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Selections from Zoroastrianism’s Sacred Menog-i Khrad: Chapters 47- 63, Part 1 of 2

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Zoroaster was a prophet who lived in ancient Iran around 1800 BC. The teachings that emerged from His visions of God have become known as Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrian theology’s main tenets include the existence of one God and the personal happiness or reward that is the natural outcome of using one’s free will to formulate good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Respecting all life, Zoroaster was Himself a pure vegetarian and forbade all animal sacrifice. His universal philosophy is believed to have influenced Greek thought and major revealed religions of the world. Today, we invite you to listen to excerpts of chapters 47-63 from “Menog-i Khrad” (The Spirit of Wisdom), one of the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism. 
CHAPTER 47 “It is wisdom which is better than the wealth of every kind which is in the world. It is destiny that is predominant over everyone and everything. 
CHAPTER 49 “Because, as to the creatures and creations of every kind, that the creator Ohrmazd created for the worldly existence, which are procreative and also which are developable, for every single body there is its own single guardian spirit of a like nature. And the motion of the sun and moon is the special illumination of the world, and the maturing of procreations and growths of all kinds. And the correct keeping of the day, month, and year, summer and winter, spring and autumn, and other calculations and accounts of all kinds which men ought to obtain, perceive, and understand, are more fully defined by means of the setting of the sun and moon.” 
CHAPTER 52 “For the existence of renunciation of sin, the special thing is this, that one commits no sin voluntarily; and if, through folly, or weakness and ignorance, a sin occurs, he is then in renunciation of sin before the high-priests and the good. And after that, when he does not commit it, then that sin which is committed by him becomes swept from his body; just as the wind which is hasty and mighty, when it comes swift and strong, sweeps so over the plain that it carries away every single blade of grass and anything which is broken in that place.” 
CHAPTER 57 “The knowledge and sagacity of the worldly existence, the learning and teaching in every profession, and all advancement of temporal beings are through wisdom. The souls of the righteous, in escaping from hades and coming to heaven and the supreme heaven arrive much better by means of the power and protection of wisdom. And it is possible to seek the good living, good repute, and every happiness of people in the worldly existence, through the power of wisdom.”
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