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World Spiritual Leadership Award Ceremony and the February 22 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 3 of 6



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Our next performance is a bassoon solo. And it will be performed by Brother Lin.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we will have the “Golden Peacock Dance” by one of our sisters from Formosa (Taiwan). The “Golden Peacock Dance” by Sister Wong.

Our next number is from Mexico, a duet of voice and guitar. Vocalist is Enrique Munoz, guitarist Jose Luis Sanchez Vargas. They will perform “Pretty Little Sky,” which is a popular, beautiful, and nostalgic country song.

This is a famous French parable performed by our fellow practitioners.

The fable you’re going to see tonight was written by Jean de la Fontaine, the most famous French fable writer of the 17th century at the time of Louis the XIV, King of France. His characters included animals, mythological characters, and human people, all those depicting human behavior and emotions. What you’re going to see tonight is entitled “The Acorn and the Pumpkin.”

“(A village man called Garo is considering how big that fruit is, or how thin the stem is and he says, ‘Oh my God, what was [He] thinking, the Creator of all this? This pumpkin is really not in its place here. If it had been me, I would have put it on this oak tree here. Yeah. That would have been the right place. God was mistaken. The more I look at those fruits in their places, the more I think that something’s wrong.’ So, he’s thinking that he’s so great, that it’s difficult to sleep when you’re such a great man. So, he goes under an oak tree, to fall asleep. An acorn falls. The nose of Garo is aching. It makes him wake up. He finds the acorn still sticking to his beard and his sore nose makes him change his speech. 'Oh my God! ' he says,' I’m bleeding! And what if something heavier had fallen from the tree? And that this acorn had been a pumpkin? God did not want it. No doubt He was right. Now I understand. ')”

Here’s a music soloist, promoter and instructor. Please welcome.

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