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Shining World Kindness Award Recipient: Sahouli Cheikh Faizal – A Compassionate Youngster

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Today, we travel to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, well known for its shining skyscrapers, natural attractions and culinary delights, to meet an adorable 4-year-old humanitarian named Cheikh Faizal. In a spontaneous clip his father recorded of Cheikh, the young child’s innocent kindness melted hearts on social media. His small acts of gentle kindness moved people in a profound way, reminding everyone of the humanity we are born with. Cheikh’s father, Sahouli Bouamama, was understandably very proud of his son’s compassion. “My son saw the young boy without shoes and made the decision himself that he wanted to help him. He showed his love for everyone there, even though they are homeless. He then went home without his shoes. Hopefully, everybody in the world will see this positive message and we can make life better for every human being. There are many homeless people, but if everybody makes a small gesture of kindness we can improve their lives.” Cheikh has also done many other thoughtful things to help his community. He collected garbage at a beach and left a very cute message asking people to take care of the beach. Recently, he distributed toys and other gifts to children living in less-advantaged rural areas. Upon hearing the news of his pure hearted compassion, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai offered the Shining World Kindness Award to the youngster “plus US$3,000 in case more socks and shoes are needed for others, in Allah’s Grace. May Heavens reward you and your good family richly. Love you.” And then, after knowing about his other altruistic deeds, Supreme Master Ching Hai arranged “to send a further US$10,000 to Sahouli Cheikh Faizal to support his noble work. With all love, big cheers and benevolent best wishes in Allah's merciful grace.” They showed deep gratitude to our Beloved Supreme Master, expressed their love towards all animals and also shared their thoughts about the noble vegan lifestyle. “A vegan lifestyle is very, very good. It will help human beings and also it will help animals a lot. And for COVID-19, it will help either to reduce or stop COVID-19. If everyone does the vegan lifestyle, maybe this COVID-19 will not even exist at all. Be vegan; save all animal life. Thank You, Master.”
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