A Prayer For Compassion, Part 2 of 6



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“A Prayer For Compassion” also explores how the state of our planet is intrinsically linked with humankind’s spirituality, which in turn is affected by our daily decisions. “The environmental crisis is not a crisis of the bees and the birds or the trees and the toads, it's a crisis of how we live as spiritual beings in a physical reality. Therefore, in order to address this crisis, we're going to need to address the spiritual roots.”

“So, the most important step that an individual can do today to address environmental destruction is to adopt a plant-based diet, which is as local as possible, which is as organic as possible. So it's Local Organic Vegan Eating - that’s L.O.V.E.” As Mr. Thomas Wade Jackson speaks to sincere devotees of different faiths, it is clear that the holy scriptures of the various religions share a common theme: we must treat all beings with respect and compassion.

“Veganism is just a result of your own compassion towards all beings. And compassion is just a realization of your connectivity to nature. When you connect with your nature, with all the beings or with the whole of existence, you spontaneously become compassionate with everyone.”

“To honor God is to honor the holy breath of every being and to see that the world needs each of us.”

“The Book of Psalms teaches that the world is built through kindness. We bring Heaven down to Earth by perpetuating kindness.”

“So the most central question we can ask ourselves every day is how can I increase compassion in the world today, through my every choice?” “Jesus' earliest followers, many of them were vegan because they got it. They got that Jesus was about mercy, compassion and love, and life. Choose life, give life, stop killing, show kindness to everything.”

“My prayer is that each of us will challenge ourselves to be more kind and compassionate with our thoughts, words and actions, to vote wisely with our dollars and to take better care of all of creation including our body temples, and to take the time each day to go within and ask some version of what can I do to make the world better for those yet to come and then listen carefully for that still quiet voice to answer.”

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