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Earthquake Relief Aid in Indonesia

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In the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Relief News from Indonesia

In the early afternoon of November 21, 2022, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake shook the western side of Indonesia’s island of Java, near the Regency of Cianjur. Vibrations were felt more than 200 km away in the nation’s capital city Jakarta, where swaying buildings caused people to flee. In the hard-hit Cianjur region, more than 300 people lost their lives, including children who had been attending school. Over 5,000 people were injured, and thousands more were left without homes due to the destruction and damage caused by the earthquake. During the next few days, concerns stayed high as some 300 aftershocks jolted the region.

Immediately after this devastating event, our Association’s relief team from Jakarta Center gathered to prepare relief packages for the disaster-affected victims, which included food items like vegan instant noodles, vegan baby food, and vegan biscuits; personal care items such as soothing herb oil for babies, antiseptic eucalyptus oil, bath soaps, toothpaste, and toothbrushes; as well as infant diapers, warm blankets, and clothing items. Additionally, the team prepared vegan starter guides and Master’s book, “Love Is the Only Solution” for distribution. By the evening of November 22, the team had prepared 150 relief packages, and they set out for Cianjur Regency the next day.

Our Association’s relief team stopped in the quake-affected Kutawaringin Village in Mande District. Homes there were either flattened to the ground or structurally damaged, with fallen roofs or shattered walls. More than 100 families and around 250 individuals had been forced to seek refuge in evacuation tents, with minimal weather protection.

Our relief team quickly distributed the prepared aid items to children, adults, and the elderly. Association members also went from tent to tent to make sure everyone received some aid. The team also sent for more evacuation tents that were urgently needed, as well as adult diapers for the elderly, and vitamins.

The relief packages were received with joy. The children were especially delighted to read our Beloved Master’s book, “Love Is the Only Solution,” along with the vegan starter guides. During our time in the village, aftershocks were still occurring frequently. However, thanks to our Merciful Master’s Grace, the team was able to bring some comfort to these displaced earthquake victims.

Our gratitude goes to our most Loving Master for Her immense blessings, protection, and care, which enabled the relief activities to be carried out smoothly. Thanks also to the relief team for their dedicated efforts. We pray for a swift recovery of the earthquake-affected Indonesian people to their normal daily lives, in the Mercy of Allah.

Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) graciously replied to the report from the Jakarta Center relief team: “Loving souls in Jakarta, Thank you for your initial report of the unfortunate earthquake in Java. My heartfelt sorrow and prayers are with your countrymen. It is good that you still have funds for relief. If any extra is needed, please let us know. Your help to the victims will bring some comfort and blessing to the needy in this case. May Heaven bless you, too, for your kindness and generosity. All my love and gratitude, in God’s Grace.”

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