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Seeing the Bigger Picture, September 16, 2020

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Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai again graciously took time from Her intensive meditation retreat to speak with Supreme Master Television team members. During the conference on Wednesday, September 16, 2020, Master answered some of the questions relating to several topics which are in the minds of concerned world citizens in recent times, including the presidency of His Excellency Donald Trump of the United States and related issues brought up by the media and public.

The world is in shortage of good politicians, so we just take what is there. (Yes, Master.) Even if he’s not good, but he’s not a saint. A president is not a saint. He does what he thinks is the best, or what he is advised by his assistants to do. Whatever character or personality he has, it also depends on his education and background, and family. So you cannot just blame him alone. (Yes, Master.)

Even if many books also that you say are written about him, or his family is against him and all that, but that’s just personal stuff. (Yes.) And it’s the past. You have to look into the present and the future.

So, let’s talk about all his good things, like he mediated the Korean peace. That saved atomic war. (Yes, Master.) And then also, now he mediates Middle East peace. It’s happening. (Yes, Master.) It’s successful. And then he stops humans’ trafficking or at least he cares about it. (Yes.) All this is very important for the whole world.

At least he has worked good for the world; he made peace. That means saved, you don’t know, countless lives. (Yes, Master.) And that may be earning his merit to become president again, who knows? (Yes, Master.) At least he doesn’t make war. He doesn’t waste Americans’ lives in a foreign land. (Yes, Master.) To be a soldier in some foreign land, far away from your family, your friends, your girlfriend or your wife, your kid, is no party. (Yes, Master.) It’s not fun. (Yes.) So, if he withdraws the troops from other countries, that is a bravo. (Yes, Master.) A big bravo. And if he tries to mediate peace within many nations, that’s another bravo. (Yes, Master.) So, I know some of you don’t agree, why I gave him Shining World Peace Leader Award, but I don’t regret. (Yes, Master.) I think he did a good job, in this field.

Maybe he made some mistakes, politically, or other things, environmentally, but he’s a businessman. He thinks what the businessman thinks. So, he probably treats the country like a business. Whatever is good for Americans, good for his country, he does it, at the expense of his favorable view from others − from the opposition, as well as from environmental people or the humanitarian people, or some benevolent journalists. (Yes, Master.) But he has to do what he thinks he should do for his president “business.” It’s not easy. He’s only a human, and it also depends on if he has good advisors or not.

You have to see a big picture of a person: What he does is good for the world or not. (Yes, Master.) Not just Americans. Not just a group.

All the things that he did that are not right, according to the media reports and the people, it was maybe because of his background. But even with a bad background, he grew up out of it and did some good things. Good, important, big things for the world. That is, not to start any war, and stop the war, and make peace! That’s three steps that are very difficult to make.

He prays every day for peace. That’s what I know inside. (Wow!) Heaven told me that he prays for peace. (Wow!) (That’s amazing!) You cannot cheat God. (Yes.) You cannot blind Heaven. So They know. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, peace is the most precious thing that any president can give to his country and the world. (Yes.)

I just hope the American people forgive him for whatever they think he did wrong, if he did wrong. And I just hope that they will be choosing the one that’s good for them and good for the world. And I wish the candidates all the best, in God’s grace, and that whatever God has chosen, that will be done. (Yes, Master.) No humans can really, truly choose a president, no matter what. It is the karma of the whole country, or God chosen. (Yes, Master.)

Master also spoke about spiritual topics including the New Spiritual Realm and other shadow universes, as well as Her advice in light of the ongoing worldwide protests related to police.

Good that the question comes up, because I really feel pain. I feel the pain for the so-called victims of the police, as well as the police themselves. (Yes, Master.) I have to tell you straight and first of all that we need the police. (Yes.) To defund the police or to demolish the police force is not the answer. (Yes, Master.)

The presence of the police is necessary in our society at the moment. (Yes, Master.) That is foremost. Number two, the police are the good, good assets of any country. They have been trained to do many things – they can even deliver a baby. I mean, if they have to, emergency-wise. And they can do CPR to help the unconscious people, or babies or children even. We should be also very grateful to the police, (Yes, Master.) everywhere.

People should know, in this world there is no perfection. So, we have to take the majority. If the majority of goodness is outweighed by the minority of negativity, then we have to accept it. Like in your house, if one corner of the house is broken, you don’t have to demolish the whole house. (Yes.) You just fix that corner. (Right. Yes.) So, I think people should think twice and let the police do their job. He was in the right place at the right time. The police’s job, I think, is more dangerous than even a soldier’s on a combat ground, because the soldiers, they don’t go very near the so-called enemies to shoot. But the police, they have to face-to-face by just a few meters, or just even face-to-face immediate. They are in dangerous situations, most of the time. (Yes, Master.) They cannot think right away. They cannot. They’re not in the safety zone to think. So, they might shoot, and it might be a mistake. So, we have to take all this into consideration and give the police a chance. Because all these things demoralize the police’s mental service attitude.

It’s for your good not to go out and protest the police and looting around. I mean, not all the protesters are doing that. It’s just because you make the protest, and then some bad elements try to mix in and take the opportunity and make trouble for the people. Looting, burning people’s houses, businesses, and all that. That is not a right thing to do to correct a wrong thing. (Yes.) You should not go out on the street to protest. It’s dangerous for you. You might catch this terrible disease, that makes you suffer and tortures you. You may even die because of the COVID-19. And also, in a big crowd like that, many things could happen. You could die also. It’s for your own good that you should just stay home, think about how you should get the next job or apply for some new job, or how to take care of the families and yourself. We should not cause more problems when people are dying everywhere in the whole world, and when the nation desperately needs extra calm and peace to deal with the great problem like the pandemic of the COVID-19. We still need the police. The police saved many Black people also, Black families, Black children. If you scan it on internet, you’ll probably see more than I know. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, that’s my humble opinion, I hope some people do listen and just try to live your life more peacefully.

Our deep gratitude, Most Caring Master, for Your sympathetic insights into current events, governments and the duties of a president and the police, giving us a broader perspective on their respective important roles of fostering peace in the world. In Divine Wisdom, may we always seek what is best for our global community. Wishing Master good health, serenity, and the Original Universe Godses’ continued protection.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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