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This Time on Earth Is the Turning Point Predicted in the Prophecies of the Past and Only Light Can Dispel Darkness

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Beloved Master, I humbly address You and apologize for asking You this, but I can’t find another way out, excuse me.

Master, I am from Peru, and recently in my country, there has been a terrible crisis between the political and economic power and the native and humble people of Peru. And as always, power controls everything, everything, with money, so unfairly, so dishonestly, and with so much exploitation.

Recently, they have provoked a confrontation between the army and the people who are always discriminated against because of the color of their skin, etc. And these clashes reached such an extreme that they killed many people mercilessly. A girl has died, youngsters of 13, 15, 17-years-old, young and old. They say that so far, there are 25 deaths, but the people know that there are more; there are even people missing. It’s so heartbreaking; there are so many injured. We see and hear all the pain and inconsolable crying of the mothers and families of the people and we feel so powerless in the face of all this. The only thing left for us is to cry and cry and cry, because if you complain, they don’t listen. For them, killing is nothing.

I apologize, Master, because we know that it is our collective karma as a country. It is just as You told us, except that the feeling of pain and powerlessness is so enormous in the face of dishonesty, injustice, corruption, and the wickedness of the economically powerful. How to defend against them? There is no exit.

Perhaps because of the prayers that we do as a group, a one-hour prayer for our country, and because of this Christmas and New Year time, the people have declared a truce until January 3. The protests have stopped for the moment, and the ombudsmen said that they will resume the fight on January 3. We don’t know what will happen, but many Peruvians feel and experience firsthand the bitter taste of injustice.

For this reason, Beloved Master, we ask for Your Sacred Prayers for our country and people and Your Wise Advice that will undoubtedly comfort our hearts. Humbly thank You, thank You, thank You. Yessica from Peru

Trustworthy Yessica, Thank you for alerting us of the urgent situation in Peru. We send our earnest prayers that the conflict is resolved quickly and peacefully.

Master has a loving message to console you: “Compassionate Yessica, I am heartbroken to hear this news from Peru. This time on Earth is the turning point long predicted in the prophecies of the past. The only way to dispel the darkness is with Light. Meditate and stay focused within so the Divine can guide you in each moment what to do. Take care of the people around you and help them to remember God and turn to Hirm in these challenging times. Hes helps a lot in these situations, as we have seen in Ukraine (Ureign). The more connected your people stay to Hirm, the more protection and support will be available. I wish I had more advice for you, my love, as I know these are extremely difficult circumstances. I pray that this world wakes up now and becomes vegan so this horrific violence ends forever. I am with you always. Remember that. May you and the kindhearted Peruvian people be more awakened and forever protected by God’s Divine Grace. 

Love you, love and pray for Peru. May all pray for your land too. We all pray for the world, whenever feasible, at all times. One hour is just symbolic to remind people that our world is in deep turmoil, that we should all be the real children of God!!” 

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