of me and the TRUE GOD.’”

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