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Between Master and Disciples

Expressing Ourselves Through Universal Language, Part 7 of 7, Sep. 30, 2006

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Well, just like spiritual power. That’s why you cannot have spiritual power without having moral precepts. That’s why I give you also the precepts from the Buddha, and that’s why Jesus or Moses gave the 10 commandments from God.

Another story: The guy who kept pointing fingers at me and insulting me, and wanted to punch me - he didn’t hit me, but almost. It hurts more when people do this than punch you physically. It’s the same. But I didn’t do anything to him, because I knew he was just eager to protect the president. He knew I wanted to see the president to talk about the refugees. He didn’t want me to do that. I knew the president would be there, I booked the hotel, many rooms for our people. But before the president came, they threw us out of that hotel. I had to go find another (hotel). Do you understand the humility? How do you feel? We booked, we paid, we got kicked out! Last minute, went to find another hotel in a small area. Small town. I had to take an airplane to go there, a private airplane, because there was no other way possible. All I wanted was just to talk to him about the refugees - he could say yes or no, but they tried to prevent it, because they wanted to protect the president, and I understood, also, I understood.

That guy was sent to accompany our group all the way, and I thought that was hospitality, but no, he was there to keep an eye on us and to prevent me. I booked long before the president came. Many days before, we paid, and then when we came, we experienced that we didn’t have rooms anymore. They returned the money, “Get out.” Perhaps for the security of the president. I also understand. Because he would be there, I guess. OK, fine, we got out, no problem, but that man always stayed with us, and anytime I tried anything, even the slightest movement, he stopped me. Finally, he was on the point of losing it, and he wanted to... I didn’t even try anything that day, he'd just gone crazy! And he wanted to beat me. But I didn’t say anything. I just stopped his hand, put it aside. And I said, “I understand your point, but there’s no need to come to this. If something’s impossible, I will not do it.” I told him: “I’m just trying to voice the pitiful situation of somebody who needs help, not because of me. But, if it’s not possible, then it’s OK. There’s no need to go to physical violence.” I said, “If I can see the president and talk about the refugees, then it’s also their luck. And if I cannot, then I will also accept it as destiny, fate. So, don’t worry, don’t worry!”

Later, he apologized, and I said, “It’s OK. I forgive you already, a long...long ago already, a long time.” But one of the persons who knew me, he was also a somebody in the presidential palace. He fixed the guy later. That guy, he was a journalist, and he knew all the things I did for that country. All of the good things we did out of love, not because of the refugees. So, I heard it later that he went and scolded that guy very badly, and it looked like he gave him a slap or two. I heard about it later. And the journalist who protected me, he was also there, and he saw all the things, he didn’t do it in front of my face, he didn’t fix the guy in front... He did it later at home, together, and he said to him, “She’s a very compassionate person," he meant me, “And also a great Master. Maybe She forgives you, but I don't." Bang! Bang, bang! Yes! So, later I asked him, and he said it was true like that. So, I said to him, “But why, why'd you hit this guy? He’s just a poor man, he just does his job.” He said, “No, he’s not doing his job, he overdoes it! He’s not allowed to do that, to treat anybody like that! By doing that, he will tarnish the reputation of the president and the government.” Well, I think he is right, yes. But I don’t agree that he hit the guy. But maybe it’s his karma. He was such a poor guy. Well, maybe it was good that he got hit and then cleaned the karma, but physically speaking, he would not understand that. He has not been taught by any Master, he has not been around spiritual people, he’s only deep in his own world. “If you want to hit a guy, hit the same size.” “Pick the one of your own size,” that’s what the English say.

He’s good, the journalist, he has a good intention, good intention. Because, he loves me, he likes me, he knows what I am doing for his people, and it is correct so. But words are good enough for the sensitive guy like that. Words of wisdom are good enough for him, if he even listens at all. If not, then nothing. See, the journalist also didn't mean to be bad. You cannot say that he's a bad guy or violent. It’s not like that, he's not normally like that. It’s just a symbol that he made. It might hurt, but it doesn’t mean violence from his part. He just saw the injustice, so he wanted to make it equal, for me, for my sake. The type of classical hero: protect the weak and the needy, women and children, especially. The macho. The classical hero. The one who protects the righteous and punishes the wrong. All the men have that in them, not just him. Well, I am glad he is heroic, and justice in his own way. For justice in his own way, I’m glad. I’m glad he knew what's right, what’s wrong. But he didn’t know 100%. After I talked to him, he understood. He has a different social status, different viewpoint, different background, different quality. He’s a real man in the world. He has kids. He has a wife. He has family. He has houses. He’s a journalist. He works for the president’s palace, even. So, of course he wants to protect the reputation of the president, the government and the country, and punish the bad guy, and protect me as well, revenge for me. He has nothing to fear, nothing to consider except the president’s prestige and the government’s reputation, and me, the one that he loves.

But he forgot that heroism has also consideration. You don’t beat the one who is weaker than you. You don’t beat the one who does things in ignorance. You don’t beat the one who does his duty, even overdoes his duty, because he doesn’t understand. Especially, that guy is already weak inside and outside also. He’s a smaller frame of man. He’s not the guy who goes into the gym, and with dumbbells and smart bells, and works out his muscles. He looks weak and humble. He can only hit a small woman like me. But when the journalist came to him, he was very afraid, he cowered down already. Because the journalist is big, tough, muscular, inside and out, and has social status as well. And if he writes something bad about him in the newspaper, this guy is doomed! He has not only muscle; he has a killer pen. People can kill with the pen as well, not necessarily with a gun.

Violence has many forms. Just like I heard that somebody wanted to advertise our program on some magazine, and one of the magazines refused it, because another person, a reader, complained that we are not good. So, they refused to print your advertisement in one of your countries. That person used a pen to write a complaint to the newspaper, and they don’t.... you see? They believed that person, because that person heard something, probably not true about me. Something bad, but never true about us, or about me. Or saw some nonsense on the internet about me. Nowadays, it’s very easy to blacken somebody’s name and send some nonsense information into the internet, and anybody can read it, very easily.

We invented many beautiful things, magical things, like wireless telephone, television telephone, fax telephone, internet telephone, and all kinds of magical things. You can send each other mail from thousands of miles away. You can talk to each other from thousands of miles away, and look at each other on the phone, it's like I’m talking to you right here! What a magical age! But still, some people use it for some bad purposes, and that’s a pity. The same with spiritual power.

The difference between Maya and Buddha is that the maya uses his power for bad things, Buddha uses it for good things. Well, just like spiritual power. That’s why you cannot have spiritual power without having moral precepts. That’s why I give you also the precepts from the Buddha, and that’s why Jesus or Moses gave the 10 commandments from God. When you just come into the path of spiritual practice, you are a child. So, we need to tell you, "Don't do this, don’t do that. Please remember!” You know all this already, but you have forgotten. So, you’ve forgotten all what you should do as a human being, so you become like a child who doesn’t know much right from wrong. So, we have to be reminded again. This, remember, no good! This, remember, good! So, the precepts are like the guidelines. So, you walk the line.

Walk the line. Remember the song? Who? Whose song is that? "Walk the Line.” (Johnny Cash.) Johnny Cash, yes, “Walk the Line." He walks the line just for one woman. You walk the line for the universe. It’s worth it. So, walk the line! Thank you! Thank you! You are always very attentive. Just put it into practice. Thank you! I'll see you later. OK? I hope you know I love you. (Yes! Love You!)

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