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The Songs of Kabir (vegetarian): Songs 51 – 76, Part 1 of 2



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Kabir was a great Indian poet who was fully devoted to the Creator. He was a Saint who not only endeavored to live the Truth, He wrote about it through His Divine gift of verse. The book, “The Songs of Kabir”, illustrates the Mystic’s thoughts and emotions whose range includes ecstasy, despair, beatitude, devotion, eagerness, illuminations and intimate love of God. Today, we would like to introduce you to the wisdom from “The Songs of Kabir.” The selections from Songs 51 to 63 underline Saint Kabir’s intense longing for His perfect living Master, wonderful experience of inner Heavenly Music and God’s unconditional Love.

Song 51 “Dear friend, I am eager to meet my Beloved! My youth has flowered, and the pain of separation from Him troubles my heart. I am wandering yet in the alleys of knowledge without purpose, but I have received His news in these alleys of knowledge. I have a letter from my Beloved: in this letter is an unutterable message, and now my fear of death is done away. Kabir says: ‘O my loving friend! I have got for my gift the Deathless One.’”

Song 55 “Subtle is the path of love! Therein there is no asking and no not-asking, There one loses oneself at His feet, There one is immersed in the joy of the seeking: plunged in the deeps of love as the fish in the water. The lover is never slow in offering his head for his Lord's service. Kabir declares the secret of this love.”

Song 57 “Receive that Word from which the Universe springs! That Word is the Guru; I have heard it, and become the disciple. How many are there who know the meaning of that Word? O Sadhu! practice that Word! The Vedas and the Puranas proclaim it, The world is established in it, The Rishis and devotees speak of it: But none knows the mystery of the Word. The householder leaves his house when he hears it, The ascetic comes back to love when he hears it, The Six Philosophies expound it, The Spirit of Renunciation points to that Word, From that Word the world-form has sprung, That Word reveals all. Kabir says: ‘But who knows whence the Word cometh?’”
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