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Love All Living Creatures as Yourself: From Food – Way of Life in “The Law of Nutrition” by Master Beinsa Douno (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2

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Let us now continue to read a selection from Master Beinsa Douno’s book “The Law of Nutrition,” from the chapter “Food – Way of Life.”

“Now we have abandoned that true life and take away a life, which is not God’s will: we take an animal, without it being willing, and take away its life. We don’t ask it for its consent. It wants to live, but we eat it. This is not a way to live. The great misfortunes, the great sicknesses, neurasthenia (physical and mental fatigue accompanied by depression), the consumption, which come to this world, are partly due to the extermination of mammals and the cutting down of forests. All the sicknesses are due to the unnatural situation, which we allow in the world. We allow ourselves what we should not allow, because we don’t have a sacred feeling. We cannot do whatever we want! We must do what conforms to the laws of the living nature.”

“Man is situated amidst two systems — the mental and sympathetic nervous system, and after he departs from this world, these two systems continue to function in the other world. You may say, ‘After death, the body melts away, it rots and disappears.’ No, there is something which does not disappear from the body even after man’s death. On the contrary, after one dies, that is precisely when he feels even more that he is connected to thousands and millions more creatures.”

“You must always keep open, light, and clear the Eye, God has put into your souls, so that you can bathe in His light and warmth.”

“Egyptians spiritualized animals and said that there was something Divine in them. They believed that a deity is embodied in every animal, and thus they respected and worshiped all the animals. This is how they viewed Apis – as a holy animal. Nobody could kill an animal there. They were greatly honored. In Isaiah, Chapter 66, it is said that when somebody killed an ox it was the same as killing a man. The Prophet Isaiah, who lived more than 3,000 years ago, he had higher morals than people nowadays.”

“2,000 years ago, Christ said, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is something missing in this line, it is not whole. That is why I add, ‘You shall love all living creatures, from the smallest to the biggest, as yourself.’”

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