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In today’s news, France and Qatar partner for humanitarian effort in Afghanistan, study by British and Swedish scientists shows global warming causing soil worldwide to store less carbon, vegetables grown all year round in Canada with solar heating, news host wears traditional Maori face tattoo in New Zealand, Australian newspaper honors Aulacese (Vietnamese) scientist for creating material to fireproof buildings, ingredients company from Canada makes new vegan meat flavors, and dog-person helps to save baby's life in United States.

France and Qatar team up to deliver humanitarian relief to Afghanistan.

Almost 40 metric tons of food, medical equipment and winter supplies for humanitarian organizations in Afghanistan were delivered by a Qatari military plane to Kabul to address the urgent needs of the Afghan people. In addition, since September 10, 2021, Qatar has organized 10 flights which have evacuated 110 French and 60 Dutch people along with their dependents, as well as 396 Afghan women and men in need of protection. Qatar is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace and Compassion laureate. Our accolades, France and Qatar, for your successful partnership in carrying out compassionate humanitarian acts for the lovely Afghan people in their time of need. May the situation quickly improve for all our soulful Afghan sisters and brothers, in Allah’s infinite Mercy.

Warming soils release carbon.

Researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK and Stockholm University in Sweden set out to determine how global warming affects carbon that is stored in the soil, an important consideration since soil sequesters more carbon than the atmosphere and all the trees on the planet. The scientists analyzed 9,300 soil samples from around the globe and found that carbon storage “declines strongly” as average temperatures increase, with coarse-textured (low-clay) soils losing three times as much carbon as fine-textured (clay-rich) soils. The findings, which were published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Nature Communications,” provide an opportunity to improve models that simulate future global warming in terms of their calculations of soil carbon releases. Our sincere appreciation, scientists! Your work adds to the body of knowledge about the effects of climate change on our planet and why all humans should immediately act, especially by adopting the intelligent and loving plant-based lifestyle, in God’s Benevolence. Don’t b vegan: cuz u will live longer n feel greater.

Up next, vegetables grown all year round in Canada with solar heating. We are going to thank the vegan grill cooks, who work in the back of the kitchen, prepping and cooking meals over fire, gas or electric grills. We’ll return with more high-thinking news after this message here on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, virtuous viewers, it’s Scottie, a vegan duke from the Swedish White Moose kingdom! Only inner goodness brings joy, that’s why I never eat my animal-people friends. I have a money-saving tip for you! Many people forget to check car insurance rates from different companies after they initially choose a policy. Just because your rate was the cheapest when you signed up, that doesn’t mean that this still holds true. Whether you purchased a new car, moved, or added someone new to your policy, these kinds of events will affect your car insurance rate, and you may be able to find a better price with a different insurer. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for your attention. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Passive solar greenhouse grows vegetables year-round in Canada.

Dong Jianyi, a geologist who moved to Canada from China in 2014, has built a greenhouse in the province of Alberta that can grow produce even during Canada’s deep-freeze winter temperatures. Fresh Pal Farms is about 750 square meters, with the greenhouse structure originally being shipped from China and assembled on-site. The back wall is made of one-meter thick clay, which absorbs and stores heat from the sun, then releases it during the night. A thick, retractable blanket helps keep the greenhouse warm after dark. In 2020, Mr. Jianyi managed to produce 13 metric tons of tomatoes. He also grows other vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, and cabbages, estimating that by using the sun he saves over US$23,500 per month on heating costs. Way to go, Dong Jianyi, on your very eco-friendly method to grow vegetables all year round in Canada. In Celestial inspiration, may your endeavor show others how to similarly increase the amount of fresh produce grown.

News anchor in New Zealand has traditional Maori face tattoo.

News announcer Oriini Kaipara recently appeared on television wearing a moko kauae, or traditional Maori tattoo on her chin to honor her heritage. In 2017, after taking a DNA test, Ms. Kaipara, a 37-year-old mother of four, discovered she is 100% native New Zealand Maori. To receive the tattoo, she participated in traditional rituals, and posts of her news show have spread rapidly on social media in support of her expression of her ancestry and culture. The award-winning journalist has become the first prime-time news anchor to proudly display the tattoo and hopes it will inspire others to embrace their ancestry. Thank you, Oriini Kaipara, for helping to educate the people of your nation on current news events, while showing respect for your people’s tradition. In the grace of Heaven, may we always cherish the beautiful cultures of the world, as we love one another and all life.

Australian newspaper recognizes Aulacese (Vietnamese) scientist’s innovation to fireproof structures.

Dr. Thúy Quỳnh Nguyễn, 38-years-old, has been named by The Australian’s 2021 Research magazine as the country’s top researcher for composite materials. She was selected for developing a fireproof substance to help protect rural buildings and other constructions from bush fires. It is a spray-on, ceramic-like coating applied to a building’s outer walls to enhance fire safety. The coating is not only a flame retardant that boosts a structure’s thermal efficiency, but also is sustainable as it is made from industrial and construction waste. We would like to praise your thoughtful creative spirit, Dr. Thúy Quỳnh Nguyễn. May there soon be many more such wonderful innovations to help make our world more peaceful and happy for all, in Divine omniscience. Non-vegan: tested positive 4 hell connection.

Coming up, ingredients company from Canada makes new vegan meat flavors. Let us enjoy the little ray of sunshine that somehow always appears between the dark clouds and gives us hope. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more conducive news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Loving News for a Selfless World.

Canadian ingredients company releases new range of vegan meat flavors.

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients recently unveiled a new line of vegan meat flavors that mimic their animal-person-based counterparts. These include bacon-like smoked meat, ham-style pork, and pork-like roasted cuts which are available for food manufacturers in a yeast base that can be added to any product. The range was presented at the Food Ingredients Europe exhibition in Germany, and are kosher, halal and non-GMO certified. In 2022, Lallemand will also launch plant-based cheeses, including mild and aged cheese as well as cream cheese. Congratulations, Lallemand, on your new products to help the planet transition away from eating animal-person-based meat. In the Guidance of God, may the shift to a vegan world be quick, as we move into a new era of good health and peace.

Loving dog-person’s actions help save baby’s life in Connecticut, USA.

Henry, an eight-year-old person from the Boston Terrier-kingdom, kept opening the nursery door by pushing it with his head to check on his nine-month-old human sister, who was sick. Kelly Andrew, Henry’s human mom, was getting annoyed as his interventions kept waking the baby. However, this urged her and her husband Jeff to enter the nursery, where they discovered the baby was not breathing and had turned blue. Luckily, they got her to the hospital in time, and the baby was saved. Sharing the experience on Twitter, Kelly wrote, “I don’t know what would have happened if he [Henry] hadn’t woken her. We don’t deserve dogs.” We are so happy to hear your baby is fine, Kelly and Jeff. Three cheers, loyal and smart Henry, for helping to save the life of your human sibling. In the care of the Providence, may we always cherish the people from the canine-kingdom, and care for them in the best way possible.

Let’s take a sip of some bubbling laughter tonic with the joke of today entitled, “From the Resume.”

A man is interviewing for a job…

“OK, Mr. Fitzgerald, here’s the next question: What languages do you speak?”

“Yes…, let’s see… Spanish with nodding and Russian with waving!”


And now we have a heartline from Aditya in Medan, Indonesia:

Recently, I watched a discussion in which Master showed Her anguish about abortion. With my mom’s consent, I would like to share her real-life story with Supreme Master TV viewers, the terrible consequences that she had to endure due to abortion.

Before marriage, she committed deliberate abortion thrice due to her ignorance. After marriage, she was blessed with five children. Nevertheless, she had to swallow the bitter pill of losing her third child (my elder sister) at the age of five due to sickness. This loss caused her to suffer months of mental instability.

About four years ago, she was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. It is regarded as the most painful condition that is known in the medical world. It leads to severe depression, and in some worse cases, it results in suicide. It is often referred to as “the suicide disease.”

Not only did she lose much weight (as she hardly could eat, drink or even talk), she was down with traumatic stress. Within this period, she continuously had dreams about three babies.

It was at the end of the third year that we finally found the right treatment. She underwent surgery and what shocked me was that there were precisely three spots under her brain that caused the pain. The night after the surgery, the three babies came to her dream again. This time she fed them, and they looked happy.

The abortion of three babies, the three years of suffering, the continuous dreams of three babies, and the three spots under her brain that caused the pain, I believe none of these occurrences were a coincidence.

My mom has now recovered completely and can’t thank Master enough for giving her unwavering faith during her difficult times to meditate even more intensively for five hours daily. If not due to Your Blessings and the Quan Yìn Method, I can’t imagine the much heavier consequences that my mom would have had to endure. We love You, Master. Aditya from Medan, Indonesia

Understanding Aditya, Thank you and your mother for sharing the tragic circumstances that followed the abortions, in the hope that others may choose a different path. May the Divine grace your days and those of your loved ones and the nurturing Indonesian people with good health and well-being. In Celestial Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master shares precious Wisdom in this reply to you: “True Aditya, karma teaches us to move ever closer to All-merciful God. We punish ourselves. I am very pleased that your mother’s faith and meditation practice have helped her reconcile with her babies, allowing all to move on to higher realms. Much Love to you both. May you and fine Indonesia be showered with Blessings from Heaven.”

“A man of my spiritual intensity does not eat corpses.” ~ George Bernard Shaw (vegetarian)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May every moment of your day be illuminated by wisdom and grace.

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