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Spread Love and Help Each Other for A Peaceful World, Part 3 of 4 July 28, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I really wish our planet well, and the world will become more open, tolerant, and peaceful. For that, I am continuing to put in effort. Not just for humans only, but for the helpless and beautiful animals who share our world, but not share our privilege, not allowed to share our privilege.

Beings of some species are more ferocious by nature, for example, tigers and lions. Their duty is to get rid of the weaker animals, so the whole group can be healthier and continue to survive. Some people are more ferocious than lions or tigers. They are not generous, understanding, cooperating, nor kind. However, dogs are very kind beings. There are many species on our Earth. Even among humans, there are some people who are more ferocious, because they have been poisoned too much by the world. Too much poison, cigarettes, or drugs. Too much meat and alcohol will also make you ferocious and less healthy. The body and mind will both become unhealthy.

Actually, humans should be the most merciful because we are the highest. As you can see, no other beings are more competent than us, right? We have hands and feet. We can make many things with our hands. Our minds are intelligent, and we can invent many high-tech tools to make our lives more and more comfortable. Animals cannot do that. They can only rely on nature. They rely on Heaven to give them food. But we also took away their food. For example, calves are taken away from birth, and locked up somewhere, waiting to be sold, because they say their meat is more tender or something. They are kept in cages until they can no longer walk, and become crippled. Then the mother cow’s milk would be taken by humans, and made into many things.

Of course, not everyone knows about these things. I didn’t know either. I didn’t like cow’s milk anyway, even as a child. I didn’t like it. But I became contaminated as I grew up. When you go to Europe, everyone tells you to eat cheeses. I didn’t know about these things. Of course, many people don’t know. But I rarely ate those. I remember from an early age, I would think, “How can you drink something that comes from an animal’s belly?”

But for example, in Europe, those things are mixed into the food, and you wouldn’t know. Like when you eat a cookie, you would think it’s OK, but actually, it could contain milk or eggs. Of course, I knew more and more later. Since children follow their parents, not everyone can make their own choice. They eat whatever their parents feed them. They can’t grow if they refuse to eat. They would grow up somewhat like me. I was even slimmer before. For a long time now, since I’ve been fed well, or because I am old, the fat is hard to get rid of, so I’m a bit fleshy.

So, humans are pitiful, because they eat a lot of food that contains toxins, such as beef steak, fish, and other kinds of meat. Even the vegetables that we eat are not 100% safe now. They spray pesticides, or the organic farms might be contaminated when neighbors spray pesticides. There are also pollutants in the air from the atom bombs or whatever bombs, missiles. So, our air is heavily polluted. Even the things that we use, such as this. I haven’t used it for a long time. Is it bleached? (It is eco-friendly.) Eco-friendly, OK. Then it’s fine. Because it looks so white, I thought they used toxic substances to bleach it. Many are like that. Non-eco-friendly tissue paper products use toxic substances to keep away insects or to bleach it white to attract buyers. They bleach it white, for instance. The kitchen paper towel, which looks so white and beautiful, is also bleached. Those bleaching agents, insecticides, and toxic pesticides, are sprayed everywhere. Some infiltrate the soil. Some go into the waters. When there is rain, they are all washed into our rivers, or wells. They sink or go deep. Where to? To our water system. Into our wells, rivers, or the seas. And then we drink from there. The animals too. In the oceans, the fish also pick up the toxins. Even the seaweeds are polluted. We like eating seaweed because it is nutritious; however, it may not be fully clean. And then as technology advances, our health becomes worse. We age quickly and often get sick. It’s the same for vegans. Even if we grow the veggies ourselves, the water is still polluted. Even rainwater is polluted. As rain falls from the sky, and the air is polluted, so how can rainwater be clean? Indeed, we are harming ourselves.

Human beings really suffer. We live in misery and are attacked from all sides, not just by ghosts. The invisible ones are easier to deal with. The visible ones, which attack humans, not directly, but indirectly, such as toxic matters in our rivers, in the water, and in the air, are beyond our control. So, we live a miserable life. From all directions, this physical body comes under heavy attack. The free radicals in the air also attack us. There are also bacteria and other sources of infection. There are many of those.

To protect ourselves in this world requires immense merits. Otherwise, we might die as soon as we are born. Immediately after birth, the baby is under attack, and feels great pain. Thus, as Shakyamuni Buddha said: “Pain at birth.” How could we have pain immediately after birth? He knew it! He perceived it clearly. A newborn baby has very tender skin and a weak body. The baby has just emerged from a well-protected womb to be exposed to this polluted world. Even the air is not entirely pure; it contains many kinds of bacteria. The baby immediately feels great pain on the skin.

That’s why Shakyamuni Buddha said: Birth, old age, and illness cause suffering. Of course, illness is painful. At an old age, we become even more helpless, and start going downhill. Sometimes, we have difficulty walking. Our body becomes weak and vulnerable to disease. We have difficulty taking care of ourselves and need to rely on others, if we still have someone to rely on.

Hong Kong is fine, no matter what. You have a civilized and peaceful society. Not very peaceful at the moment, but at least not at war. Wars consume enormous human resources, as well as money and economy, and the country can’t develop. Therefore, peace is the best. No matter what, at least you don’t have to become refugees fleeing everywhere. Running for your life empty-handed is very painful. Hong Kong is still fine, by comparison.

In many countries, like in Africa, some African tribes are in remote places, far from the capital or big cities. People there even have difficulty seeing a doctor; they can’t get to a doctor. The bullock cart is very slow and uncomfortable. The bumps on the road cause great pain to the body. Even if you have a bullock cart, it goes very slowly. You may not be able to find a bullock cart in every place, and you can only lie there in great agony, waiting for your time to come.

Actually our old folks now are quite comfortable. For instance, in Hong Kong, when we get old, we still have the government’s help. The society will help. You can go see a doctor, if you can afford it. Perhaps for some major illness, you don’t have enough money, then it’s also very difficult, but you still have a chance. Unlike in those remote corners of the Earth, there are really no doctors. In Hong Kong, for instance, we have many doctors of different specialties. Specialists for ears, eyes, abdomen, and other experts. There are also many hospitals for us to choose from. This isn’t the case in every place. Even if there is a doctor, he can’t cure every illness. Then you can only wait for death to come.

There is an amusing story: A woman met a man and they were going out. The woman asked the man what his profession was. He said he was a doctor. The woman then asked, “Where do you work, and what type of doctor are you?” He said he was a naval surgeon. Naval, N-A-V-A-L. The woman was baffled, “Wow! In this era, medical science is really sophisticated.” She thought he said “navel,” which is here. Understand? She thought he was a surgeon specialized in navel conditions. Naval means in the navy. He was a surgeon in the navy. However, naval sounds very similar to navel. She said, “Wow! Medical science today has become more sophisticated.” We have doctors specialized in various conditions. Sometimes they would say “nose, ear, throat.” Some are heart specialists, or specialists in other aspects. So, she thought that the doctor specialized in operating on people’s navels. No one laughs. You don’t understand? That’s the problem when you don’t understand English. It can’t be translated into Chinese even; it won’t sound funny. It’s funny only if you understand English and know a little about medicine. All right, forget it. Laugh or not laugh, it’s free of charge anyway.

So, we are really blessed to live in Hong Kong. I hope Hong Kong will remain like this, or at least not get worse. Then I can occasionally come to see you guys, such as those who can’t walk.

How long have we known each other? Twenty years? (Twenty-seven.) Twenty-seven years! Wow! That’s a long time. It is like a blink of an eye or snap of a finger. I don’t remember how long ago is 27 years. At that time, how old was I then? You were 50-something and I was younger a little bit, right? I was 40-something, right? (Forty-two.) Forty-two! Wow! I don’t remember when I was 42. It seems a long time ago. (We had a good time in Sha Tin.) Yeah, yeah, I know we had a good time in Sha Tin, I know. We had a good time. And it doesn’t seem long. It’s just I don’t remember when I was 40-something. It’s so quick. It’s so, so fast; the time passed so fast.

When I first came out, I looked like a kid, very young; no hair also. With or without hair, I looked like a kid. Some people asked me, “You look like a teenager. How much do You know about spirituality? How can You come here, sit here, and talk to us?” I remember that. I said, “I know enough.” Some people, they don’t understand. They just look outside and then… Now they still look outside. I just have to look the way I look. I don’t know. It’s just the arrangement. Just the arrangement before I was born, before I came here. So, I just have to go with the theater. But I like everything real. Before, they looked at me, they said, “You’re too young, only a teenager. What do You know?” “What do You know?” meaning how can I teach them? I looked so young when I first came out. “What do You know? You look like a teenager. What do You know to teach us? How can You know anything?” So, I told them, “I know enough.” For them.

(Before You, I had four Masters, but I wasn’t satisfied. But after You, I was fully satisfied.) Good. Thank you. ([For] ten years, I had one Master, actually not Master. I went to their place also. But I didn’t feel anything.) Understand. (But meeting You, immediately, I felt I’m somewhere, very high.) Yes, very high level and you are higher now. (That’s why I stick to You.) Thank you. Don’t stick too close. I know, I know. You have it in your blood. I’m glad you still stick to me. (Thank You, thank You.) It’s all right, sister. They will help you to deal with your difficulty at the moment. In the nursing home, they’ll take care of you better, because they help you 24 hours, you see? In case your husband needs anytime, you can always ring the bell, they’ll come, and maybe you also need help, together. (Our social welfare helps us.) Social welfare helps you.

Hong Kong is a good place. It’s because of the English system before. In England, they have these also, social welfare services for the poor people, for the less income-earning people. And even everywhere, if the British people have been there, they always teach the natives something more. They don’t just take. So, everywhere, every country that the British have colonized, or stayed, or rent, or whatever, people always remember the British policy. And they always treat the British people, even after they became independent, the British people are always welcomed in that so-called colonized country. Compared to some of the other countries, the British are more favored. That’s what I heard. Because, in older times, many countries, a stronger country would come and take over some of the islands or some of the countries. And later, slowly, slowly, this country became independent, more or less independent, but still independent, and they still like the British system. They welcome them and they give longer visas, for example, more privileges to stay in their country, compared to other countries, I heard. I think the Hong Kong people still like the British. Right or not? Yes or no? (Yes.) Yes, huh? Very good.

I really wish our planet well, and the world will become more open, tolerant, and peaceful. For that, I am continuing to put in effort. Not just for humans only, but for the helpless and beautiful animals who share our world, but not share our privilege, not allowed to share our privilege.

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