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Between Master and Disciples

Expressing Ourselves Through Universal Language, Part 6 of 7, Sep. 30, 2006

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Humility is not like you always bow to... It’s your attitude. It’s your inner understanding and respect for others. Inside! And if you understand inside, you show it outside. It’s easy. It just comes out naturally.

You don’t know my humility. I hide it. With you, I hide it. Because I want to show you all the great qualities of yourself. I am here, not to display my humility. I am here to tell you the more important things about yourself. What’s the use of my humility here? How do I serve you with my humility? If it serves you, I’ll give it to you. If it makes you more happy or become more enlightened, I would bow to you on my knees. I would do that. I could! No harm in doing that. You want me to show it? (No! Please, Master!) I could! (No! No! No! No! No!) It’s no big deal. (No! No!) Just a body. Even if you beat me up, it’s just my body. Humility is not like you always bow to... It’s your attitude. It’s your inner understanding and respect for others. Inside! And if you understand inside, you show it outside. It’s easy. It just comes out naturally. What do you think? I say to the police, “You don’t know who I am? You look at the Supreme Master Television, then you know who I am. How dare you talk to me like this!” Would I say that? So? (No.) No, huh? For sure not! That is humility, OK?

Because you want to know, I tell you. Otherwise, I don’t care. And this is not the last and not the worst. No! Because of you, I have been humiliated countless of occasions and times. Even just because of the refugees who are not even my disciples, I have to beg somebody who is a nobody. I have to sit under the sun on the dirty ground for hours on end, hoping that I can go in the refugee camp and see the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. For their sake. Because of the refugees, just a normal soldier, he pointed a gun at my head and ordered me to get out of the camp. You don’t know my humility. OK? So don’t ask, don’t criticize me, take care of your own humility. Just an example. Right.

And I would not stand up to that guy and say, “You shoot me! I dare you! Huh! I’m the Supreme this and that! I have my loving heart to come here! I have compassion, that’s why I come here! You don’t talk to me like that!” I wouldn’t do that. I just walked out. It’s not the only thing. One man even punched me because I insisted to see a president just to talk about the Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees. And because he was a spy or something, he hit me to protect the president. So, what do I do? I stand up and slap him back, because I am great? No! That would make it worse for the refugees. So, I endured everything, and later they became better for the refugees. They felt bad, and other people talked to them and made them feel bad about treating me like that; and in turn, they treated the refugees in some places better than before. They even accepted 5,000 refugees in one country because of all that. It was not recorded. But some journalists saw all of this. And they knew what I had been helping and doing in that country, so they talked to the president later, and the government later, and they changed their policy, and they kept 5,000 refugees, for example.

It works! Humility really helps! Believe me! People love people who are humble. Most people do that. Sincerely humble. Not theatrically humble. You don’t go out and try to get people, provoke people, so they punch you, and then you say, “Oh, I am very humble!” Don’t do that. Please! You don’t deliberately create situations to prove your humility. No! It will come by itself. I tell you that, because, between me and you. So, in case you still doubt that I don’t have humility, that you could not copy me, please do copy! Please do have humility! It’s very good for you and for the world. Most of the wars and conflicts arise out of the lack of humility. Each one wants to be stronger, more powerful and overpower the other.

I have neighbors everywhere, and sometimes they go and, “Rarr-rarr-rarr!” at me, but I say, “OK, OK, OK, no problem. We’ll do it immediately.” Finish. If you can do it, just do it. Suppose you stand there and argue back and forth with the neighbors, and then what? What do you gain? I have a very difficult neighbor. Even when we just wanted to spray a little bit on the grass here and there to know where the border is to do something, he comes and “Rarr-rarr-rarr! I’ll call the police!” But he can do it himself, it’s OK. Later, he does it himself. We lived on the farm, on a small farm, and the next-door ex-farmer always burned things all over the ground. Burned! Burned garbage on the ground. Like tree branches or some things from the garden, he burned it, and I saw it all over. And that neighbor burned also, many times, and smoke came all over to my house. I had to close the windows. I never said anything. But I burned once, only. Once, all the years I stayed, once. And he came, “Oh! I’ll call the police right away! You stop it immediately. Stop it! I’ll call the police right now!” Blah... blah, blah, blah! I said, “Oh, really. OK, OK. I’ll put the water on it. OK. It’s gone.” And he was so astounded, he didn’t know what to say anymore. He just stood there quiet, as if the water had hit his face - he was so shocked, he just stood there. The ex-neighbor, the one who lived there before, before me, used to argue with him all day, every day, and he warned me before I came, said, “That neighbor’s very bad. You beware of him.” So, he was not prepared to see a small woman say, “Oh, sorry. If it bugs you, I’ll put it out.” He was not used to it. So he just stood there like somebody paralyzed him. He looked at me. And I said, “OK? Happy?” “Bye.” And then he left. That’s it! It’ so easy to pour water to put out the fire. That’s the only thing that can put out the fire. Your non-reaction, non-violence. It takes two to tango. OK, huh?

See, if I react to that policeman, or I react to the guy who put the gun to my head, then maybe my attendants also feel very heated, protect the Master, and come in, and then everybody will fight each other, and it would be what? Can you imagine? Somebody will get hurt. I walked out, and I cried later. I cried for the refugees, because they were crying inside the fence, inside the gate, and there was nothing I could do at that moment. They said for security, because there was a presidential election and all that, so they didn’t allow me to go in. “Fine,” I said, “OK, I understand, but I came from far away, I thought you might... you know, I didn’t know there’s an election, I thought I... because last time I could come, so this time I could come. I didn’t mean to break any regulations in the camp.” So, I left. This soldier, he didn’t mean anything bad to me, I know that - he just did what he was ordered to do. So, I left and went back to my hotel. And then, because I wanted to give the refugees something that day, but I could not come in. I wanted to give them some money to buy some cake. It was like a... I don’t remember, some moon festival or anything. I wanted to give them some money to buy some things for the kids and for themselves, but they didn’t allow me to go in. So I just said, “OK. Well, I just want to give them something, but if you don’t let me in, I’ll go.” So, I went back to the hotel.

You know what happened? My hotel was far away from the camp. The camp was far away. I lived in the city. I had to take an extra airplane, private, to go to that area, because there’s no... otherwise, you had to go by boat or something. So, you know what happened when I went back to the hotel that evening? Guess! Guess what happened! Anybody have psychic power? I’m allowing you to use it today. Tell me, tell me what you see! Tell me what you see with your crystal ball. Tell me now! Anyone who boasts psychic power, come up here! No? No? Sorry? (A phone call from the president?) A... for what, love? (A phone call.) Phone call! You are not a psychic. Maybe he called. Maybe he called his subordinate, but he didn’t call me. OK, I’ll tell you. Since you don’t have any psychic power, just say it. Me neither. That evening, that soldier who put the gun to my head and ordered me to get out, he took a couple of refugees, brought them to my room, to my hotel, and asked permission to see me, asked my attendant’s permission. The soldier came with a few refugees, and came into my room, and he said he was sorry, he had to do what he did, because he was ordered from the higher commander to do that. But he knew I’m good, and he hoped that I understood. I said, “Yes, I understood. No problem, no problem!” And then I said, “OK, what can I do for you, what are you here for?” So he said, “Because I heard that You said You wanted to give the refugees some money to buy cakes or candies, You can do it here.” He said, “He is the representative of all the refugees in the camp; You give it to him, he’ll go home and buy it for everybody.” I said, “Oh, very good!” So, I did give money.

At last, I achieved my goal, you see, quietly, peacefully. And the refugees still could know I love them, and still could get what I wanted to give them. Nobody knew this story except one or two of my attendants who had already gone or died. Ah, no, it happened maybe 15 years or more than 10 years ago, I also forgot. But today, I don’t know, we talk about humility, and then by the way, I’m telling you. See, suppose I stood up and fought with that guy, or argued with him in some way, they might have even jailed me, and the refugees even got a bad effect from that, and they’d get nothing. By losing, I gained! See? I gained! Because, I wasn’t there to prove to the soldier, who I don’t even know, who doesn’t even care about who I am, that I am right, that I am compassionate, that I came there for... I don’t need to prove! I went there just to comfort the refugees and to give them something for their festival. To show my love to them and to give them something materially. So, I achieved that, see? Even I went there, I was not allowed to stay there long, but the refugees knew I love them. That’s one goal. Even if we were not spending hours or days together, the main point is they knew I tried my best, and the main point is they knew I risked everything because I love them, and that comforted them already. I wanted to comfort them, and I wanted to deliver some money. You see, I did both. So, that’s the main point, that we accomplish what we want, and not having to fight, no? The main point, it doesn’t matter what, you get what you want. And it’s good. Why did I have to prove to that guy? And he knew it, anyway. He knew it. Later on, he came and apologized. That’s one story.

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