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Between Master and Disciples

The Inner Connection of Love (Part 3 of 3) September 23, 2017 Hsihu, Formosa



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How can any kind-hearted person chop off a duck’s head to consume as food? We humans are really crazy. Do you see any normal human beings capable of such cruelty? No. After initiation, it’s even more impossible for you to do so. You cannot even bear seeing meat in front of you. All right. It’s like that. People were poisoned and damaged by the "oblivion soup" like that. So they lost their wisdom and their common sense. That’s why this time, I made up my mind to save whomever I can rescue. I’m very determined. Before, I was younger and full of love but I didn’t think so deeply. I just did it naturally. Now I am doing it with full intention. It’s like that. So, this time I allowed initiation again. I also came back to work on our Supreme Master Television. It is faster and simpler to broadcast over the internet. We have to save people first. To save others is to save ourselves. Maybe in the past they were your family and friends. Maybe they were your saviors. And that’s why you were connected. Then, the second reason is when the world is kind, it will be a good place for you to live. Then number three is you’ll earn infinite merits. OK?” OK. Congratulations to everyone. Be sincere, OK? (Thanks Master.) Please have the same ideal, so we can stay on the same path. OK? (OK.) I’m very touched because before we started or even talked about the relaunch, many initiates said that they just wanted to do Master’s work. Oh! A lot of initiates were on that list of names. I was so touched when I saw it. And I talked with a couple of them. I said, “We have to do it, because the initiates are so supportive. We can’t let them down.” It was not just you guys. It’s also people in other countries. They work during the day, and they’re busy with family at night, and they can still work for an hour. The ones who can work for one hour or half an hour, also signed up. I was really touched, OK? If you have that kind of spirit, the world will be saved for sure. OK? I’m just saying this by the way. If any one watches this video, I want to thank you all, OK? Thanks to you and all the initiates in the world. And there are some non-initiates who also want to help. It was really touching.
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