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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Lê Văn Hả (vegan) – The Selfless Doctor with a Golden Heart

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Today, we journey to Cần Thơ, a city in southern Âu Lạc (Vietnam), to meet a great Oriental Medicine Doctor, Lê Văn Hả, who devotedly takes care of vulnerable seniors and those with no relatives at his facility, free of charge. He also gives them a comfortable shelter unconditionally and runs a completely free vegan eatery nearby his house.

“I saw that most of the people here are destitute, who live by the riverside. Then I suggested to the Township Governmental Board to allow me to open a vegan kitchen. I wanted to help feed the poor people so they feel less suffering, less spending for food, so that they can labor without too much worries. Therefore, I wanted to operate the vegan kitchen here.”

“Most of the people who come here to receive the vegan meals are meat eaters. So, when they are eating vegan food, we have the reason to do it. Any day that they don’t eat meat, they reduce their bad karma. And the people who work here will gain merits. And when we do the charitable work, we also reduce our bad karma. Therefore, that’s why I operate a vegan kitchen in this lifetime. Even though I work hard and strenuously, with no money, I still do it. If having no money, I can borrow from other people, and then I work multiple jobs to repay them.”

“I went to work different kind of jobs so that I could earn money to be able to do charitable works and give medicine to others at no cost. Everywhere I went, I encouraged people to be vegan. And because of being a nurse, it is easier for me to advise people to be vegan. As a Buddhist myself, I always try to have compassion, and spread the Dharma.”

Deeply touched by his compassionate deeds, Supreme Master Ching Hai, “with grateful tears” presented the affectionate physician the Shining World Compassion Award, “plus US$50,000 to lovingly support his noble work, in Heaven’s mercy. May the Buddhas embrace your soul and those you care for with powerful spiritual upliftment and love.”

Our Association members in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) happily held a ceremony and presented Dr. Lê Văn Hả with the Award. Besides the Award letter, he also received a beautiful crystalline plaque, Master’s monetary contribution, as well as several of Master’s publications.

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