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Putin Must Call For Immediate Ceasefire In Ukraine, April 11, 2022

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Host: On Monday, April 11, 2022, our Most Loving Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly reserved time to read an inspiring story from “A Treasury of Jewish Folklore,” compiled by Nguyễn Ước. Prior to it, Master shared some good news related to Ukraine, followed by Supreme Master Television team members doing so as well.

There was some change in the world. It changes so fast. (Oh.) Because the Prime Minister of England went to Kyiv to visit, and walk on Kyiv’s streets, like nothing has happened. (Yes, we saw that.)

“Media Report from Global News Apr. 10, 2022 Boris Johnson (m): I want to begin, Volodymyr, by saluting once again the bravery of the people of Ukraine in defying the appalling aggression that we have seen. In the last few weeks, the world has found new heroes, and those heroes are the people of Ukraine. What Putin has done in places like Bucha and in Irpin, his war crimes have permanently polluted his reputation and the reputation of his government. And together with our partners, we are going to ratchet up the economic pressure and we will continue to intensify week by week the sanctions on Russia. Not just freezing assets in banks and sanctioning oligarchs, but moving away from our use of Russian hydrocarbons. And we will give you the support that you need, the economic support, but also, of course, the defensive military support in which I am proud to say that the UK helped to lead the way.”

And also the chief of the EU at the moment, she also went to Kyiv some days ago to give Ukraine a speedy application. Speedy kind of protocol. Simple. So, they say that Ukraine could join the EU in weeks. (Wow! That’s great. Yay!) Yeah, me too. I also applaud. Instead of years. (Yes, Master.) That’s nice. Nice that they have some friends. (Yes, Master.) Mental, emotional support. (Right, Master.)

“Media Report from NBC News Apr. 9, 2022 Ursula (f): Let me at the very beginning express my condolences for the families, the children, the innocent people that have been attacked today by Russia at the train station. Your fight is also our fight. And I'm here in Kyiv with you today to send a very strong message that the European Union is by your side.”

“Media Report from The Telegraph Apr. 9, 2022 Ursula (f): Ukraine belongs to the European family. We've heard your request loud and clear. And today, we're here to give you a first positive answer. In this envelope, dear Volodymyr, there is an important step towards EU membership. The questionnaire that is in here is the basis for our discussion in the coming weeks. It is where your path towards Europe and the European Union begins. We know a lot about each other because we’ve been working together so intensively over the last years. So it will be not as usual a matter of years to form this opinion, but I think a matter of weeks, if we work closely together.”

And even America wanted to help them more in some way. More support, more help, in more practical ways. And NATO is also kind of changing their viewpoint, somehow. (Yes, Master.) They should have changed it 14 years ago. They should have changed their viewpoint 14 years ago.

I don’t know whose fault actually, but at that time it seemed like America supported Ukraine to join NATO. (Yes.) But NATO said no. Imagine that? (Oh!) It’s funny. (I think Germany and others.) Germany said no? That’s why, right? (Yes.) So, now, Ukraine has to pay, and Russia also has to pay. Both countries have to pay for their stubbornness.

Who was it at that time? It was Angela Merkel. (Yes.) Why did she say no? (I’m not sure.) I also don’t have any excuse for her, and I hope she “enjoys” the bloodshed now from both the countries, from innocent people. (Yes, Master.) Even the soldiers from Russia, they’re also innocent. They would just do what they have to. They were ordered to do it. They didn’t know what else to do. (Yes, Master.)

I hope now with all this support that Russia will think twice to continue with the war. (Yes, Master.) To stop the war is the best solution. Mr. Putin should just order a ceasefire and order his troops home. It’s only the neighbor next door. It doesn’t take long to go home. (That’s right, Master.) So, the world will have more peace. (Yes.) Now that he knows that the Ukrainians, they will fight to the death. They will not give up. And it seems like they’re winning in different directions. (Yes, Master.)

But now it is reported that Russia is preparing for the next big battle, in Donbas, in the east. (Yes, Master.) I hope he stops it. I hope he stops in time because there’s enough lives lost already. (Right. Yes, Master.) How many more people have to die until he orders the ceasefire and orders the troops home? (Yes, Master.) And when people are happy, they will cease anger and hatred towards him, and all this neutralizing energy will be good for his health and everything else. If he still wants to live on the planet. Otherwise, he will die soon. No matter if he wins or loses. (Yes, Master.)

Because when too many people hate you, this dark energy will pierce whatever armor you have. Even invisible armor. And you will die soon, you will be short-lived. That is the thing. (Yes.) Not to talk about hell waiting or anything else. (Understand, Master.) Or even destroying his being by the Council, which I cannot interfere with. If the war goes on, more innocents will die for nothing. (Yes, Master.) Then his essence, his being, whatever it’s made of, is going to be destroyed forever. It’s a pity. (Yes.)

It’s not easy to exist in the whole universe. Even though we are just one being and small, but if we are destroyed, we are destroyed. Forever. (Yes, Master.) I hope Mr. Putin hears me, for his own sake as well as the sake of the Russians; innocent soldiers; and the innocent Ukrainian civilians and soldiers as well. This is a very sad affair. (Yes, Master, it is.)

And the more the war goes on, the more Russia will be bankrupted. People already have no business and many people don’t have jobs already. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And if the war goes on, the West will cut off their demand for oil and gas. Because this is a big revenue for Russia. (Right. Yes, Master.) Without these billions, Russia will just have to stop the war anyhow in a month or so. […]

No matter how many he wants to kill. (Yes, Master.) The Ukrainians, they have gone numb to death now. They could not care less if they die. (Wow.) They saw too many deaths already. (Yes.) They became hardened and more resolved to fight. (That’s right.) They have nothing to lose. (Yes, Master.) The more Ukrainians killed by Russia, the more they’re resolved to fight. So, I think, President Putin should consider this. (Yes. Exactly.) No matter who he is. If he doesn’t want Russia to go bankrupt altogether. And then the recession will be a long, long, long, long, long winter for Russia.

Oh man, terrible. I’m sure he is very misled by his gang. (Yes, Master.) And now he got himself into a big mess. (Right.) Difficult to go forward or backward. (Yes, Master.) But he should just order a ceasefire and then order the troops home. People make mistakes sometimes. (Yes.) And if you know you made a mistake, you just change it. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Angela Merkel, with all her so-called compassion and compassionate gestures to the refugees and against war and whatever. I don’t think she’s for war. Why did she not let Ukraine join NATO? I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Joining NATO doesn’t mean they’re going fight Russia, unless Russia fights them first. (True.) (Yes, Master.) Nobody wants war anymore. (Exactly.) Too many wars already, and so tiring, and there is COVID-19 and everything. (Yes, Master.) They did not want war with Russia, because they wanted oil and gas cheap from Russia, and ready and available. (Yes.) So, is not possible that Angela Merkel would worry that Russia will be at war with the West. It’s something personal. She was very close to Putin, or something.

I’m very disappointed with this woman for this. Very disappointed. I thought she’s a wise woman and strong, and know-how, and know-what. But for this handling of Ukraine to join NATO, she really, really erred big time. And now so many people died from both sides. (Yes, Master.) For Russia, 16,000 at least died and 40,000 plus, maybe more now, altogether either disappeared in battle or died, or in prison, prisoner of war. (Yes, Master.) And now the whole world is against Russia. However, she wanted to protect Russia, but now she put Russia in danger. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes it’s just being busybody. It doesn’t help anyone. (Right.)

She also speaks Russian. I think that’s why she feels, like some sentimental link to Russia. But that is not the game to play. People’s lives are at stake, and now so many people die. I hope she sleeps well, and eats well. I hope she doesn’t feel beaten by her own conscience. (Yes.) My God, you are entrusted with such a privilege and power, and then here for some personal reason or, sentiment or whatever… Because there is no other reason why she should stop Ukraine to join NATO. (Right. Yes, indeed.) Up to now NATO never waged war with anyone, except to protect their own people, their own allies. (Yes. True. That’s right.) So, why would she stop Ukraine?

Ukraine never waged war with Russia. It was Russia who waged war, up to now, with Ukraine. (Yes.) All this time; since eight years at least already. Since Crimea, at least. Oh, my God. […]

I think, if Putin is wise, he would just order a ceasefire. Very simple. (Yes. That’s right. True.) Don’t have to say anything, don’t even need to apologize if he cannot. […] And if Russia helps to rebuild Ukraine, then everything will be better. (Yes, Master.) And people will let bygones be bygones.

Now, because Russia is losing, that’s why they are using cadets. You know, younger students? (Yes.) Learning to be conscripts, learning to fight. The cadet is still in the learning process; young, 17-18. (Yes.) Just coming in. And also, now they are using even the ex-soldiers. Those who are already supposed to have retired. (Yes, Master.) And now they mobilize them all out. That means they suffered truly, heavy losses. So, in that case, if I was a leader, I would just order my soldiers home to save more lives. (Yes, Master.) Save as many lives as we can.

People can make mistakes, but you don’t always have to fight to the death to cover your mistakes. There’s no need for that. (Yes.) A lot of people make mistakes as well, but it doesn’t mean we have to continue with that mistake. To make mistakes is human. (Right.) Suppose you are human; to make mistakes is human, but to continue making mistakes is to be an idiot, (Yes.) or evil, in this case. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) You have no feeling, no sympathy, no heartfelt nothing, for the deaths of the innocent, including your own citizens. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from BBC NEWS Apr. 12, 2022,Reporter (m):A mother’s reaction as her son’s body is recovered in front of her eyes close to Kyiv.”

And this will be too obvious, all bared for all the world to see that you are heartless. And that is not a very good name or good reputation to bring with into the grave, into the history of humankind. (Yes. That’s right, Master.) […]

Do you have any questions at all? (We have some good news, Master.) […] (A report says at least 60 Russian paratroopers from a unit in Pskov province refused to fight in Ukraine.) I guess they had enough with seeing dead bodies all over for no reason. (Yes, Master.) I guess they understood what it is all about now. (Yes.)

“Media Report from BBC NEWS Apr. 8, 2022 Reporter (f): Nina Vynnyk’s home was shelled. Her daughter lost a leg.

Nina (f): All of us were knocked out by the explosion. When we came to our senses, we began to search for each other. Then, I saw her screaming, “Mommy, I don’t have a leg.” It was horrific.

Reporter (f): How does she respond to Russia denying it’s targeted civilians?

Nina (f): Tell them to stop lying.

Reporter (f): They lie a lot, she said.

Nina (f): There’s a woman in a hospital without a leg. That is the truth.”

Not like propaganda, but the reality of innocent people who die. And many thousands, tens of thousands of their comrades are dead or in trouble. Or in prison. (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God. They did not know all this, that’s why now they refuse it. […]

(And the troops were fired and some are being threatened with criminal prosecution, a Russian newspaper reported. And other reports suggest that Russian forces have suffered heavy losses.) Yeah, of course. (And morale is deteriorating.) Well, that is nothing new. It has been a while already. But it’s only six weeks, and they lost so much. (Yes.) They lost more than in any recent wars, like in Iraq or Afghanistan. […]

To lose morale is not bad, but to lose your life is bad. (Yes, Master.) I hope they don’t fight. Just don’t fight. Then even the president cannot kill all of them. (Yes, Master.) And if they stay alive, then the Ukrainians will also stay alive. (Right, Master.) If they don’t fight, then they will be alive. And both will be alive. (Yes, Master.) Your wives, your kids, your parents, your friends, your buddies. They’re all waiting for you.

Please don’t fight. Just go home. Or even be a prisoner of war. You will save your life until later when the war is over. Or swap prisoners. Just stay alive, no matter what. Just go defect or whatever. Go to Ukraine. Be a prisoner of war, whatever. Just don’t die. Don’t fight, then you don’t die. Please. God protect you. Pray to God to protect you. And don’t fight. No need. There’s no need. If the Russians, or President Putin, says Ukraine and Russia are one family, then why do you kill each other? (Yes, it’s true.) […] You can’t just go and kill your own family members. (Right.) You are not barbarous. Even barbarous people, they don’t do that. (Yes. Right.) Everybody recognizes their family member. (Right. Yes.) You don’t kill your family member unless you’re cuckoo, or you’re evil. (Yes, Master.) [...]

Any more good news? [...] (More than €10 billion has been pledged in a Stand Up For Ukraine event to provide humanitarian support for Ukraine. This event was organized by the European Commission, Canada and an international organization called Global Citizen. And the European Commission pledged €1 billion as well.)

They should. They should pay more and help more because they are the ones who make Ukrainians and Russians pay with their lives. Both countries. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t thank any of these people who just begin now to trickle in some of the so-called help. But I do thank Ukraine. Ukraine surprised the West, not just Russia, with their resilience, their courage, their noble sacrifice. (Yes, Master.) They also surprised me. Because after Putin, beat away the Crimea and the other two regions, I didn’t think Ukraine would have any more spirit to fight.

Before, I guess they were just too gentle. (Yes, Master.) They didn’t want to make it big. But I think now, because they know Ukraine will be lost if they don’t fight. So, they gave their all. (Yes.) And this is really a big surprise for Russia as well as the West. And I think they have a little bit more respect for Ukraine now. (Yes, Master.) Surprise! We didn’t die! We’re still here. […]

I have to thank Ukraine, because this is the nobility and courage that the world must learn. (Yes, Master.) And also, I thank Ukraine, because they don’t just fight for themselves, because their winning will be beneficial to Europe and to many other countries as well, who benefit from their farm produce. (Yes, Master.) Because Ukraine is a food basket for Europe.

Imagine if Russia wins, and all this farm produce will belong to Russia then. And, Putin will use it also as another strangulation instrument for Europe at least. Because, now gas and oil already weakened them thus. It scared them so much that they did not even dare to oppose Putin in any way at all. (Yes, Master.) Now if he has the whole farm produce from Ukraine, can you imagine? (Yes, Master.) They probably will be all on their knees begging for food. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why I thank Ukraine.

And I think Europe at least should thank Ukraine for sacrificing themselves, in order for the whole of Europe to survive, to say the least. So, Europe should have been more protective of Ukraine, because protecting Ukraine is protecting themselves, the European countries and nearby, and the rest, who profit, benefit from Ukraine’s diligent farming way of life. (Right, Master.)

I’m very surprised this time. Not just about Ukraine’s courage, self-sacrifice and noble mentality, but because of how the world reacted. I don’t mean the devil governments. I don’t mean the devil leaders. I mean the private people. (Yes.) The citizens of the world. They understood so fast. (Yes, Master.) And they helped them somehow. Otherwise, I don’t think Ukraine could withstand the first blow. […] They would not be able to be that strong.

And God has helped. (Yes, Master.) I told you guys. Even though we don’t see it. They don’t see it. But God helps, Heaven helps; for the injustice not to be upon Ukraine. And the whole world supports them. (Yes, Master.) […] But still, I hope that their sacrifice won’t be for nothing; will be for something. (Yes, Master.) At least, it will be meaningful, if the war stops, if the whole world wakes up. […]

My God, I think too much of the people who died suddenly. OK, the innocent, the pure ones, we can take care of their souls; but those who die too fast and they did not have time to prepare, to clean themselves; they have trouble. They are wandering around or floating on top of hell, or don’t even know what’s happening to them. And that is the dead, and the living also do not fair better. […]

And the refugees, they went to some countries, and have to put up with many situations. (Yes, Master.) […] And some refugees went to the UK, and it took so long for the visas. What for they have to take so long? Just stamp and let them in, man! (Yes.) Many countries waive their visa, waive the bureaucracy for the refugees from Ukraine. UK should do that too. (Yes. Right.)

Oh man! They should do that because UK was also one of the guarantors of Ukraine’s sovereignty and peace, when they made Ukraine give up all their nuclear weapons. (Yes, Master.) And the Ukrainian people, loving peace and innocent, gave it all away. That’s how now they have become helpless victims. (Yes, Master.) If they also have nuclear weapons, maybe they could use it as a threat. (Yes. Right.) But they have nothing, just some very little weapons. And the West did not help much. Now they’re helping more, and they pledged to help more. But before, they had nothing, almost, or very little, against the big army of Russia. (Yes. Right.) [...]

They all told the Ukrainian government to give up all the nuclear weapons. They did. And all of them signed, at least three big powers. Russia themselves signed that, too, under Yeltsin. (Yes.) And then United Kingdom signed it also, America signed it also. Guaranteed safety, sovereignty, freedom for Ukraine’s independence. And if, in case Russia betrays them, for example, they will protect Ukraine. And now, what did they do? All this time, so many people have died already, and they just began to give a little bit more. (Yes, Master.) [...]

So, I blame all these countries who betrayed Ukraine. They betrayed Ukraine. They did. And maybe they’re waking up now. They see all the atrocities, and also all the pressure everywhere. (Yes, Master.) […]

See, they all betrayed Ukraine. Well, maybe they are trying to make it up now. It’s good. It’s better than never. But they should have done that before, they should have done that before the war even began, to stop the war, to prevent the war; instead of being scared of Putin, or scared of losing gas and oil, and all that stuff. (Yes, Master.) They should know that Putin also is afraid of not being able to sell gas and oil to them. (Right, yes.) Because he made a lot of money with it, I mean Russia made a lot of money with it; of course, he also has a share in it if it’s state-owned anyway. (Yes, Master.) So, they should not have betrayed Ukraine.

Anyway, Russia betrayed Ukraine. Betrayed their own promise to protect Ukraine. Instead, they betrayed Ukraine by invading Ukraine, and brutally killing, murdering innocent people and children and women. (Yes.) And the West betrayed Ukraine by not truly helping and protecting them. And one and a half months already, they just begin to stir a little bit more.

In the beginning, they didn’t help much, just let Ukraine try it out and die or live, doesn’t matter. (Yes, Master.) They should have known that Russia is very brutal. They should have known that whether or not Ukraine joins NATO, Russia would have still invaded Ukraine anyway. They could see it very well. (Yes, Master.) Because, first they (Russia) said Ukraine should not join NATO, and they used that excuse to want to go in. And later Ukraine didn’t join and NATO said, “We don’t accept Ukraine.” And they still went in anyway, Putin. (Yes. That’s right.) They made another excuse, saying there are fascists and Nazis in Ukraine. Everyone could see that, and still did not help Ukraine. Did not try more forcefully, more honestly to help Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

So, I said they all betrayed Ukraine, not just Russia. (Yes.) Even though they signed in ink, and sealed their guarantee to leave Ukraine in peace and have its own sovereignty. It’s not about betraying Ukraine only. The West made a very terrible show of weakness, cowardice and of an untrustworthy entity. (Yes, Master.)

Because Ukraine loved to be with the free world, and loved to have democracy. And they love peace. They proved that, fatally, by giving away all their nuclear weapons, making themselves vulnerable to the whole world, trusting that the West or Russia would keep their promise, as gentlemen. (That’s right. Yes.) In the old times, people would just shake hands, that’s it. They don’t even have to sign anything, they trusted each other, because we all have honor. If we promise something, it should go through. (Yes, true.)

So, it’s a shame on the side of Russia, as well as the West, especially those who prevented Ukraine from joining NATO, and those who inked the treaty, the memorandum to protect Ukraine, in case of any attack. (Yes.) It’s really a shame, they make a very bad example, they sent a very bad signal to the whole world. (Yes. That’s right.) Like, if you follow the free world, if you’re friends with them, you’re going to be killed. You’re going to be abandoned, you’re going to be betrayed, anyway.

“Media Report from 60 Minutes Apr. 11, 2022 Scott Pelley (m): The slaughter of civilians could have been stopped, Zelenskyy told us. He's bitterly disappointed the Allies refused to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine. It's the kind of inaction the world has suffered before.

Scott Pelley (m): Mr. President, in a speech to NATO, you said, ‘All the people who die, will die because of you. Because of your weakness.’ Are you saying that the West bears some responsibility for these atrocities?

Scott Pelley (m): He told us:

His Excellency President Zelenskyy (m): I remember, all of us remember, books about the Second World War and about the devil in uniform, Adolf Hitler. Are those countries who did not participate in the war responsible? The countries who let German forces march throughout Europe. Does the world carry responsibility for the genocide? Yes, yes, it does. When you have the ability to close the sky. Yes, it's scary that a World War could start. It's scary. I understand that, and I cannot put pressure on these people because everyone is afraid of war. But whether the world is responsible for this, I believe so. Yes, I believe so. Stand in front of the mirror every day and ask yourself, ‘Were you able to do something or were you unable to do something?’ You will find the answer in the mirror to this question and to another question: ‘Who are you?’ That’s what I believe.”

You see, make a very, very bad reputation for the whole West, for the whole free world. (Yes.) And the communists, Russia, Putin, make a very, very bad reputation for the whole communist community, allies and all that. Both of them should be ashamed. (Yes, Master.) [...]

You see, I would really love to tell people, to tell all the governments in the world; please no more weapons. And save all the money to help the poor, to have better schools, better streets, better bridges, better nutrition for people. (Yes, Master.) But now, I don’t know how to tell them that anymore. Because by making the war in Ukraine, even if Putin loses, it has sent a strong shockwave around the world to those smaller countries, who the world has been trying so hard over the years to convince to give up weapons, or nuclear power. (Yes.)

Now, they have all the excuses to develop nuclear weapons, or to keep their weapons; or they would never give them up, because they worry they would fall into the misfortune and suffering like Ukraine, because Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. And now, it’s become weak, or seems weaker. (Yes. Right.)

I’m not talking about their spirit, I’m talking about their leverage. The strong point that they can negotiate with. (Yes, Master.) I’m talking about the leverage that Putin, by making the war in Ukraine, is sending the message to everybody, to all the nations, that, “If you have strong weapons, if you have nuclear weapons, you will have high leverage. You will have the bigger advantage over the other nations.” (Yes, Master.) So, they will use that, whether or not they are genuine, or taking advantage of this situation and keep making their nuclear arsenal, or even more modernized weapons, other kinds of weapons, to counter-attack, in case. (Yes.) Or at least to tell other countries, “Don’t come near. We’re ready. We have everything to defend. We have everything to counterattack your invasion.” (Yes, Master. Understand.)

So, whether or not they genuinely want to protect their country, or they just use that as an excuse for negotiation, I don’t know how to tell them anymore. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to either. I don’t want to feel the burden of responsibility for any nation that I advised to give up their weapons. (Understand.) If the whole world listens to my plea or advice, and give up all their weapons altogether, then it’s wonderful. (Yes.)

But if just one party gives up, smaller party gives up, or one side gives up and the other doesn’t give up, then they put themselves in danger. (Yes, that’s right.) They would feel vulnerable to attack anytime – they never know. (Yes, Master.) […]

But you can’t just do that. It’s the people’s country. (Yes.) A sovereign country, free country. And the country that your country has signed and sealed and promised to protect, not long ago. (That’s right.) Witnessed by the whole world. (Yes, Master.) So this is something ugly, very, very low level. Lowlife. […]

It’s not possible right now for me to tell anybody, “Have peace, don’t have weapons.” Because I will be responsible for their peace or war. (Yes, Master.) I can’t be responsible for one country or any country, I’m for the whole world. Therefore, whatever I say, everything is just and fair. (Yes, Master.)

It’s a pity though. (Yes.) We spend so much money for destruction instead of construction. (Yes. That’s right.) And the whole world; so many, I think, maybe billions of people are still in poverty. (Yes.) It’s not quite right. Not quite correct, the world. And we spend so much money on causing pain, misery, separation, death, destruction, and to maim, kill and disable people. Our own fellow humans. (Yes, Master.) Eating, killing animal-people is not enough, we want to kill more, humans even. […]

I feel the most sorrowful thing is that, this world could have been a paradise. It’s truly like that. Because we have an abundance of everything; ample food, and natural resources. (Yes.) It’s just we developed in the wrong way. […]

I don’t know how Putin can still continue the war if he saw such devastation. Maybe it’s just communists, they believe the ends justify the means. (Yes.)

“Media Report from ITV News Apr. 6, 2022 Dan Rivers (m): The town of Borodianka has been hollowed out by Russian missiles and artillery. Helena Skoropad is telling me about trying to save her son Artem. She scooped him into her arms after he was hit by shrapnel, describing the injuries in graphic detail. Artem was just 12 years old, a keen basketball player. His mother and stepfather Sasha had tried to flee, but they say a cluster munition exploded, peppering them with shrapnel.”

But that’s not like that. You cannot end badly and win gloriously. (Yes.) You cannot use a bad way to win. Not at human cost. […]

The Russian president and his people should know that the government of Ukraine is good. (Yes.) They have the support of all the people. (Yes, Master.) Then he should feel awed, respectful and let the Ukrainian people be. (That’s right.) […]

The Ukrainian government wouldn’t have all this support if it’s bad. (Yes, Master.) And if somebody really controlled the Ukrainian people, if some fascist, for example, controlled the Ukrainian people, then they would run out to Russia when they have this chance. (Exactly, yes.) They did not! They did not welcome them. They pushed their tanks. They stopped their trucks. They picked up rifles to fight for their country, for their people. (Yes.) That is a “no-no” for Russia. It means, “We don’t want you.” […]

So, if Putin ever hears me, he should stop the war, to save himself, at least. Not to talk about saving his countrymen; those young and handsome soldiers who have wives and kids or girlfriends, and parents waiting at home for them. (Yes.) They are somebody’s dear one, loved one. They are not just a number on their tag. They are a human being, and they have families. It is very heartbreaking to see them die like that. (Yes.)

“Media Report from The New York Times Mar. 15, 2022 Kyrylo (m): We grew up together. A very dear person. He wasn’t just my brother. He was my friend as much as he was my brother. I am very worried about Mom, how she will get through this. Her youngest son.

Mom: Impossible, it is impossible to live through normally. This pain will be in my heart until the very end. Until the very end. It’s impossible. There are times when I just switch off. Then, I don’t understand it. And then he’s gone. Then, shock floods me again. This stress.

Kyrylo (m): He would always swing on this bench and chit-chat with me.

Reporter (m): Ukraine's president said around 1,300 soldiers have been killed, though that number could not be independently verified.

Mom: My dear Vasyenka. My son.

Reporter (m): One day after this video was originally published, Vasyl’s brother, Kyrylo, was also killed, in a missile attack in western Ukraine.”

Terrible, terrible. Imagine if it’s you or your brother even. (Yes, Master.) Terrible. […]

I feel so painful. So much pain, so much pain. I don’t know how anyone can bear it, to create war. We are just bystanders, we look only and we feel so painful, not to talk about the victims. Imagine the soldiers there, it’s cold, freezing and they send them in the open tank. (Yes.) […]

Russia is losing, losing, losing. Not just in the war but on all fronts. Because nobody will respect Russia anymore. They will feel that, “Oh, Russia must be terrible, must be so evil. That’s why the Ukrainians are so desperate to fight, to be free from Russia.” […] (Yes, Master.) Very bad for Russia, very bad. Even if Russia wins, everybody will think it’s a very bad, bad country. (Yes, Master.) Bad policy. Bad anything, everything. […]

I’m so angry. I’m so angry. And I feel disgusted, as well. I told you, many times. I can never tell enough. I feel so disgusted with these people. (Yes, Master.) I feel they are not worthy to be human. Not to talk about being the chief of a nation, or of a big organization, and a worthy and honorable organization. Vowing to protect peace and freedom, democracy. It’s all bs. (Yes, Master.) Now they show their true face. You can see very well. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from Fox News Mar. 25, 2022 Ex-general Jack Keane (m): The Biden administration, for some reason, doesn’t even want to use the words ‘We want to win.’ We want the Ukrainians to win against the Russians.”

“Media Report from Fox News Mar.31, 2022 Ex-general Jack Keane (m): We don’t want Putin to lose.”

(An ex-general was commenting on one of the news that he thinks Biden doesn’t want Putin to lose because of all the obstructions.) He obstructs it because he doesn’t want Putin to lose? (Yes, that’s what one of the generals thinks.) They have no need to think. (Yes.) It’s so clear like your palm. It’s so clear. So wicked. I told you he’s the devil. Now you believe it or not? (Yes, Master.) He’s worse than Putin. (Yes.) At least Putin, he wants a country. (Yes.) That’s why he came in. But Biden, what has he got to do with it? And wants people to die. And now, because so much pressure, so he gives a little bit here, a little bit there. (Yes, Master.) […]

At least, Putin, maybe, you can say he’s greedy or angry or something. Or he’s crazy, or it’s a vaccine problem. And he wants the country. But Biden, he has no reason to want Ukraine to lose, to die. (I see.) I blame more that devil even. He empowers Putin. (Yes, Master.) Just says it with the mouth, or from the lips only. It’s only lip service. (Yes, that’s right.) And even accusing Putin of being a butcher. He is a worse butcher than Putin, by preventing people to help Ukraine in time of need. Not only doesn’t help, but prevents people. He truly wants Ukraine to die. (Yes.) Now everybody is surprised Ukraine didn’t die, it’s the Russians who died. (Right, Master.) It must have hurt Biden a lot. His fellow devil is losing.

What a pity. My God. Now you can see who is who. No? (Yes, Master. Very clear.) The NATO chief is also the same. Of course, you can see what he does.

“Media Report from WION Mar. 17, 2022 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (m):Of course, we support peace efforts. We call on Russia to and President Putin to withdraw its forces, but we have no plans of deploying NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

He doesn’t help, nothing. He doesn’t even let Ukraine join. But Sweden and Finland, "Welcome!” Soon, in summer they join. (Wow, yes.) And Ukraine has been begging all these years, and he doesn’t give. (Yes, Master.)

Ah, man. All these people. They are all murderers in different ways. (True.) They are only murderers, and evil. Uglier than sin. Only hell will be able to tolerate them, with fire, of course, in locks and chains, and all kinds of torture instruments. They cannot escape. Even if in this world they escape, because they take on a body or take on somebody else’s body and then have to live out their allotted time. (Oh.) Otherwise, hell will not tolerate them. Heaven, of course, least of all. (Right.)

I would save Putin, if he stops the war. (Oh.) Just because of world peace and for the Ukrainian people and the world, I want him to stop the war. So, even if I save him and suffer, it’s because of the Ukrainian people and world peace; not because of Putin. […]

All right, love. Take care. (Take care, Master. Thank You, Master.) […]

Ciao. God bless. (Thank You, Master. Ciao, Master. God bless, Master.) Love you. (Love You, Master.)

Host: We sincerely thank Most Cherished Master for Her courageous support of freedom-loving Ukraine, and opening our eyes to the true solution of restoring peace and safety in our world. May Divine intervention help leaders in power wake up and realize that the only beneficial outcome is a permanent ceasefire in Ukraine, to safeguard the future of all the world’s citizens and sow the seeds for Eden on Earth. We wish Master sound wellness and serenity, in the constant protection of all Benevolent, Cosmic Beings.

To hear the touching Jewish story, “Two Friends,” graciously translated by Supreme Master Ching Hai, as well as more of Master’s perspectives on the tragic war in Ukraine, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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