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Heaven is Beautiful - Near Death Experiences of Reverend Peter Panagore, Part 1 of 4

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Reverend Peter Panagore is an internationally renowned church pastor, inspirational speaker, and devotional storyteller, who has written several books, including the best-selling “Heaven is Beautiful: How Dying Taught me that Death is Just the Beginning.” As the former pastor of the First Radio Parish Church of America, his uplifting program, “Daily Devotions,” was broadcast every day for 15 years, with 30 million views annually. Throughout his life, Reverend Panagore has had two near-death experiences (NDEs). In our series, Reverend Panagore shares what he experienced when he seemingly “died” and how these remarkable events transformed his life. He begins by telling us about his first NDE. “I saw a little tiny spot of light come rushing toward me and expanding to fill my entire vision. And I was a singular orb of consciousness. All of my senses, my smell, taste, touch, hearing thoughts were all one thing. And I was much larger than I am as a human being. I heard a voice that had no sound telepathically speak inside me saying, ‘I love you. I made you, I know you. Nothing of you is hidden from me.’ And then I saw my life review. Only the life review I had was that I suffered all the pain that I gave away in my entire life, each individual incident of it in a sequence. The result of being born into the world is the capacity for love and the capacity to cause pain. And those two coexist. And it seemed to me that I carried all this pain with me, but the thing that I carried with me most of all was all the love that I'd given away in my life, and all the love that had been given to me in my life. And the love itself became the treasure of my being, which caused me to understand the Divine power of love.” This deeper understanding about the Divine power of love transformed Reverend Panagore, causing him to redirect his career. During his NDE, he also learned another important lesson. “In order to be filled with the oneness of being, I had to abandon my own concept of self. And what gave me the strength to endure that was the love that was given to me. Love turns out to be the absolute universal treasure of life. It's the inbuilt thing inside all humanity that allows us access to the Divine. It was the purity of love that saved me.” Many thanks, Reverend Panagore, for sharing your fascinating experiences.
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