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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presents Shining World Heroine Award to teenager from China raising awareness of climate crisis, phenomenon of destructive atmospheric rivers being driven by climate-change, highly advanced electric aircraft designed in Hungary, shelter opens in Canadian city to aid homeless Indigenous peoples and others, Indonesia’s first and only sanctuary rescuing animal-people raised for food provides loving haven, poll finds majority of United States consumers believe “the future of food is plant-based,” and electric carts replace horse-people carriages in the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

In Shining World Heroine Award News from China…

Ou Hongyi is the first teenager in China to go on strike from school to bring awareness of the climate crisis, and the first young activist in China to locally participate in the movement “Fridays for Future,” started by Shining World Heroine Award laureate Greta Thunberg, where she takes to the streets on Fridays to advocate for climate action. She engages the public kindly and peacefully in the hopes to educate them on global warming, as well as the solution of a vegan diet. She has held multiple protests individually, including standing outside government buildings with signs and flyers to hosting climate documentary screenings and meetups every weekend at local coffee shops.

“Hi, my name is Ou-Yi, and I’m an 18-year-old vegan, a minimalist, and a climate activist. For the last two years, I have been striking every Friday in China over 100 times, and I sacrifice my own education, and this is an active choice, because in the climate ecological emergency, civil disobedience is the best way to achieve the social changes. And let’s go green, be vegan and save the planet. Come with me. Thank you.”

To acknowledge and support the young activist, our Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Lovingly present Ou Hongyi the Shining World Heroine Award for your courageous spirit, plus US$10,000 as a helping hand to further your determined efforts to raise climate awareness, with high regard, gratitude and successful wishes, in Buddha’s Greatness.”

Our Association members in the United Kingdom were honored to present the Award letter, crystalline plaque, Master’s financial contribution as well as Her publications and DVDs to the inspiring Ou Hongyi.

An excerpt from the letter reads: “This Award is presented in recognition of your extraordinary bravery, enduring hardships, political pressure and ignorance to spread the truth about the crisis caused by the animal raising industry. Your stellar efforts in the vanguard of change are making a difference, and are helping to save our planet.”

“It’s an honor and pleasure to receive this, because all of us are tied together despite all the nations, and all the backgrounds, all the political views, and all the cultures. We come together and fight for the life of humanity as well as all the species in the world. What kind of future we want, it depends on every one of us. Just like an old Chinese saying, the survival of a species is the responsibility of every individual, so we are all on the same boat. And let us do it together. Thanks.”

Ou Yi was also honored to receive the Award check, and expressed her sincere appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“Supreme Master Ching Hai, thank You for the work You do, and we have been for fighting for the rights of all the lives on the planet. And we’ll continue to do this. Thank You.”

We applaud your selfless actions, Ou Hongyi. May you continue to be brave in the face of many challenges. We pray that everyone around the globe becomes aware of your message about the need for action on the climate crisis, including the adoption of a planet-saving vegan diet, so our world can soon be led into an era of peace between humankind and people of the animal kingdom.

For the full presentation of the Shining World Heroine Award to Ou Hongyi, please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

Atmospheric rivers (ARs) bring severe weather events due to climate-change.

ARs are large rivers of moisture in the lower atmosphere that can extend over thousands of kilometers. They are responsible for transporting moisture around the planet which precipitates in the form of snow and rainfall. However, as the climate has warmed, ARs are associated with more intense and frequent events that cause flooding. In 2019, a long duration atmospheric river caused intense flooding in Sonoma County, California, USA, after more than 53 centimeters of rainfall. Recent flooding and mudslides in British Columbia, Canada, have also been attributed to an AR. In addition, the warming of the ARs increasingly brings rain instead of snow and thus changes fragile ecosystems like that of the Australian Alps. Our appreciation goes to climatologists whose work increases our understanding of global warming’s effects. In Heaven’s grace, may humans everywhere band together to adopt the plant-based lifestyle as the quickest and best way to protect our climate. Vegan: just happened 2 b a trendsetter.

Up next, highly advanced electric aircraft designed in Hungary. We’ll just give thanks to the vegan wedding planners who come up with elaborate ideas for the wedding ceremonies of animal-people-loving brides and grooms. Please stay with us for more worthwhile news on Supreme Master Television.

Hooray, treasured friends, it’s me, Gerald, a vegan handyman from the Giant Technicolor Squirrel kingdom! I live an active lifestyle and enjoy foraging for food. My vegan diet powers me up every day. I have a handy tip for you today. If your screw hole is too large, also known as a stripped out screw hole, place a paperclip in the hole to create a narrower space. Then, insert the screw. Once tightened, remove the exposed part of the paperclip. Thank you for watching and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Hungarian company designs award-winning electric aircraft.

Orca Aerospace, founded in 2020, has created an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that has already won multiple international awards, and could advance air travel greatly in the near future. Orca can take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, so it doesn’t need a runway, yet can glide in an efficient manner like an ordinary plane. Initially, it is being designed for the air medical service sector and the goal is for it to be more affordable to purchase, run and maintain than a helicopter. Orca will produce zero emissions and have extensive safety features. The company is partnering with Hungarian-based aviation aerospace firm AerinX on processes for maintaining the plane. Way to go, Orca Aerospace, for your exceptional aircraft design that could help to save lives. In the love of the Divine, may the rapid ongoing technological achievements on our planet continue to be matched by an increase of love in the hearts of all people.

Warming space provides shelter for homeless individuals in Winnipeg, Canada.

This winter, non-profit End Homelessness Winnipeg is collaborating with the Saabe Peacewalkers, a coalition comprised of Indigenous social services organizations, to open a warming center for those facing homelessness in the city. The new 24-hour shelter, called N’Dinawemak - Our Relatives, provides up to 150 overnight beds as well as food, showers, lockers and other essential services. Outdoor spaces consist of two tipis with supervised fires to accommodate Indigenous peoples, who make up a significant portion of the city’s unsheltered population. Recognizing the need to address issues of homelessness and housing instability, the province of Manitoba has contributed US$1.17 million to support this initiative. The Downtown Community Safety Partnership has also played a vital role by driving around the city to find and transport vulnerable individuals to the facility. Many thanks, End Homelessness Winnipeg, Saabe Peacewalkers, Downtown Community Safety Partnership and the government of Manitoba, for taking steps to protect the health and safety of those in need this winter. May we all take care of each other and give charitably, in Heaven’s benevolent mercy.

Sanctuary in Indonesia provides loving haven to rescued animal-people.

Located on Sumatra Island, Sehati Animal Sanctuary, founded in 2017, is the country’s first and only space for animal-people raised for food and is home to more than 270 beings, including those from the chicken-, goat-, pig-, boar-, turkey-, geese-, tortoise-, rabbit- and sheep kingdoms. The site was founded by husband and wife Loong and Sing Hui after they witnessed a pig-person being slaughtered. The distressing experience prompted them to go vegan immediately and they decided to put all their time, resources and love into creating a home for rescued animal-persons. Besides providing loving care to the animal kingdom people, the sanctuary’s mission is to educate others about animal-people rights for a kinder world. Our heartfelt salute, Loong and Sing Hui for protecting the lives of our beloved animal people co-inhabitants. In Divine grace, may your compassionate example help inspire a world where all sentient beings live in harmony. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Sehati Animal Sanctuary with the Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$10,000 as a simple token of love and support for your noble work saving valuable lives, With high praises and best wishes, in Heaven’s blessings and mercy.” No 2 vegan? Wow, congratulations. Hell will b ur 4ever home.

Coming up, poll finds majority of United States consumers believe “the future of food is plant-based.” Let us appreciate UNESCO’s transboundary Victoria Falls, a World Heritage site within national parks in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the world’s largest sheet of falling water that is also significant for its exceptional beauty attributed to its spray, mist and rainbows. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Cooling News for a Knowledgeable World.

More than half of United States consumers agree that “the future of food is plant-based.”

A recent survey by the Harris Poll in the US for vegan plant-based meat company Alpha Foods has revealed that 52% of the respondents believe that the current plant-based trend will continue. Of the people who had already tried vegan alternatives, 83% said they would maintain, or increase consumption of plant-based food in the future. In addition, 88% of people polled would like to be served vegan food at social gatherings such as work events or dinner parties. Kudos, Alpha Foods, for commissioning this interesting survey which reveals people’s highly positive opinions of plant-based eating within the United States. In the caring guidance of the Providence, may the intelligent citizens of your country choose the abundant plant-based lifestyle, as they find good health and a joyful spirit.

Electric carts replace horse-people in ancient city of Petra, Jordan.

The Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority in Jordan, a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection laureate, has introduced a fleet of 10 rechargeable vehicles which take visitors through a majestic rose-colored gorge to the renowned ancient capital of the Nabateans. The change at the UNESCO World Heritage Site also creates better access for the elderly and those with disabilities. Furthermore, the horse- or mule-people carriages carried two people while the electric carts can accommodate five passengers and provide a better income for the drivers. Our thankfulness, Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority, for your progressive move. May we always consider the well-being of our animal-people co-inhabitants, in Allah’s Blessing.

Unite the world with laughter. This joke of the day entitled “Be Practical” will help make it happen.

The teacher asked Lucas a simple math problem.

“You have only one pair of shoes, and your dad has seven pairs of shoes. Then, he decides to give you two pairs of his shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you have now?”

“I would still just have one pair of shoes.”

“One? Why?”

“Because the other two pairs would be too big for me.”


And now we have a heartline from Ghazal in Iran:

Hallo my Dear Master, My greatest wish is to see You and be comforted in Your embrace, even though I have been with Your loving presence in my dreams many times. Whenever I think of You or watch Your videos, I cry a lot. I’d like to say I love You, but I am ashamed to say so, because the love I can talk about is incomplete and full of shortcomings. There is a huge difference between this love and the Love which is in You. I am learning the meaning of true Love from You. Forgive me for being a burden to You as an initiate. I cannot find words to express my gratitude and appreciation to You. I can only say with all my soul, thank You, thank You, thank You. The greatest and kindest Master. O my Soul, my Beloved O my Confidant and my tender Companion O my Religion and my Faith O my endless Light You are appealing to my soul. Ghazal from Iran

Genuine Ghazal, We thank you for this reflection on the “Real Love” we have found with our Beloved Master. May you and your softhearted co-citizens continue to receive Divine Love and Blessings.

Master has this caring message for you: “Dearest Ghazal, my embrace from afar and eternal Love, as I am with you always. I know your loving devotion. May the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) guide you and the spiritual people of Iran to a future filled with peace and understanding.”

“What keeps me a strict vegan is the moral aspect of this lifestyle. I only found out about the animals after I went plant-based. After what I learned, I will never ever allow an animal to suffer for me.” ~ Christine Vardaros (vegan)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May Heaven bless you with loving kindness to all beings.

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