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  • Монгол хэл
  • Âu Lạc
  • български
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  • فارسی
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  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
  • русский
  • తెలుగు లిపి
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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Thoughts on the Urgent Situation in Ukraine, Feb. 26, 2022

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Host: On Saturday, February 26, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, spoke with Supreme Master Television team members about their welfare, and also about the situation in Ukraine.

(Related to the ongoing invasion of Russia, Putin says that he ordered his military to move into eastern Ukraine’s breakaway regions to protect persecuted ethnic Russians and Russian speaking citizens from Ukrainians. And he calls that “peace-keeping functions.” Is this true, Master? Are they really being harassed and is this the real reason?)

No. Of course, if they’re breakaway, then maybe there’s some conflict between the government military and the rebels. (Right.) Yeah. And it wouldn’t have happened if Crimea hasn’t been taken away by Russia. After Crimea has been annexed then more trouble. (Oh.) (Right. Yes.) And even if he thinks the government of the (Ukraine.) Ukrainian people, or the government is harassing the ethnic people there. (Yes.) Or, he says ‘ethnic cleansing’ or something like that. (Yes.) Even then, it was because he started it. (Ah.)

He started to annex Crimea long time ago, some years ago. Remember? (Understand. Yes.) Yes. And even then, when the international community told him he shouldn’t do that, and he sided to some other area also taken away by some other occasion, and then the international government told him, “but it was different. There was bloodshed.” Maybe there was already war, or something. That’s why it had to be done. But this one has no bloodshed. (Yes.)

Taking over Crimea, there was no bloodshed so he said, “If they want bloodshed there will be bloodshed.” Just to make an excuse. And that is a terrible speech I was thinking. (Yes.)

I am very disappointed with this guy. (Yes, Master. We are.) He’s not worth it. I thought he was a good guy. You know, he tried to help some animals, and he flew away with the cranes. Brought them out to a better area. (Yes.) I thought he was very nice guy, like a movie star, and macho, and he went to the Olympics and all that to snatch the Olympic prize for his country. (Yes.) And he practiced Judo, martial arts. He has a black belt of some sort. (Yes.) (Right.) And for this kind of martial artist, they should know the principal. Even not talk about the president or anything. The principal of martial art is that – only for self-defense. (Yes. Right.) If people attack you. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

Ukraine did not attack Russia to begin with. Even if he thinks the Ukrainians are harassing, some Russians there, then he should just take them away and put them back in his country. (Yes.) (That’s right.) (That’s true.) To protect them there, not to want to take the whole country just for a group of Russians. (Exactly. Yes.)

But I don’t think the Ukrainian did anything. They never did before, and why now? (Yes, right.) You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) They broke away from the Soviet Union a long time, many years already. (That’s right.) Why didn’t they do anything then? Why now? (Exactly, yes.) (Yes, Master.) I think decades already. Right? (Yes.)

It’s just because he started it. He took away Crimea and then some other people also wanted to do the same. Or maybe they did not want to do it. It’s just that the Russians tried to inject ideas into their head. (Yes. Understand.) Or sending some spies or some trouble makers there, (Right.) to start a problem, to prepare for invasion. “Good” idea! Just like he said before some region, citizens, or government requested Russian troops. Crimea also requested it, that’s why. This guy! When you want to invade, you just make excuses. (Yes, right.) (That’s true.)

Any other questions? (Yes, Master. Putin also says that Ukraine belongs to Russia. Is that true Master?)

They used to be in the Union, Soviet Union together, (Yes.) but that was voluntary before. After some world wars, many countries became poor, (Right.) so the Marxist theory, helping the poor and kick the rich, seems to be very appealing. (Right.) So, at that time quite a few countries joined together with the Soviet Union. (Yes.) Same with China, and all that afterwards. Yeah? (Yes.) (Right.) Or some of the Asian countries yeah including Au Lac (Vietnam) OK? (Yes.) Because communism seems to be very attractive, because in many countries, many people are poor. (Right.) (Yes.)

Even in America they say 99% are poor. They had some demonstrations before with the placard saying, “I am the 99.” Very few people are very rich, you see, because they made it to the top. Yeah. (Oh, right. Yes.) But most people, even if they’re poor, they if you leave them alone, they take care of their life. (Yes, true.)

If he says Ukraine belongs to Russia, then… in a sense he’s right, we all belong to each other. (Oh, that’s true. Right, yes.) All countries originally belong to God. (Right, yes.) So, if Russia believes in God, Ukraine believes in God, then they are together. (We are all one. Yes.)

Before they were like a union, Soviet Union, and many countries also joined. (Right, yes.) But he cannot say that anymore, because they wanted to be independent, and the Soviet Union is already broken. (That’s right.) But some countries still belong to Russia; he should be happy with that. (Yes, right.)

What for do you want to rule the whole world? (Yes, true.) I think he has very little work to do, that’s why. Yeah, he’s bored. Yeah? (Yes.) Otherwise, he would say, you know other countries also belong to Russia. Quite a few. (Yes. Quite a few.) And then many other small kingdoms. We saw them on TV. I just forgot all those names. OK? (Yes, Master.) So, there are quite a few still with Russia. (Yes.) (Right, Russia is very big right now.) Yeah, still very big. (Yes.)

So why is he so greedy? (Yes, we wonder.) Making excuse to just to cause suffering and bloodshed in another country (Yes.) that has nothing to do with him. (Right.) Maybe the European Union did something that he doesn’t like, but why pick Ukraine?

I know why. Because the people don’t like one of the leaders that Russia backed. And so, they kicked him out, and another president or another leader came up, so Russia’s angry. (I see.) Lost the puppet. So, then they took Crimea, saying also before that Crimea used to belong to Russia. It could be so, because there was… long ago, there was a gift, but it’s given already. (Right.) (Understand, Master.)

Anything that doesn’t belong to you, is not freely given to you willingly, you should not take, because that is robbery. (Yes, that's right.) If people are not willing to give you, you make an excuse or you use force to take, that's robbery. That's like a robber. (Yes, Master.) Like highway robber. There's no honor, no prestige in it. (Yes, Master.) It's disgusting and despicable. Low-life. (Right.) Low-life, low level. (Yes, Master. That's true.) So, you cannot earn any respect from the international community doing this kind of robbery. (Yes. Agree, Master.) Even in broad daylight and shamelessly making any kind of excuses. (Right. Yes.)

If you say what country belongs to what country, it could be also OK. But not to go and forcefully take it. (Yes.) A long time ago, we didn't have any country. (Right.) Like the… You know long time ago, the ancestry? The Neanderthaler, our ancestry, they and other homo sapiens, were wondering all over the planet. (Yes, right.) So, actually every country belonged to everybody. (That's true.) It belonged to the world. (One big country) Like a global community. (Right. Right.)

And originally after all, it belongs all to God. (True. Yes, Master.) You bring nothing into this world so you cannot claim anything belongs to you. (Yes, Master. That's right.) The proof is that when you die, you have only two empty hands. (Exactly.) I think Alexander the Great, when he died, he asked people to cover him, but put his two hands out. So, everybody could know, everybody could see and be reminded that when you die, you have only two empty hands. (Yes, right.)

Only idiots would want to possess and force and make bloodshed just for some land. (Yes, Master.) It's really disgusting. And the world already has almost forgiven him for the Crimea bloodshed, and now he wants to make more. (Yeah.) It’s just, he messed up this guy. If we don't remember then it's OK. But if we remember that he used to make excuses also in South Ossetia and Abkhazia also. (Oh. Yes.)

You see, mostly, these territorial dictators, if they want to take up any country, first they stir up problems within that country (Right, yes.) to separate people, to divide them, so that they become weaker, so it's easier to make an excuse to come in. (Hmm. Yes.) And say, oh, come in for “peace-keeping.” If they did not come in to begin with, then people would not need any peace-keeping… (Yes, exactly.) peace-keeping soldiers.

Just like in in Azerbaijan, the border with Armenia. (Yes.) You see, Russia, was also having a hand in it. (Right.) And then make bloodshed over there and killing the ethnic people. That is truly ethnic cleansing. Talking about ethnic cleansing. There were always Russians living everywhere, (Right.) just like there are Bulgarians maybe living in England (Yes, right.) or Germans living in Latvia. (Yes.) (Yes, right, Master.) They’re just a small European continent. They live around. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes.) They wander and they like it there, so they live everywhere. (Yes. That’s true.)

So, if this, maybe there are one or two people who are having some personal discontentment, and then they use them, stir up problem or send in spies or trouble-causer, (Yes.) to stir up problems somewhere; and then they have excuse, they say, “Oh, they are harassing the Russian people. We have to go in, protect them,” or they have to go in to keep peace. And then that’s how things happened. (Oh.)

Now it’s the same again. I don’t know why they are not ashamed. I don’t know why he is not ashamed to keep singing the same song, (Yes.) (Oh, yes.) same old song. (That’s true. Yes.) And then really look down upon all the international community as stupid. (Right.) Everybody knows it. (Yes.)

No matter how much excuse you use, people are not stupid. (Right. That’s right.) Only the ones who make stupid excuses are stupid. (Yes, Master.) (Right.) But they don’t want to see themselves, (Oh. Yes, Master.) (Yes.) because of their vicious ambition ‒ want to rule, want more land, more ruling power. Oh, all these are ugly, ugly, ugly.

I mean, at the cost of people’s and innocent’s lives. (Exactly. Very unfortunate.) If you go into the shop and just force the owner to give things to you and then kill or murder the shop owner, that’s robbery. (Yes. That’s true.) And you just want to take something at the cost of somebody else’s life. It’s the same, like (Yes.) what he’s doing now in Ukraine, at the cost of his own people, the soldiers. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) He just sent them in freezing weather there. (Yes.) And with no reason really, just to send them in harm’s way.

Because he doesn’t care, he’s just sits in his own palace, (Yes.) with bodyguards all over and with fireplace, and looking at TV, like a game ‒ (Yes, too easy for him.) to see what they are doing. But he’s not in harm’s way. So, he doesn’t care how many he sends there to death. It’s freezing, winter, and he kept sending them (Yes.) and they stay in there for how long already. (Ah.) And now want to go in and invade other people’s country.

His own people didn’t like it. (Yes.) (Yes, right.) They went out and protested in Moscow. (Yes.) They don’t like the war. Because the war will cost things, cost people’s lives, (Yes.) cost the Russian people’s lives and cost Ukraine people’s lives. (Yes. That’s true.) Not like it’s fun, not like a computer game. (Right.) (Right, Master.) Just because he never has to go out in the cold, you know, stay in the wet weather under just a very thin tent or some makeshift military camp. (Yes.) He is too comfortable. (Right.) (That’s right.)

The world is not yours. (Yes.) You have to work accordingly and with cooperation with other countries, not like you can control any country you like the way you want. It’s not like that. The world is not made for you, for you alone, not for Putin alone, or for any president alone. (Yes. Right, Master.)

I think this guy, he just does things according to his mood or greed. His ambition, ego, low level, low life. If you want to go out and kill people just to get some more land, that is truly low life. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s evil. (Yes, Master.) Because people die! (Yes.) Children die, women die! Suppose it’s his children who live in such a country, would he be happy? (No, no way.) If somebody, a bigger country went to Russia and was oppressing his countrymen and killing his people, killing his own family, or his children, his wife, his woman, would he like that? (No, Master. No, for sure not.) Of course not! Yeah.

Whatever you don’t like, you shouldn’t do it to others. They say it everywhere, (Right.) not just in the Bible. (Right. Yes.) In From Confucius, in China, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we all say the same. Whatever you don’t like to be done to you, don’t do it to others. (Right. Yes.)

Imagine if you lived in Ukraine in such an area. He says he just takes care of these two separate regions in Donbas. But it’s not true. They’re attacking Kyiv also. (Yes, yes right.) Taking airports and Chernobyl area also. (Yes, right. They are there.) And if he succeeds in Ukraine, he’s moving to another country next. Whichever’s more easy he did first. (Oh, no.)

You see because Ukraine was gentle. It wasn’t in NATO, also. (No. They’re not.) So that’s why they just make an excuse. He wants to stop Ukraine to go into NATO. But why? Why not? They’re independent. They have their own sovereignty. (Yes, Master.) Why cannot they decide; they join whomever they want? (Oh, yes.) They join anywhere they want. (Right.)

This is, I think it’s the character of somebody who always likes to rob. Greedy, greedy. That’s why. (Looks like that, yes.) You see, if he continues this way, and maybe other international allies, at the end they will be forced to react. Then, if they bomb Russia, many people will die. (Yes.) Many Russian people will die. (Yes, Master.) So, there is not just Ukraine, the whole community is, hundred something countries. (Right. Yes.)

So, everybody hates Putin. (Yes.) All this bad energy will make him sick or die soon. His people also don’t like him. The international community also doesn’t like him. Fed up. (Right.) Cut ties with him. Many, many countries now are cutting ties with him. (Right.) And counting. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know whom he wants to live with. Just to hoard Ukraine. And then what? Maybe because now he has China’s support. (Oh, yes.) (Yes.) They’re like-minded or something. So, he’s more emboldened. (Yes.) And also recently, political trouble, you know, in Afghanistan, with America. The Americans don’t really want to fight that much anymore. (That’s right.) So, and then the pandemic and many things are distracting people. So, he just uses this opportunity. (That’s right.) And wants to swallow up Ukraine and say anything. Whatever he says is all garbage anyway. It’s all “BS” they say it in America. (Yes, Master.) There’s no real reason.

Ukraine did nothing to Russia. (Yes.) Nothing. Is Crimea already not enough? Want to take this and that? And then the whole Ukraine, soon. (Yes.) It’s not true that he wants to protect only these two regions. It’s not true. Nobody needed him to protect. Anyway, he stirs up problems there, so that he has an excuse (Right.) to come in to swallow Ukraine.

Before people volunteered to join the Soviet Union and now, they don’t want to any more. (Yes, that’s right.) It’s like a relationship. When it’s broken, it’s broken. (Right. Exactly. Yes.) Each go a different way and leave each other in peace. (Yes.) So, all the international community fell out with Russia, Putin, except China. (Yes.) So, I don’t know what these two are going to do. To do what? What if you rule the world? So what? You can only eat, like, two, three meals a day. (Right.) (Yes.) Even the most expensive things, you don’t need to eat up another country for it. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t have to cost other countries citizens’ blood, (Right.) and peace in the whole world. Yeah? (Yes, Master.)

So, there are some people, they’re just born aggressive. Yeah? And now he has China backing him and then also these vaccines, stir up his aggression, (Yes, right.) some strange substances in medicines sometimes gives people different reactions. (Yes.) But that is not the whole thing, because many leaders also have vaccines. Right? (Yes, Master.) And maybe they have similar symptoms, but they are not going to eat up another country for that. (Yes. Right.) It just depends on you, also. (Yes. Exactly.) Depends on your character, your morals, your nobility, whether or not you have any of them. (Yes, correct.) I don’t think Putin has any.

I’m very disappointed. (Yes.) I thought he was a good president for his country. (Yes.) Now I think he’s just a bloodthirsty warmonger.

Even a small little island. I saw it… Micronesia. Micronesia. Yeah. Even Micronesia, very small island country, (Yes.) cut ties with him already. Wow. (Everyone.) Wow. Incredible. I like that. I like that country, small and weak, (Right.) vulnerable, but quit, cut ties with Russia. Just like that. So brave. (Yes, Master.) So righteous. (True.) God bless Micronesia.

And all the European countries cut ties with him. (Yes, right.) Not just America. So right now, we will have like a World Union, by choice, by natural circumstance. (Right. Yes.) And we have like half, or one third Soviet Union left over, and we have China, as the opposite of this World Union. Yeah. (Right. Yes.)

Looks like Putin, he cannot sit still somehow. It’s not just to blame the… Because I asked Heaven why and they say that some of it is the effect of the vaccine. (Yes, Master.) But now we think about it, maybe he has so many different vaccines before. That’s why he messed up with, you know, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ossetia, South Ossetia and that Abkhazia region, etc. (Yes.) Because they… afterwards Russia also came in for peace keeping in that region, in the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, (Yes.) they call it Nagorno-Karabakh. (Ah, yes.) And so much bloodshed there. They’re killing people, just like, like old times, like guerrilla war, cutting throats and all that. Oh, so barbarous. (Right. Yes.)

Russia will be ruined. The people of Russia will suffer if he continues this way, and the international community will not be able to stand it. After a while, they will get together and bomb their country. (Oh, no.) And you know nowadays they have more high tech in war games, (Yes, Master.) and Russia will be ruined. And he might not even have even one meter to bury himself in, one square meter. Not to talk about controlling any other nearby country or his neighbours. (Yes, Master.) I’m very much afraid of that. (Wow.) That’s why we try to talk and explain all this.

I hope he changes, otherwise… Of course, he will go to hell, (Yes.) and bring many of the people who support him, who work for him or who fight with him, all to hell also. Not just he himself. (Yes, right.) They did not want to fight, but they have to. (Yes, Master.) In the army you obey, or you die. (Yes.) That’s the way they train these armies. So, he will bring all of them to hell too. And people who fight in Ukraine will also have similar fate. Maybe less, shorter time.

But Putin is the one who’s behind all this bloodshed, not just now but before that, in other countries. He’s going to go to hell and agonizing for millions of years. (Wow.) And after that be reborn in some other region to suffer war like. (Right.) And then be born again as animals or hungry ghosts or being chased to be killed all the time. There are different kinds of hells. First, they put you in the heaviest hell to clean the most coarse sins. (Yes.) And after that you’ll be transferred to another hell, different punishment. And even if you’re born in another planet, they will be chasing you; people will chase you, make you fearful all day long. (Wow.) Or stab you or wound you or imprison you. Anything. Similar to how people have to suffer in war but just multiplied (Wow.) million times, and there you cannot run. (Right.) In those hells you cannot run. You can run but just in fear, in horror, but you cannot escape. (Oh, yes.) Even if you can run it’s just because of the game. (Right.) Make you fear, make you run, make you hide, but it's not fun. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a game, it is real.

Anything you make people suffer or other beings suffer, you will suffer the same fate. It's just multiple times. Depends on how big the crime. (Yes, Master.) It's no good at all. No good at all. People are so ignorant. They don't know what awaits them in hell. That's why they dare to do this to other beings and other humans.

You know talking about ‘Ukraine belongs to Russia.’ Maybe Russia belongs to Ukraine, long time ago. (That could be.) Maybe the ancestor of Ukraine was in Russia before. How about that? (Yes.) (That's right.) But the Ukraine didn't come to claim. (Right.) Maybe they could. Yes. (Yes.) (Why not?) Why not? (Yes.) The theory is popped up by Putin. (Yes.) Like this anybody can claim other countries as their own. (That's right.) Because of the ancestry. (Yes, Master.) We have our ancestors who run all over the planet. (Right, yes.)

This is terrible. Terrible. Terrible. This is the 21st century. It shouldn't happen anymore. (Exactly.) (Yeah.) (Terrible.) We shouldn't do this kind of thing anymore. Because this is backward. This is low-life. (That's right. Yes.) And it wasn't necessary at all. (No.)

If they're Russian, they should belong to Russia and then go to Russia anyway. (Yes, Master.) If they don't like Ukraine, then why don't go back to Russia? (Yes. That's logical. Right.) If they're Russian. Just go home. No need to take the whole country just to take care of these handful or group of Russians over there. (It doesn't make any sense.) It just doesn’t make sense. (Yes.) (Right.)

What was your question? (Ah, yes Master.) What is another question? (Putin also said that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, people in the countries became poorer. What does Master think about that?)

He said he has to drive a taxi, because of a broke up Union, that’s why he became poor. Right? Or, before that? Maybe just him. Maybe he didn’t work well before. He didn’t work very hard to earn savings. So, he just relied on the government subsidies, and after government didn’t do any more, because there’s no more communist system or something, then he became poor. Oh, poor thing. Oh, so now he goes to rob to make up for it. So, rob other people’s land and property, just because he was poor? (That doesn’t make sense.) (Yes.)

My God. What logic! It’s not true. No country is poor just because of the communist union or not communist union. Many countries have never been in any union. They are not poor. (Right.) No! Ukraine wasn't poor. Nobody needed to help Ukraine in any way up til now. Not that I heard of. Only now they are poor. (Right.) They need more weapons, they need more people and maybe food supply and all that stuff, because Russia makes war with them.

Of course, there are always poor people. Sometimes they are out of work temporarily, but the government gives them subsidies. (Yes.) Nobody goes on the street. Even if they do, it's their own choice. Or maybe they are from some other lesser developed country coming there. (Yes, Master.)

Where else I did go within the ex-Soviet Union? Nothing poor. Like Berlin broke up with the communism, the East Berlin. (Yes.) Not poor. (Yes.) (That’s true.) After the war broke up, they’re not poor at all. They’re still not poor. (Yes. That’s right. They are...) (That’s right.) Even better. (Yes.) So he talks nonsense. (That’s true.)

Even in some Latin American countries, like Costa Rica, they have never been in any union. They have never joined any union or they don’t even… they are a neutral country. (Yes.) And Switzerland, all independent, alone. (Right.) (Yes.) So rich. (Yes.) So strong, powerful. (That’s right.) (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.)

So, what kind of nonsense? (Yes.) (Nonsense.) Nobody will believe such a blah-blah S.B. like that, or B.S. I’m sorry. (Right.) Like that. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) Do you agree? (Yes, Master. We agree, Master.) (Yes.) (It’s all logic.) (Nonsense.) Yeah, yeah. Nonsense.

You see, France or England, they have never been in the European Union; they’ve have never been poor. (Right.) They joined the European Union because they wanted to. (Yes.) And now, England has broken from the European Union. Have they become poor? (No.) Oh, poor thing.

Oh, my God. Only lazy people will become poor. (Yes. True, yes.) (True.) Only people with this kind of lazy and robbery mentality will become poor, (Yes.) because they don’t plan for their future. They don’t want to work. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

That’s why there was the Soviet Union, because many countries were kind of poor after World War (Yes.) or before, and they seem to attract them, because oh, they say. “The poor will be helped,” and all that. (Oh, yes.) But I don’t know if that’s a good idea, because that will spoil people also, give them no incentive to work harder, to earn their own wealth and dignity. (Yes, Master.) If everybody works or not works but still has the same money or same standard, then that’s not fair. (That’s right.) (Yes.)

Each one has to take responsibility in this world. The world gives us a lot (Yes.) until we grow up and strong. We must give some back. (Exactly. Yes.) It’s normal. (Right.) It’s not even good or meritorious or noble, nothing. It’s just a normal give-and-take. (Right.) (Yes.) It’s a common law. It’s the conscientious thing to do. (Yes, Master.)

So also, it’s not true. He says anything, it’s not true up till now. So, you can call him a liar. (Yes.) His own people call him “killer” already, (Right. Yes.) because of Ukraine invasion. (Yes. Right.) One of the very famous, big conductors, you know, artists in Russia, he resigned. Because he called Putin “killer.” After the invasion, he resigned. He doesn’t want to. (Wow!) And one of Putin’s spokespersons or something, his daughter went on the street to protest war, (Oh, I see.) in Ukraine.

People don’t like it. It’s bloodshed for nothing. (Exactly. Right.) You just aggressively went to the neighbor’s house and just, not even knocking, no reason, (Yes.) just go inside and want to kill the neighbors and take their things and take their property. This is the lowest of the low. (Yes, I agree Master.) And I’m not sorry to say that. I really mean it. (Yes.) Just because you have muscle, you cannot go to the neighbor’s house and kill them, oppress them, take their land, and all that. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why the Ukrainian people, they don’t respect him. (Yes. Right. Understand.) Maybe they were very gentle and peace loving, but now they all stood up with their president and fight back. They blow up the Russian tank, helicopter and all that. (Yes.) I’m not “Bravo” about all that. I don’t “bravo” all the killing, but he provoked them. (Yes. That’s true.) He went to invade their land so they fight back. (Yes.) I’m very sorry, but that’s the way it is in this world. (Yes, Master.)

Nobody likes him. (Nobody. Nobody.) Even if he conquers Ukraine, people will slowly or quietly or sneakily somewhere secretly, will try to kill them. (Right.) Kill Putin or the occupiers. (Yes.) They’re not going to sit well in Ukraine, even if they invaded by force this way. (Yes.) You have to buy people’s hearts. (Yes. That’s right.) People have to respect you. (True.) Otherwise, you cannot sit well. (Yes, Master.)

Oh. I don’t like war. I don’t like all this. But I really respect these people. They did their best for their country. (They stood up.) This is supposed to be good citizens, not like those stirring up problems inside Ukraine. Saying Ukraine is no good when you are Ukrainian yourself. (Right.)

And Russia has sanctions, a lot. And now more, more sanctions. (Yes, true.) You see, this is the thing in the making. Russia has been preparing for all the sanctions, for some of the sanctions, or at least, whatever they can already. (I see.) I don’t know if it hurts them a lot or hurts very little, but the people will suffer. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Especially those who are sent into the battlefield, on the ground, fighting on the ground like that. They just die anytime, for anything, no reason.

They have to fight but I don’t think all the soldiers of the Russian army who are sent to Ukraine love to fight, (No, I don’t think so.) because they know it’s unethical, (Right. Yes.) immoral, yes, to go into any land or just making some lame excuse to kill people! (Right.) And to take their property, take their land, kill their children and their women and elderly and people. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) So, nobody would like that. Nobody with a minimum standard of moral ethics would like that. (Right.) (For sure.)

"Report from Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty Feb. 28, 2022: Why did you come here? For what purpose? Who sent you?

We came because of [military] exercises. But we were lied to. And so now I’m here.

[I’m from] the same unit. Initially, they said it was exercises. As a result, when we were already thrown into the front line, people were demoralized. No one wanted to go. But they said: 'You will be enemies of the people. And since this is wartime, you can even be shot.' And they began using us like cannon fodder. Though all the people, at least from our unit, do not want war. They just want to go home. They just want peace.

They sat me in [the vehicle], said it’s exercises, that everything will be fine there. We didn’t know. We were just being deceived and abandoned."

The Ukrainian people, they are so brave, they stood up, they fought hard. (Right.) We pray for them, (Yes, we will pray for them.) so that they will have peace, (Yes, Master.) that they don’t ever have to fight. The best is not to fight. OK? (Yes, Master.) But they love their country, they love their family, their people, they have to protect them, the best they know how. They stand up and fight. No? (Yes, Master. Agree.) To protect their loved ones, (Yes.) and their country which belongs to them. (Right.)

Talking about that I could cry. Poor Ukraine. Poor people. Poor innocent people. Children and all that. My God. How can anybody be so bloodthirsty, so evil? Just to think of war and war and war, one after another, greedy.

They say that an idle, mind, means nothing to do, (Yes.) is the devil’s workshop. (That’s right.) You’re bored. You have nothing much to do. You just want more and more and more, and it becomes a habit. (Right.) (Yes.) And the demons will use you, use your ambition, use your negative, evil tendency to hurt others, for their own evil purpose, for the demon’s purpose. (Yes.)

Oh, my God. I wish that Putin understood all this. I wish all the world leaders understood this. You know, and have to…. And they should check their minds, you know, protect their souls, protect their thinking all the time. Be vigilant. Otherwise, the demons can always make use of them to hurt themselves and to hurt others their own country or other countries or both. (Yes, Master.) All the wars started from that.

Any other thing? (Yes, Master. Does this war happen because of karma?) You mean between Russia and Ukraine? (Yes.)

No! Not such in this case. No. It’s just greed from Putin, (Understand.) and whoever his gang men, hench men, and gang men. (Wow.) Those who produce weapons, those who like to boast about their success, those who love to make other people suffer, like they have sadistic tendency. And those who are aggressive inside. All these people (Wow.) caused this war.

No, they don’t have karma with each other. (Wow.) But the karma will begin already. (Right, yes.) You see? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Killing each other and then create karma. That’s how karma is born. (Yes, that’s right.) How karma is born everywhere.

Only peace, love, forgiveness. Stop warring, then things will stop. (Yes, Master.) Always control your mind. The great leaders always control their mind and never do things that is not in the interest of everyone else. (Yes, Master, agree.)

Everything an enlightened person does is only for the benefit of others, for the world. Truly like that. Some people cannot see why, but it is like that. Like I did many things because Heaven told me to, because it’s good for the world. (Yes, Master.) Like even I am on retreat now, (Yes.) it’s also because of the benefit of the world. I can concentrate more. You can see I work more now. (Yes, Master.) We have more conference all the time. (That’s right.) I clear many of the questions in your mind and in other people’s minds, in the world peoples’ minds. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) and make them more enlightened. (Yes, that’s right.) And less trouble and avoid something that they know is no good. For example, like that. (Yes, Master.)

But some evil, truly evil we cannot always stop, (Yes.) because they are here just to cause sorrow. (Understand, Master. Right) They are demons. (Yes.) Or they work for demons, or they’re possessed by demons. These people take some time. (Yes.) Take some time. Sometime until they leave. (Yes, Master.) (That’s right, yes.)

I checked with Heaven whether or not this is karma. Because if it’s karma, I will not interfere. I would do it quietly, instead of voicing my opinion with you guys, (Yes, Master.) (Oh, yes, Master.) or with the last conference. Karma is a different thing. (Understand.)

This is not karma; this is really blood thirsty demons’ (Wow.) workers, who try to cause trouble to spill bloodshed to cause suffering and sorrow for the innocent, and hell is awaiting Putin and his real supporters. And the supporter in mind only, only even, not just go into battle with him or voice opinion or anything. No, no, anybody who agree with him will go to hell also. (Wow.) They are ready, the hell is ready. Not karma. (Yes, Master.)

Since long time, forever, the Ukrainian people and the Russian people, of this period of time, have no karma, no bad karma with each other. It’s just Putin he works for demons. (Oh, wow.) And many factors push him like that, and then because of his wild ambition, ego ambition, so they can use him pretty well. (Understand.) Like attracts like. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t know if the war people truly know that in the hells, tremendous, tremendous, immense suffering waiting them. They would never dare to even think in a dream. Not to talk about going and invading another country or threatening other citizens, or do anything to make another country’s people anxious, worried, scared, sleepless, fearful or unstable. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) (Yes, Master.)

If they really see what all the saints and sages can see, oh, they would not dare to say anything, do anything even. (Oh.) They might just immediately go to a temple or a church somewhere, become a monk or a nuns. They would never even want to think of staying in the world, doing anything. Not to talk about doing bad deeds, or, robbing other people’s countries. (Yes, Master.) Or making them fearful, anxious, by threatening them in different ways. (Yes, Master.) Just because they don’t know.

We have Covid. We have people dying in thousands already every day. (Right.) And still want to go and kill. Truly they’re working for evil, (Yes, totally. Yes.) have no sympathy for anybody. Even Ukraine must have also, suffered under Covid too, everybody. (Yes, that’s right.) And have to double trouble, triple, quadruple the suffering for them like that.

Truly, if it’s not evil-minded, you can’t do it. (That’s right. Yes.) Normal people with just minimal decency, minimal love, sympathy, they won’t ever even think like that. (Right. Yes, Master.) Not to talk about amassing all the armies and sending them into the freezing cold to kill. (Yes. Right.) To kill some innocent people. War has no affection for anybody. In war, people die just like that. (Yes. Yes, Master.) If they just bomb anywhere… They’re from hell. Hell sent them to our world to cause trouble, (Oh.) to make anguish, sorrow, and fear.

I just pray for all the people, and hope all the people will pray for themselves, pray dearly, pray hard, to protect yourself. (Yes.) No matter what countries you are, what religion you belong, just pray to God. Pray to Jesus, pray to Buddha, pray to whomever you think the best, and you believe in, just pray with all your heart. Otherwise, in this time of troubled water and uncertainty, nobody can escape. Nobody is safe. (Yes, Master.)

I’m already on retreat in the corner. I just want to mind my own business. (Oh.) And still have to worry about the world. And the war just broke out like that, out of nowhere. And before that, he was fooling the whole world, trying to make them not prepare. He said, “Oh, war is no good. Einstein said, ‘War will kill all the people. And then afterward, we will just fight with stick and stones.’ So we don’t want war.” All that, always saying, “We don’t want war, we don’t want.” So, many people just feel more relaxed and not prepared. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, they suddenly just come in like that. (Yes.) This is truly evil, (Oh, God.) a coward. (Yes, Master. Right.) Coward.

God will not forgive. Hell will be happy to torture, punish these kinds of people. And no one can help them. Not even God. That’s the law of the Universe and the law of the physical one. (Yes, Master.) You harm people, you will be harmed, multiplied, multifold.

Is there any other question? (Yes, I was wondering, the Ukrainian president, we see him asking for help, from the world. So, how can the world help, Master, in the situation? Or, could sanctions help in this case?)

OK. That’s the first step that they do. (Yes.) And, of course, it hurts some way. (Yes.) But, it won’t stop this war. And the war is still going on because this guy, he’s mad. (Ah.) Seems like he is mad to me. (Yes. Right.) A normal person wouldn’t do this for just anything like that. (No, I don’t think so.) First biting one piece of a people’s country and then continue stirring up other parts so that the country will become weakened and bitten off, become less and less and then, make an excuse to come in to fight, (Oh.) to kill, to possess, to invade. This is madness. (Yes.) It’s not normal.

The world can help if they want to. (Yes.) I don’t encourage war ever. Of course, in any way. But the Ukranian people, I cannot stop them. I cannot tell them don’t fight. (Yes.) Yet I cannot tell them to fight. But I admire their courage and their love for their country. (Right. Yes, Master.) Their love for justice. Otherwise, they would have taken the capital already. (Oh.) But the president is fighting back hard; he is out, with the people. He say, “We are still here. We will fight for our country.” (Yes, that’s real bravery Master.) Yes, yes. You’re right, you’re right.

Such a brave and noble race of people deserve, deserve the international community to support them, to help them, to protect them. (Yes, Master.) I mean, they know that they’re going to die. It’s not like, OK, you go in the battle, you go into combat and maybe you die, maybe not. (Yes, yes, Master.) But this, young soldier, he went there to blow up the bridge, (Wow.) to delay the invasion, the movement of the Russian troops. (Yes.) And he knew that doing that he will die, together with the bridge, (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

So, concerning the normal people in such a situation, I mean normal thinking, (Yes.) and just to go and die like that for his country, to protect his people, it’s really, really, very, very heroic, very touching. (Yes, exactly.) Yes, and the other 13 people in that Snake Island also. (Yes.) Yeah, all they have to do is just to put down the weapon and go out and be free. (Yes.)

Putin even promised, whoever don’t fight, just put down the weapon then they can go home to the family. But they did not. (Right.) They did not. So these people they’re really brave, really noble, for their positions. (Yes, exactly.) (Yes.) Because they are not like spiritual practitioners. They just love their country and they want to protect their people, (Yes.) and at least to protect the honor of their work and ideal that they’re living for. See what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) And at that moment it’s a test of their courage of what they have been trained for. (Right.) A test of their noble spirit.

If I were Putin, I would just bow my head to them and leave immediately in shame. The Russian soldiers are forced to go there to fight, (Yes, Master.) whether they like it or not. But these Ukrainian soldiers they sacrifice for their ideal, for their country, for their people, (Yes.) knowingly, courageously, heroically.

How can a person go in and want to invade this kind of so beautiful race of people’s country. (Yes, Master.) Must be a shameless, moral-less, lowest of the low life person. (Yes, Master. I agree.)

So, for the worldly standpoint, I salute these soldiers and others also, not just these few. They are fighting. And their president also, even though he wasn’t a politician. (Yes.) He was just like an artist, a star. (Comedian.) A comedian. And he stayed with his people. He went on to the street of Kiev took video, by himself. (Yes.) Only with his closest governmental workers, advisers. (Yes.) And told his people that, “I am here.” (Yes.) Oh, I really like that.

Because there is some false information, saying he ran away already for himself. (Yes.) But he went out and said, “I am here.” For his people to feel more, supportive and more high spirited. (Yes, like example.) Such a president deserves all the praise of all other leaders and help. (Yes.) Even Biden offered him to evacuate to America or wherever, and he said, “No, I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition.” He refused to leave his people. (Yes.)

So, you never know, who is who. You think that he may be just comedian, just an artist, but his spirit is really noble, it’s really presidential. (Yes, I think so.) Very, very presidential. (I also think so. He made very good impression.) Yes, very good impression. So, if the international people don’t support them, don’t help them, then I think it’s all shameless. (Yes, right Master.)

I am not advocating for war, you know that. All of you know that, but the innocent people need to be protected. (For sure.) Yeah, if they themselves volunteered, want to leave the country and want to surrender that’s another issue. But they want to fight, and they’re fighting. The people need to protect them any way they can, NATO or not. (Yeah, right.) What for the UN is there? (Yes, Master.) What for NATO is there. (Yes.)

I mean, such a noble race of people like that. Why do they have to put the label “NATO” on them in order to be protected? (Yes, should act more humane.) Yeah, that’s why I run a text on our TV (Yes, Master.) telling Russia to go home. (Right.) We do that, all of us. And also, you know, we pray for Ukraine. We really mean it. (Yes, we do pray.) Alright, thank you. (Thank You, Master.) I am really, really impressed and touched by their spirit of dedication for their country and their people.

Putin, is a coward, a bully and bad boy, very, very bad boy. (Yes.) Just for his ambition, just for his ego, he sent his people to die, many, about 3-4 thousand Russian soldiers died already. (Wow.) And many of the tanks that are destroyed and some helicopter shot down. The Ukrainians they fight back. (Yes, yes.)

I am also surprised, I mean because Ukraine is a small populated country, (Yes, yes.) and it’s not like war- ready, and they fought back with whatever they can, even though the international did not sent any help at that time. (Yes.) Maybe they’re sending it now. I read that the Germans sent something, before they did not want to. They U-turned now and sent. Sent, like, weapons. (I see.)

But Russia has a very, very, very highly deadly weapons. Like they have something that could evaporate human’s body. Humans. (Oh, wow.) (Yes, Master.) Send them into smithereens, into nothing. (Oh, wow.) Can you imagine that? And they also have nuclear arsenal and they threaten the whole world with it. And I don’t know why the international community put up with this.

Yeah, of course they also worry that if the two nuclear powers, like pitch their head against each other then it could be very, very fatal for the whole world. (Right, yes, Master.) That is the thing. (That is also a problem.) Probably that’s why they hesitate, but otherwise what? Let Putin be the boss of everybody? (Yeah, no.) Also not much choice.

So this evil Putin, he… I think he knows all that, but he is going to lose. Yeah, I don’t think such a person should win the war and would win the war. (Yes.) He might die soon also. (Oh, wow.) And then hell will welcome him with all kind of, torture equipment that he could never imagine even in his dream. If he doesn’t stop now, no one can help him. He will be in hell forever and tortured forever. Even when all this sin winds down, is finished or lessened, he’ll have to be reborn in another kind of world where he’ll be terrified, terrorized all the days of his life, and again and again in another different dark corner of the universe. (Yes, Master.) Not just one hell waiting for him. Many, many hells, different levels. Oh, my God. (Scary.)

Yeah. I know. Nobody knew that. Because the physical body is good but it obstructs people’s eye, the Heavenly eye that we have, the third eye, so they cannot see anything. (Yes, yes.) So, they don’t believe Heavens or hells exist. Even the pope says there’s no hell. The pope, the P. Francis. (Right, yes, Master.)

My God. Such a darkness prevailing in this world. The majority of people don’t understand anything anymore. And they think they can just rule over the world. For what price? At what price? They never know how much they are, killing, murdering their own soul and the spirit. (Yes, yes.)

Yeah. It won’t be long until he knows it. Well, he’s not young anymore, anyway. (Yes, Master. It’s true.) He’s old already. He should, enjoy his children, grandchildren, or go do whatever, like all the senior people do. No, but he wants to be famous. He wants to go down in history as like a czar, who has brought back the Soviet Union. Oh! It’s a dream. He’s delusional. He’s possessed by ego. (Understand, Master.) And crazy and delusional.

The whole world is against him now. Even all the countries stopped the Russian airline, and refused Russian airline, even the bar and restaurant they throw away vodka, they don’t sell it. (Oh, wow.) Yeah! And that is something that earn them a lot of money. (Wow.) They pour it all out and they sell somebody else’s vodka. Ukraine’s vodka, for example. I’m not advertising, either. You know I’m against all alcohol and all that. (Right.) But even all these people, not the high class in society or anything famous, they would know what’s right from wrong. (Yes, yes.)

But such an evil-head like Putin has no moral. I’m truly disappointed. I’m surprised, because now that he’s waiting, the world is distracted by COVID-19, and by China’s threat to Taiwan, then he just did this maneuver. (Understand, yes.)

And lying and all that, saying, “Oh, we know, we don’t make war, because this will lead to the third world war, and then after, the fourth world war. Einstein said we will have nothing, we will just fight with sticks and stones.” He let the whole world relax, thinking that he did not intend to invade Ukraine. (He misled people.) He just waited for that.

Even I wasn’t thinking like that. I never expect that any person would be so evil. (Right, yes.) That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.) I told you many times, guys, that I don’t even learn my lesson. I’ve been everywhere, and I still believe humans are good. (Yes, Master.) That is the problem. And when people say they are good, or they will not do harm, then I believe that. (Right, yes.)

Now, the same with the whole world, they believed that Putin would never go to make Ukraine suffer. Yeah? Ukraine didn’t do anything wrong to Russia. (No.) Even if they, Russia took away their Crimea, they also did not react much nowadays, still. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) No vengeance, nothing.

And Russia, Putin still wants to go in and kill their children and their mothers. Make people widows, and orphans. (Yes.) Or handicapped, and maimed, and dead or half-dead, or cut their bodies apart, and all that. Oh, God. What an evil. (So cruel.) Oh, so cruel, so evil. Oh. Heaven will never forgive this person, if he is a person. He’s so possessed, his soul is sold to the devils. (Oh, my God. Wow.)

I also blame a little on the vaccine as well. But of course, I cannot blame, because humans, they have to find a way to protect themselves from the pandemic, the best they know how. (Yes, Master. Yes.) The best they can. Nobody wants to kill anybody on purpose by vaccine or anything. It’s just the reaction. (Yes. Right.)

So this person is far gone already, I think his soul is dead already. Already captured by hell. And he sold it to the devils so that he can win the war, and boast his strategy of war and winning, whatever.

I am still very impressed and very touched by the sacrifice of these Ukrainian people. (We are also impressed.) I mean, they are not used to war, but immediately face the war with all the courage and dedicating spirit, (Yes, yes.) and love for their countrymen, like that. (Yes, we saw many like that, in the news.) So all natural and all simple, and all fast. (Yes. Wow.) No nonsense. No thinking about it. If they have to die for their country, they just die. (Wow.)

How can Putin ever control these kinds of people. He must be joking. Even if he takes over Ukraine, he will fear all his life. (Right, Master.) He would never dare to go out of his gate, even with the bodyguards. And all the Russian people or soldiers, or government who will be deployed there as puppets for Putin, will never be able to sleep well in Ukraine, if they invaded, truly, if they really can take Ukraine. They would not be able to govern well. They will sleep with one eye open, because they never know, when they’re going to be assassinated. (Wow.) This kind of spirited people, they will not just surrender like that. (Yes, their spirit is strong.) Their spirit so strong, and so noble. (Yes, exactly.)

Even his own people, there are thousands of people are protesting the war in his own country. (Oh, right. Yes.) And everywhere in the world as well. In London, in Tokyo, in Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa), (Yes.) up to now, the first countries. And in America, everywhere. (Yes, the whole world is with Ukraine.) Children also come out and they say, “Stop Putin!” “Stop murdering!” and all that. (Wow.) “Stop the murderer.” Or whatever I see flashing on the screen. I don’t see the whole news, I just saw those pictures and some of the headlines and stuff. You don’t have to even see the whole thing. The picture says it all. (Yes, it’s true.) And all this news. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, man. I really wish Ukraine well. Because some people have to flee to other regions because they have children or elderly, (Yes, right.) But the rest, they stay and fight. (Yes.) So that even surprised me. It’s a small populated country, not big. (Yes, not so big.) And not used to war much, and still so strong, and so quick reacting, and so noble like that. I really salute. Their spirit of courage, bravery, and nobility. (Yes.) Long live Ukraine. (Long live Ukraine. Yes.)

(Master, I have another question. How is Master feeling and is there anything that Master wants personally?)

I don’t feel good. I feel this world is hell, few are kind. Just all about themselves, don’t even care if somebody else dies or lives. It’s so ugly. If there’s anything I want, it’s just to go Home. (Yes.) Sometimes I dream to become just a normal person. Maybe go to Mongolia or something, have a very big grass field so my dogs can be with me all the time and they can run until their heart’s content, without fence, without restrictions, without all of this bad energy rubbing off on them, without sensing my worry, my anxiety, and my sadness. (Yes, understand, Master.)

Anything more? No (No, Master.) Good, OK then, I wish all of you well. (Thank you, Master.) Pray for protection, (We pray for Master also.) for protection. Thank you. (We pray for you, Master. Thank You, Master.) Thank you.

Host: We thank Beloved Master for sharing Her insights and we pray for immediate peace in Ukraine, and for the safety of all affected. May God protect us all.

To hear more from the discussion with Supreme Master Ching Hai in relation to the situation in Ukraine, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Saturday, April 16, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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