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Whatever Is Inside of Us Is Manifested Outside, November 12, 2020

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On November 12, 2020, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai called to check on a Supreme Master Television team member, as She has lovingly done before when someone is not feeling well, even during Her intensive meditation retreat. During the conversation, Master shared some health advice as well as more very interesting spiritual insights about the United States presidential election. Here are some excerpts:

Recently in America somewhere, romaine lettuce, (Yes, yes.) has E. coli on it. Scary, many people got sick. (Yes, even vegetables you have to be careful to make sure they’re clean.) Yeah, of course. Soak in the salt water or those vegetable wash liquids. (Yes.) They call it vegetable soap or something and then at least cook them. OK. (Yes, Master.) Maybe don’t have to cook until it’s all soft, but you know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Sterilize it with boiling water. Just put them in, and let them and take them out. (Yes.) Or use boiling water to wash them several times. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

Did you read that? (Yes, yes. I’ve read a lot of interesting news recently. There was a recent article in the news where the American actor Jon Voight…) What about him? Is he all right? (He was not very happy with the elections. He said he was disgusted with the lie that Biden won the election. And he said that the leftists are evil and corrupt and they want to tear down this nation.) That’s the left? (Usually the Democrats are considered the left and the Republicans are considered the right.)

What else why did he say they’re evil? (He doesn’t believe the election results. He thinks it’s corrupt. And he called it the “battle of righteousness versus Satan.” So really strong words. What do You think about that, Master?) It’s quite strong. (Yes, very…) So this is not really opinion, it’s something else. Because if it’s just an opinion, you don’t call people or a group like evil or Satan followers. Maybe he sees something that other people don’t see. (Wow, it’s… What would he see, how would he see that?) Well, some people are psychic. (Oh.) You know that don’t you? Yeah? (Yes.) Rare, I mean not too rare but not a big percentage of humans can see things. (Yes, Master.) Like you can see other people’s auras, (Right. Yes, Master.) and the aura bespeaks what you are inside. That’s why you can cheat maybe the big group of people or majority of people, but you cannot always cheat others, special people who can see with their psychic eye, (Yes, Master.) with their psychic ability… I cannot tell you what he saw. (Yes, Master.) I can only tell you what he saw in President Trump. OK? (Yes, Master.) Because Mr. Biden, he’s a presidential candidate OK, (Yes, Master.) and possibly the President of your country. (Yes.) It’s not decided yet so I don’t want to say anything about him. OK? (Yes. Master. Understand.)

I can only tell you the way he’s (Voight) so defensive of President Trump, (Yes.) is because he saw goodness in him. I mean the things he saw that make him trust President Trump. (Wow, I see.) He saw angels flying around him. (Wow.) Five of them when he saw it. (Wow.) And President Trump has angels always with him. (Yes, Master.) That’s why he has been protected somehow up to now. Otherwise he would have been harmed more than he has been. (Wow.) And because President Trump himself, is also being whispered to by the angels, whether or not President Trump heard them, but his soul, his subconscious can hear them. (Yes, Master.) And so they help him to make good decisions, though some people, the opposition, always say something not favorable even though he does good. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

(No wonder. He really has a loving heart and he cares about people more than military action. I remember an incident last year when Iran had downed an unmanned US drone, and the US had planned a military strike in retaliation. But after President Trump heard that it could kill 150 people, he stopped it. Also, he fired his National Security Advisor and later he commented that the Advisor “likes dropping bombs on people, and killing them.”) So Mr. Voight must have been truly convinced by maybe his psychic ability (Yes.) that he saw things. If you have this kind of ability yourself, you can see other people’s aura… (Yes, Master.)

Aura has many different dimensions, different qualities, aura can be very bright, like sun rays or tender like moon rays, or brighter than that… (Wow!) So we cannot always hide. Whatever is inside of us is manifested outside, on our head or around the whole body. Some people can see our aura, can read our aura, they will know what we are inside. (Yes, Master.) And if the aura is dark or coffee color or murky color, then people know inside is dark. Besides, some people have angels flying around them, with them at all times. Some people have just devils flying around with them at all times, making them do bad things, because they are good instruments for Satan, for the devils, to work with. That is the problem. (Yes, Master.)

So we have to make sure that we are pure inside. Our intention must be noble. Our purpose must be benevolent. And our love for others must be unconditional, then our aura will be clear, shining, you know like the light, but more beautiful than normal light. (Yes. Understand, Master.) And what you are inside, your purity, your intention, your love, your purpose. Your nobility, your dignity. Everything good about you is manifested outside, around your body with intense radiance…

So, Mr. Voight has seen good aura around President Trump. (Yes, Master.) And also, five angels flying with him. (Wow.) That’s all I can tell you. I cannot tell you about Mr. Biden since he’s an opponent. (Yes, Master.) And I don’t want to say anything against him. (Yes. Understand, Master.) I just pray that if he ever becomes president, I hope that he can do good things for your country. That’s why I told you. If I tell you that President Trump is a good person, you should believe me. (Yes, Master. I do.)

Most Gracious Master, our deep gratitude for sharing Your precious time, Your Love and more of Your Wisdom and insights about our world. Your unconditional, boundless devotion and care for all beings as well as for nations and our planet as a whole is an inspiration for us to continue to strive to always seek the good and the truth. We pray the Highest Heavens will always shield Master as we move ever closer to a vegan Earth paradise where love and compassion reign.

For the rest of this conversation with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Monday, November 16.

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