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King Zoom (vegan): Working For A Compassionate Future, Part 1 of 2

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King’s real name is Kingston Walters. Born and raised vegan, King Zoom has demonstrated exceptional compassion and altruistic actions. He began early in life by asking his parents to donate money to aid disaster victims instead of buying him birthday presents. The 15 year old has already joined many animal rights protests as well as spoken to the public about veganism and why we should be kind to our animal friends. “The kids are the younger generation; I wanted to start something; I was always inspired by other people and I always wanted to join a protest and start my speaking. Number one, I am vegan because animals have feelings and families like you and me, and I don’t want them to be tortured and killed. I don’t believe that humans have the right to take the life of another, just because they are a different species. This is call speciesism. Can everyone say spe-cies-i-sm. Number two, I am vegan because our environment depends on it. The animal agriculture industry is responsible for climate change, air and water pollution, species loss and deforestation. Number three, I’m vegan because eating a plant-based diet is healthy, and the food is so delicious, am I right? Besides, eating animals is linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Number four, animal agriculture is responsible for environmental racism. Low-income and communities of color are most affected by toxic chemicals seeping from the factories.” “I helped the houseless people of the downtown eastside last year. This year I went to the downtown eastside Women Centre to give out goodies as I brought a bunch of lemon pound cake and vegan banana bread and that was pretty cool and they love that.” “Oh, one time, I was at the Vancouver Aquarium here in Vancouver and there was this bunch of families who wanted to go to the Aquarium, but they just ripped out their passes, ripped out their season passes and just joined the protest; that was pretty cool.” Did you know King Zoom also creates cooking shows? Let’s watch a video of King Zoom making a vegan sushi bowl!
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