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In today’s news, Turkey helps formerly displaced women in Bosnia and Herzegovina by building produce processing and packaging plant, climate report warns last seven years warmest ever recorded, Shell to boost number of on-street electric vehicle chargers in United Kingdom, conservation groups ask US government to provide legal protection to endangered American bumblebee-people, railway officer rescues teen from danger at train station in India, Brazilian company to expand plant-based dairy products production, and drone records school of fish-people forming heart shape in United States.

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) helps formerly displaced women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To assist returnees who were impacted by the conflict in the country between 1992 and 1995, TİKA has built a fruit and vegetable processing and packaging plant at the headquarters of the Ahmicanke Women’s Association in Ahmići Village in the Central Bosnia Canton. The facility has the capacity to produce 50 liters of juice per hour from the produce the members raise. The women can sell the juice and other food products under their own brand names in big cities, thus gaining income. Turkey is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion recipient and a laureate of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance. What a wise way to offer long-lasting help, TİKA! May the kind people of Bosnia and Herzegovina flourish as all adopt a vegan organic lifestyle to have everlasting peace on Earth, in Heaven’s grace.

Climate paper cautions last seven years hottest ever registered.

A provisional report published by the World Meteorological Organization alerts that unprecedented greenhouse gas concentrations have forced the planet into “uncharted territory,” with the past seven years slated to be the warmest on record, and global sea level rise at an all-time high in 2021. Extreme weather events in 2021 have included deadly heatwaves in British Columbia, Canada, the western United States and the Mediterranean, torrential rainfall in Henan Province, China and Western Europe, as well as consecutive droughts, severe storms, cyclones and hurricanes across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Significantly, the publication highlights that climate-change-induced exceptional weather events affect food security, population displacement, vital ecosystems and developmental goals, and are adversely impacting those least prepared to adapt, including vulnerable communities in Afghanistan and Central America. Many thanks for the vital, alarming report, World Meteorological Organization. May humankind urgently embrace a vegan lifestyle to cool down Earth’s climate to stay alive, in the Divine’s awakening light. Don’t b vegan, then u can go straight 2 hell without any obstruction. Guaranteed!

Up next, Shell to boost number of on-street electric vehicle chargers in United Kingdom. We’ll just thank the composting toilet manufacturers who design low-maintenance, eco-friendly toilets that are used in tiny houses, holiday cabins and recreational vehicles. When we return, more thoughtful news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

It’s a beautiful day, blissful viewers! I’m Chesa, a vegan lady from the Cloud Rat kingdom. How about we just live in peace and joy? Yes, following the vegan way will get us there. It is so easy and simple! I’m honored to share a tip from our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Hi wonder kids, traveling by airplane and being separated from their human family is very stressful for your beloved pets. So before you go on the airplane, you should talk to your dog- and cat-people companions and say, “I will see you soon. Due to regulations, we have to be separated in different rooms, but we are on the same airplane.” Explain to the dog- or cat-people so they can understand. And then give them lots of hugs, kisses and reassurance. Also, make a round circle of the soft blanket they are lying on, so they will be warm. Put one of your old t-shirts that have your smell on their mattress, so they will be more comfortable. If possible, secure a bottle of water to the crate that they are kept in, so they can drink it when thirsty. Reassure them again and again that you are traveling together, just in a different room because of regulations, and that you’ll see them soon, when the airplane lands. Make sure that they have a good run too, as nearest to when the flight departs as possible. God Loves you kids.” And we love You! Many thanks, Supreme Master Ching Hai, for this considerate and caring advice. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching. Now for the weather from around the world.

Shell to install more electric vehicle (EV) chargers in United Kingdom.

Following the UK government’s recently approved £300 million budget to support clean energy development, energy giant Shell announced it will install 50,000 on-street EV charging points within the next four years. Shell, which now owns EV charging supplier ubitricity, will be working with local government agencies to incorporate the charging infrastructure into existing streets so consumers can power up their EVs when parked there. Shell has pledged to invest in more eco-friendly opportunities to achieve its 2050 net zero goal. Great news, Shell, for further enabling the electric vehicle industry in the UK. In the wise guidance of the Providence, may all companies diligently work to eliminate harmful global emissions.

Conservation groups urge protection for endangered American bumblebee-persons.

A petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and the Bombus Pollinator Association of Law Students of Albany Law School, has led the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a federal agency, to undertake a one-year study on whether to list the bee-people under the nation’s Endangered Species Act. Once common across the US, they have alarmingly declined by almost 90% in the last 20 years. American bumblebee-people, known for their distinctive furry black-and-yellow pattern, are essential pollinators whose numbers have been rapidly declining due to habitat destruction, pesticide use, and climate change. Listing the bumblebee-persons under the Endangered Species Act would conserve populations by exposing farming and other industries to legal sanctions for causing harm to the bee-people. Thank you, all involved, for the concerted efforts to protect these valuable beings, so essential for human and ecosystem health. May you be blessed always, in Celestial oneness.

Railway officer in India saves teen from falling into platform gap.

During the late afternoon at the Vijayawada Railway Station in Andhra Pradesh state, a 16-year-old boy fell through the gap between the platform and a moving train. Quick thinking from one of the railway officers present saved his life. The station’s head constable from the Railway Protection Force (RPF), Narasimha Rao, pulled the boy to safety and a guard stopped the train. The youth, who escaped with minor injuries, was reunited with his parents. His mother wrote a letter of appreciation to the RPF team expressing her gratitude for saving her child. Officer Narasimha Rao was also praised by RPF leadership. A standing ovation, Officer Narasimha Rao, for your courageous actions, and we wish a speedy recovery to the boy you’ve saved. May all people be safe while traveling, in Heaven’s protection. Vegan: cuz who wouldn’t like 2 lessen the suffering of others?

Coming up, Brazilian company to expand plant-based dairy production. We will take a moment to enjoy the royal ancestral ritual in the Jongmyo shrine in Korea, which is a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The celebration, which includes music, dance and song, is a Confucian ritual that is performed by the descendants of the royal family in dedication to their ancestors of the Joseon dynasty, who ruled Korea between the 14th and 19th centuries. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Inspriring News for a Glorious World.

Brazilian plant-based dairy company to triple its size as nation reduces animal-people product consumption.

Brazil’s major alternative dairy company NoMoo recently completed a series A funding round, which will allow it to triple the size of its production facilities to 1,600 square meters. The brand produces a range of plant cheeses that closely resemble the animal-people-based counterparts in taste, and are made from fermented cashews. NoMoo also makes vegan butter and mayonnaise products. Following the expansion, its production capacity will be 90 metric tons per month, which will help to satisfy the nation’s demand, with a survey showing half of Brazilians are reducing their consumption of animal-people-based products. Exceptional news, NoMoo, on your rapidly growing business. In the love of the Divine, may the complete global shift to plant foods soon be achieved as we enjoy a future of peace, health and prosperity.

Magnificent heart shape formation of people from the crevalle jack kingdom filmed in Florida, USA.

Off the coast of Palm Beach County, a school of crevalle jack-people was recorded on video swirling in a splendid heart formation in the clear turquoise ocean. While flying his drone near Juno Beach, wildlife photographer Paul Dabill, captured the wonderful pattern created by the fish-people. Their presence was an exceptional surprise as they usually only come out to southeast Florida beaches in early spring. Mr. Dabill kindly posted the video of the incredible formation and the morphing into other beautiful shapes on social media. Our appreciation, Paul Dabill, for sharing with the world what splendid, magical shows our ocean friends bring to us, as if sending a message of love to all. May God bless all marine beings to live undisturbed and in peace.

Join us in some healthy laughter with this joke of the day entitled, “Dad’s birthday.”

Realizing at the last minute that it was his father’s birthday, a teenage boy rushed to the corner store to grab a birthday card. He quickly found a son-to-father card but neglected to read it carefully. Later, when his father opened his gifts, he was surprised to read aloud,

“Happy birthday to a wonderful Dad. Now that I’m a father too…”


And now we have a heartline from You-Ning in China:

Beloved Master, I very much appreciate Your wise insights and advice about abortion, as shared in a recent broadcast on Supreme Master TV. The aborted fetuses are truly pitiful, being abandoned before birth. Thinking about it, I tossed about in bed, unable to sleep. I would like to share two real-life stories that happened around me about the aftermath of abortions.

A colleague who was five months pregnant chose to have an abortion because she had a preference for sons. After her return from the operation, she sat and wept, saying, “It had already taken a human form, but then it became only lifeless parts – little hands and feet. I very much regret not having waited another few months and letting her live!”

The second story is about a woman who had an abortion in the second month of her pregnancy. For years after that, she would often hear the child crying, “Mother, why didn’t you want me?” in her dreams. Because of the abortion, her doctor told her clearly that she would not be able to conceive again.

Abortion causes great harm, physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is not an individual matter. On a small scale, it hurts the body, but on a larger scale, it brings harm to the whole of society and the country because the baby conceived could be a saint, Bodhisattva, or great inventor. The legalization of abortion is a terrible disaster. An old saying says that “a ferocious tiger will not eat its cubs.” If humans dare to hurt their own babies, what else couldn’t they think of doing? Put yourself in their shoes. If the fetus were you, would you like to be aborted?

I truly beseech everybody to think three or more times about the consequences before taking any action. Abortion is always a mistake, for it takes away life. Our parents made sacrifices and raised us after our mothers spent nine months carrying us in their wombs. Since a child is seeking to come into the world via our body, please let us give them a chance. If we do not want to raise them, we could give them to the many people who cannot have a baby at a time when the population is on the decline. We would be happier and more at peace in body, mind, and spirit.

If anyone around us is considering an abortion, let us tell them the truth about how it would bring tremendous harm to the body, mind, and spirit. Our suggestions and encouragement might allow a child to be born and thus reduce the killing karma of the world.

I sincerely thank Master, for You always speak out for justice. At a time when everybody is vulnerable to influence, we are grateful for Your words of Wisdom as well as Your loving and enlightened vision that helps us perceive the truth. I have faith that Your words will change the world for the better and awaken more and more people. My thanks also to all the saints on the Supreme Master TV team, for your help in spreading the Truth to all corners of the world. Let us pray for an immediate arrival of a vegan world, so the planet will become brighter. Your loving disciple, You-Ning from China

Compassionate You-Ning, We would like to thank you for your heartfelt message that we pray will reach those in need of such a loving truth.

Supreme Master Ching Hai responds in kind: “Wise You-Ning, you are right, we must treasure the spark of the Divine in all living beings, before and after birth. Abortion should be immediately outlawed worldwide and systems set up to support women who wish to keep their precious newborns or to give up their babies for adoption, and connect the infants with the many couples waiting to lovingly bring a new child into their family. I send you a big hug, and may Buddha’s great Love bless you and the peace-loving Chinese people.”

Vegan: tested positive 4 heroism.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May peace and compassion fill your life.

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