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Seeing Someone Vow to Take up the Vegan Diet for Life and His Sick Mother Prolongs Life and Regains Health. It Shows Love, Combined with Wisdom and a Noble Spirit, Creates Miracles.

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Hallo, Most Beloved Master, You’ve been telling the world that the vegan diet and a benevolent heart are the only solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, benevolence and the merit of protecting lives can save human lives.

Once, my colleague’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and the doctor said she would live only six months at most. My colleague was very sad, since they had tried all doctors, both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and found no cure. In the end, he heard that the merit of protecting lives and taking up the vegan diet could save lives, which made him immediately vow to keep the vegan diet for the rest of his life to repay his mother for the gift of life. And a miracle happened. Ten years have passed and his mother is still alive and healthy. He also has benefited from his persistent vegan diet and has improved both in health and personality.

The virus mutates all the time and is smart enough to escape vaccines. Isn’t this a powerful proof that the virus has a soul? Can the soul be touched through scientific means? Obviously, the answer is no. Standing in the same place as the animal-people being brutally skinned and killed alive, we’d feel the same grievance and resentment, which could not be pacified unless those who killed or ate us sincerely repented and promised never to do it ever again.

Everyone is asking: When will the pandemic be over? The answer is right here with ourselves! If we don’t change, when will the time of peace come? I’d like to share Master’s words with everyone: “We can save ourselves right now by turning to the vegan diet, which is benevolent, which is very compassionate. And by being compassionate to others, Heaven will be compassionate to us. The law of cause and effect is always very correct.”

Thank You, great and selfless Master. Your tireless efforts in awakening the world have touched me so much. May Your mission always go well. May You always have the Blessings and support of the Highest Heaven. Salute to all saints of Supreme Master TV; may you be always in safety and good health. Jia-Rong from China

P.S. I found that Supreme Master TV is addressing the animals as “animal-people.” It is great and I like it! It brings humans and animal-people closer, like one family.

Observant Jia-Rong, Thank you for sharing about the power of the vegan diet and its ability to save all lives on Earth.

Here’s a message from Master to uplift your soul: “Shining Jia-Rong, the story about your coworker’s sincere transformation to veganism out of his heartfelt devotion to his mother is very touching. It shows how the power of love, combined with wisdom and a noble spirit, creates miracles! It is not a coincidence that his mother is still alive; it is a direct result of his pure intentions. I pray that all humans are moved to follow your colleague’s beautiful example. Truly, if we all cared about our family members and future generations, we would go vegan immediately. Pray for World Vegan, World Peace every day, and share your story and the benefits of a vegan diet with others so that they understand the necessity of making the change. May the Buddha’s Divine favor surround you and the sensible Chinese people.”
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