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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Loving Concern for America, July 27, 2021

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Host: During a work-related phone call with a Supreme Master Television team member on July 27, 2021, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously took time to answer some questions regarding a few current events. As it was spontaneous, we didn’t record the conversation properly. Thus, it is not suitable for airing. We sincerely apologize and offer our respected viewers this summary, along with a voice-over reading of the transcribable parts from Master’s replies. Following were a few of the highlights.

Q(m): In California, a law called Proposition 47 requires some certain serious crimes to be charged as less serious ones, with the consequence that criminals are openly committing acts of theft without fear of prosecution. For example, one would have to steal over US$950 of goods from a store to commit a felony and thus have the police be interested in arresting the suspect. Below this amount, it is a misdemeanor and not considered worth the time of the police and prosecutors to arrest and convict the individual. What does Master think of this law?

VO: Master answered that even misdemeanors, meaning minor crimes like theft, are unlawful, and could lead to worse, more serious felonies. Thus, governments should not be encouraging lawless behavior, which might cause other states’ or countries’ people to think that misdemeanors are acceptable. Also, after the California law was implemented, many small businesses and people have suffered from an increase in thefts; in some worse cases, businesses were forced to close, maybe due to fear of attack, and loss of income. Master said this is not right and so She does not agree with this law.

In Master’s words: “They cannot, just because the prison is full, tell people to go out and steal. That is against society’s principle. That will lower people’s dignity, and create a chaotic, unsafe living environment. You cannot just live freely, stealing people’s property like that. And then in the meantime, you are even defunding the police, telling people to not buy guns and all that.

No wonder crimes soared up. Because it is all contradictory, as they have to pay taxes, have to pay their employees, employees’ insurance, bonuses, vacations, etc. (Right.) They also have their families, children to take care of too! They must pay for all kinds of insurance, mortgages, school fees, and hundreds of other things. The government is responsible for the poor, not shoving this burden to private citizens, who already contribute for this through tax payment! How can they live being robbed anytime without protection from the police and authorities!? (Yes.) On top of that, they are not allowed to have guns for defense. (Not that I support guns, but the poor hapless people will be forced to resort to this means of defense, thus create a more beyond-control violent society!!!) It’s absolutely against logic, morals and any society’s safety standard. I hope they will change this harmful law!

I mean, people have to survive. (Yes.) I mean the good people, the hardworking kind. (That’s right.) The backbone of society… Shop owners risking their capital to open a business, they must earn their money. And if the shop’s items are always being stolen like that, the business will be out, then consequently the employees, the good kind of people, will be fired. And then he has no money, and then what to do? Copy that thief. (Yes.) Maybe because they have no job. Or maybe because they say, ‘Oh, what the heck, why not?’ (Yes.) They work very hard. And that guy who does nothing, can come in and take everything he likes. ‘Why the heck I don’t do the same?’ See what I’m saying? (That’s right.) It’s a very bad, bad, bad example. It has this very bad reputation, for whatever county of the United States, or state, or country.

You cannot teach people to be immoral and bad, and then expect the whole nation to be safe and sound! Especially the USA, the country that people look up to! Imagine being called the country of thieves! What an ‘honorable’ name for its citizens!” (Yes.)

In Master’s words: “…They should solve the economic problem, not just avoid the crowded prisons or playing the good guy, caring not about how hard-working taxpayers must face hardship, danger daily, fending for themselves in a fearful, lawless country.

Make other prisons different from them. Let them all work there and work in the garden. (Yes.) Even plant vegetables, make an organic farm. Plant, and sell. (Yes.) And enjoy. We are having shortages of food at present due to the climate, COVID and tons of other reasons. So let them contribute, not burden their countrymen and make bad examples for others, especially for the youth!”

In Master’s words: “Any other questions?” (Thank You. Yes.)

Q(m): The United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has created a special committee of House members to investigate the January 6, 2021 protest incident at the US Capitol. Republicans have generally opposed the committee’s formation, and Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has criticized the committee’s membership, as none of his picks for the committee were selected by Ms. Pelosi. Ms. Pelosi has chosen two Republicans as committee members, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

In Master’s words: “Oh, yeah, against Trump. (Yes.) They wanted to impeach him.” (Right. However, as You said, both voted in favor of impeaching His Excellency Donald Trump after the incident. The other seven committee members are Democrats.) “Ah.”

Q(m): What does Master think of the formation of this committee?

In Master’s words: “What a surprise! I am surprised. Surprised that in a very supposed-to-be just and democratic society, it’s a one-sided kind of judgment. (Yes.) Just say, even a normal citizen, when he committed something wrong, they have a fair court. (Yes.) And if they don’t even have money to hire a lawyer, the government even offers a lawyer for him or her. That was like that in America. (Yes.) But in President Trump’s case, it’s completely different, completely opposite to democracy. Without any lawyers, police even. (Yes.) In his old age, without friends, he could not bear. You can see already.

Why bother making a committee? (Yes.) Just to write it all down, ‘He’s all guilty, he’s bad…’ Whatever. Like they have been saying all these years already. They even criticize, they call him bad names. They even call him bad names by his skin color or his hair or weight or whatever. Oh, it’s a terrible example of society. (Yes.) They don’t even respect his constitutional position as head of state. He’s one of the elected, legally, fairly, correctly. (Yes.)

It’s not a fair trial, you can see it already. (Right.) What’s the use of the trouble of making a committee? (Yes.) Just to make themselves a laughing stock again for the global elites? It was the Speaker of the House, she refused and neglected to provide extra security on that day, though she had been reminded by President Trump and warned by others. And now they blame Trump. All blaming him. It’s not fair. And the Democrats make a bad reputation for themselves, with witch-hunting tactics like this. Everybody can see it’s one-sided and unfair.”

VO: Master continued to shed light on this problem and its impact on the American nation. Then, the conversation about the United States turned to the recent show on Supreme Master Television about the first United States President, His Excellency George Washington. When Master was sent the program about President Washington for perusal, She had such a nostalgic feeling.

In Master’s words: “I’m thinking to become an American citizen. Feels like my own race. (Yes.) He (George Washington) treated his enemy with love, you know, and respect. Oh, and that touched me a lot. That’s why I love the country so much. Even just the clip that you have… I felt, I don’t know, I just watched it again and again. It’s something I cannot explain. (Yes.)

And then, I just wanted to become an American citizen to safeguard Her (America), from whoever tries to hurt Her. As if shielding a child from any bully! No! Seriously I was kind of taking sides, feeling sorry for the Americans, siding with President Washington, siding with the Americans.

But consider my age already, what am I to do? Just had a strong kind of desire at that time, while watching. (Right. Yes.) And it still keeps lingering.”

Host: We are grateful for our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai’s shared insights, as well as Her straightforward, loving advice for governments. May all leaders and citizens alike uphold fair and noble principles, thus helping to preserve the moral dignity of our human race. We wish Cherished Master to continue Her noble Work in peace and robust health, with the forever loyal assistance of all High Heavens.

For the full broadcast of this work-related phone call with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Friday, August 6, 2021.

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