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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary – Healing with Compassion

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“We nicknamed her ‘Peanut’.” “With Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary, anyone that suffers any trauma or anything bad in their life, they can come here, and they can use the property to overcome those traumatic experiences.” Children who unfortunately experienced some sort of mistreatment, are encouraged to play, interact, and take care of the earthly co-inhabitants by feeding them and playing with them. These interactions encourage the children to learn and discover other creative ways of experiencing love, giving love, and treating other beings with care, love, and affection. These interactions also assist the children in absolving their anger towards humanity for the pain they have suffered and in turn they are able to develop into loving adults, so that they may break the cycle of maltreatment.

In January 2021, Mick Still and Tracey Keenen received the Shining World Compassion Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai, for their benevolent work at Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary. Along with this wonderful award Supreme Master Ching Hai humbly donated $10,000 to Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary. “Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary is a 40-hectare peaceful space where rescued animal-individuals are given a caring forever home; a nurturing and fun-filled haven established to help end the cycle of abuse. Children from dysfunctional and neglected backgrounds visit and interact with the furry residents, which is where therapeutic magic takes place. For exemplifying the remarkable benefits and divine intelligence of our animal-people co-inhabitants, for fostering trust, self-confidence and allowing children to experience the joy of childhood, and for your kind-hearted benevolence, with high praise, we salute the great caring deeds of Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary. May Heaven always shield you and all involved. In Gods Immense Love, Blessings and Eternal Thanks Supreme Master Ching Hai”

“We would like to say thank You to Supreme Master Ching Hai. It's so moving to have You recognize what we do. We love what we do, we're very passionate about everything and so gracious to accept these awards.” “For us, being vegan, it's part of the whole cycle of things; so we don't want to harm animals because we protect our animals, we love our animals.”
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