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In today’s news, United Nations agency supplies vital aid to desperate civilians in Ethiopia, next-generation space telescope set to uncover secrets from early universe, perfect dinosaur-person egg found in China, drinking water access enhanced in South Sudanese communities, young girl saves three-year-old boy from drowning in Australia, Italian style restaurant chain in UK uses vegan egg for new dishes, and rescued calf-people live happily in new home at Texas, United States sanctuary.

United Nations agency provides vital aid to conflict- and drought-affected civilians in Ethiopia.

The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) has made available US$25 million, supplemented by US$40 million from the Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund, to bring lifesaving assistance to millions of Ethiopians caught up in the internal conflict in the Tigray region, and also in the bordering areas of Amhara and Afar in northern Ethiopia. The strife-affected are in dire need of protection as well as necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Health services have been stretched beyond their limits, with about 80% of essential medication in Tigray depleted and most healthcare facilities being non-operational. In addition, drinking water will be supplied to the drought-affected southern parts of the country as well as the Oromia and Somali regions. We applaud you, CERF and all involved, for your lifesaving work, and our hearts go out to the Ethiopian people. May Heaven protect them in their hour of need.

Most powerful space telescope ever built will peer into origins of universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope, created by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Canadian Space Agency (CSA), was launched on December 25, 2021. The culmination of over 30 years of meticulous planning and construction by scientists and engineers from 14 countries, the intricately folded observatory presents a remarkable achievement of both human ingenuity and international cooperation. Equipped with infrared light sensors of unparalleled sensitivity, the telescope will enable scientists to study the very first stars and galaxies, which formed over 13.5 billion years ago. It will also greatly enhance our understanding of exoplanets and aid the search for those that may support life. Congratulations, NASA, ESA, CSA, and other collaborators, on this groundbreaking marvel of modern science! May your efforts yield bountiful insights into the genesis of our physical cosmos, in God’s Wisdom. Vegan: cuz we don’t pay taxes 4 illnesses.

Up next, perfect dinosaur-person egg found in China. Let us now thank the vegan cookbook authors who inspire us with incredible ideas for plant-based recipes. We’ll be right back, with more exciting news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, charming viewers, I’m Natalie, a vegan teacher from the Nilgiri Marten kingdom. My life has been blessed with positive thoughts and an abundance of joy ever since I switched to a plant-based diet, and I invite you to experience the same! Here is a little tip on how to make sure your yard tools are in top notch shape. Start by filling a pot or small bucket with clean sand and set the landscaping tools you use most frequently into it in an upright position, so they can easily be grabbed the next time you need to use them. Once you are done with the tools, quickly spray them with a layer of mineral oil and put them back in the bucket. The mineral oil and sand mixture will keep your tools clean over time and prevent them from getting dull. Thank you for watching and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

Perfectly preserved dinosaur-person egg discovered in China.

An intact egg, at least 66 million years old, was found in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province in southern China over two decades ago and is currently on display at the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum. The amazing find sheds light on the relationship between prehistoric bird-people and modern-day ones. Named Baby Yingliang, the oviraptorosaur-person was almost ready to hatch when it was buried by a mudslide and then turned to stone. Its posture within the egg is the same as how today’s chicken-people are aligned inside an egg, in a fetal position with their head between their toes. From previous research, it is also known that the same species would also sit on their eggs to incubate them. Fascinating news, Chinese scientists, on the discovery of a dinosaur-person egg. In the blessings of Buddha, may our increasing knowledge of the past help to bring about a peaceful and enlightened future for all people.

Solar energy company installs water dispensers in South Sudan.

ApTech Africa recently placed 106 prepaid water dispensers in four South Sudanese communities as part of an initiative carried out by Oxfam South Sudan, with technical support from the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ). The taps have been placed in the cities of Juba, Torit, Yambio, and Yei, benefiting approximately 54,000 people. The Lorentz SmartTap calculates the amount of water taken and the data is relayed to a device connected to a cell phone so the user can update their account. Access to clean water has improved the livelihoods of whole communities and reduced the risk of contracting water-borne diseases associated with drinking water from the Nile River. Girls, who normally would spend much of their day fetching water, can now attend school, and mothers have more time to contribute to earning an income for their families. Our gratitude, Oxfam South Sudan, GIZ, and ApTech, for this life-enhancing endeavor. May the Providence’s Light be upon the noble South Sudanese people and may peace be within their hearts.

Young girl saves life of three-year-old boy in Australia.

Ten-year-old Chelsea Kucks from Queensland was playing at the local swimming pool when she noticed an unattended toddler under the water. He somehow wandered alone onto a slide but struggled to swim once in the pool. Without thinking, Chelsea quickly pulled him out and carried him to a nearby adult. The Queensland Ambulance Service arrived to administer emergency treatment. Later, the boy was taken to a hospital where, thankfully, he recovered and was sent home the next day. For her quick and calm manner in handling the situation, the Queensland Ambulance Service presented Chelsea with a certificate of appreciation along with a teddy bear. We are gladdened to hear the young boy recovered and are grateful for dear Chelsea Kucks’ unhesitating bravery in a time of need. In Heaven’s loving protection, may children and families enjoy water activities in safety while looking out for one another. Vegan: at least save urself, if not the whole world.

Coming up, Italian style restaurant chain in UK uses vegan egg for new dishes. We’ll just step outside for a moment to clean up our meditation gear and dry it out in the Sun. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more gladdening news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beautiful News for a Bountiful World.

Italian style restaurant chain partners with vegan egg company.

Bella Italia, with locations across United Kingdom and Ireland, recently partnered with vegan egg food producer OGGS to recreate a classic menu item. It is called the vegan spaghetti Carb-OGG-nara dish and uses a chickpea-based egg alternative. In addition, a delectable dessert, the OGGS Melt-In-The-Middle Chocolate Pudding, was also created. Bella Italia developed a special menu entitled “All The Veg Vibes,” to celebrate the debut of the scrumptious new items to the increasing number of people participating in Veganuary, in which individuals adopt a vegan diet for January and hopefully beyond. Scrambled OGGS also recently won the World’s Best Egg Alternative at the World Plant-Based Taste Awards. Way to go, Bella Italia and OGGS, for your compassionate and delicious cooperation. In Celestial upliftment, may your diners make the wise choice and always choose vegan options, as they rejoice in the freedom to create peace.

Rescued cow-people roam joyfully in safe new home.

Nigel and Benny were saved from an abysmal fate and are now the fortunate permanent residents at the Black Dog Farm and Rescue, in San Antonio, Texas, United States, run by Jennifer and Jim McNabb along with their three children. The sanctuary is a safe haven for dog-, cat-, goat-, guinea pig-, hen- and cow-people. Best friends Nigel and Benny are not only free to wander and run to their hearts’ content but also are quick to respond to the love and kindness from humans. The buddies are like puppy dog-people, loving to play, curious to discover the world, and running for their favorite treats when called. We wish Nigel, Benny, and the other Black Dog Farm and Rescue residents joyous days and serene nights. Our praises and appreciation, McNabb family, for your noble work. In Divine support, may you be blessed abundantly in your mission to protect and shelter the animal-people in your sanctuary.

Have you heard that laughter improves digestion? We haven’t either, but let’s laugh anyway with today’s joke of the day entitled, “Snail Knowledge.”

In a biology class, the teacher asks the students:

“Class, does anyone know why snails move so slowly?”

“Because they’re carrying a house on their back, ma'am?”


And now we have a heartline from Valeria in Costa Rica:

Recently, I had the honor of dreaming that our Beloved Master came down from Heaven in an Arab carriage, which was a beautiful light golden car, the latest model, convertible, with a kind of invisible tent from which thousands of little lights were hanging. Master was an Arab Queen, and this was shown by Her elegant dress. She was correcting documents. A multitude of people, both disciples and non-initiates, were waiting for Her in a beautiful mountainous place in order to listen to and meet Her. While silently reciting the Holy Names, I saw Master going down the path. I ran over there, the car stopped, and Master telepathically greeted me very affectionately. At that moment, I thought that it was not correct to be in a higher position than Master. Immediately, Master materialized next to me, dressed in jeans and a shirt. I thought about asking a question and instantly, Master told me telepathically, “My love, I will give you the answers to all your questions, if you write them in English in a notebook. Now, my love, I must go to see all these people.” She materialized again inside the carriage with the Arab dress and said, “Goodbye.” I cried with happiness. Thank You, Master, for taking care of us, Your disciples, down to the smallest detail despite being so busy. I am sure that this dream has helped me mitigate the suffering caused by the unexpected death of my dog-person companion Nina, a Heavenly being full of love. Your disciple, Valeria from Costa Rica

Grateful Valeria, We thank you for this reminder of just how much Master cares for each initiate and our loved ones, like your dog-person companion Nina, who surely is in a safe and happy realm. How blessed and thankful we are for Master’s Grace. May Heaven light up your days and those of the kindred Costa Rican people with joy and Wisdom. In Universal Bliss, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master offers some happy and encouraging words in Her reply to you: “Faithful Valeria, keep practicing well, and you will surely know many rewards. May God bless you and vibrant Costa Rica, multifold, with all my Love and a big hug.”

No 2 vegan: Heavens applaud those who choose it.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May Divine love embellish your life with wonder and joy.

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