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Heaven is Beautiful - Near Death Experiences of Reverend Peter Panagore, Part 3 of 4

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Peter explains that his NDEs greatly intensified his desire to turn inward. Since his first NDE, he has devoted time each day to meditation and prayer. “One of the side effects of near-death experiences, and there's a lot of them, or ‘aftereffects’ as people call them, can be a more direct relationship to the Divine. And I think a life of meditation and prayer opens one’s spiritual ear up wider and one’s spiritual eye becomes clearer.” Reverend Panagore has practiced meditation for more than 40 years. A few years ago, he had a remarkable inner experience. One evening, when he returned home after hosting a late-night broadcast program, he tried to rest. However, he found himself unable to sleep. So, he decided to meditate instead. “I decided to meditate. And as soon as I began my chant, I was plucked out of myself and carried, how do I describe this? It's like it wasn't my soul self, it was more like the combination of soul and spirit. And so I (was) plucked in, pulled outside myself and brought into an ocean of sound, some people call it the “choir of angels” or the “cosmic music.” But it was the most beautiful, complex sound of frequencies that pervaded the existence of all of the space that I was in. And it seemed like it was above the material world, but it penetrated into the material world. But I was in some sort of heaven. And I was raised rapidly up through this ocean of the Divine self, of sound, of music; all things are made of this frequency. And as I got to the very top of it, I approached the very edge of light itself. And as I got to the light, my mind became active again. And I was plummeted out, back into my body.” Peter explains that all human beings, rich or poor, high ranking or living in rags, have the same inner Light of the Divine. But what about animals? Do they also have this radiant inner Light? “I see the light inside all sentient beings. The difference with human beings is that the personas that we live within create the illusion of value. This person's more valuable than that person. The homeless person is less valuable than the CEO. That's just not true. It's not true because they're all Divinely loved by God in an equal way. Everyone is particularly loved and beloved in an egalitarian way. And I see animals the same way. I look in their eyes and I see the light. Animals are Divine beings made of Light just like human beings are.” Reverend Peter Panagore, thank you for sharing your precious, insightful, and blissful experiences. We’re grateful for your wisdom and kindness.
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