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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Quotes on COST OF WAR #5

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If they want to finish the war quickly, have peace faster, then the leaders of these warring nations or war deciders, war nations or armed groups, conflict groups should officially abandon their headquarters. Destroy it, ##destroy it or seal off. Go far away to build new ones to avoid negative impact and avoid the killing energy of that place; avoid bad luck for themselves. Because if you kill somebody, later you’ll get killed as well, you know. get killed or their families get killed, the leaders.

Avoid the energy, avoid the bad luck for themselves as well, not just for the nation or all involved. It's for their own family’s sake and their own sake. Yes? Because even if they are not killed sometimes, they get injured or badly wounded, things like that; or their families are in trouble or get killed in front of their eyes. This is a very sad thing for them as well. And even if all are well in this lifetime, hell will be waiting for them. It's a through-and-through bad luck area, if a leader or a group leader happens to sit on these negative portals or roads. They should vow to abandon war as well, inside their heart, and rebuilding what they can do – rebuilding, help in rebuilding efforts - redeem their mistakes; rebuild, repair the things or places that have been destroyed by their actions, directly or indirectly; repent to Heaven and pray for forgiveness and blessing and help to change to a better person, themselves.
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