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World Spiritual Leadership Award Ceremony and the February 22 Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, Part 2 of 6

Language:English,(KAZAKH),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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At this time, we would like for the Supreme Master Ching Hai to grace us at the podium with Her presence please. “I thank you sincerely for your time and effort to bring about the gathering of this evening and all this great honor. To help others, it is our birthright, our privilege. And I feel rather, embarrassed to be proclaimed in public with such a small service, which is just the beginning, very small beginning, of our effort to try to help our brothers and sisters, and to elevate our planet, which is our only home at this moment, so that we all can live in a very reasonable and decent condition.”

“And therefore, whenever we see the need of our brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter in which nation, we should just help. This is just a very, very honorable privilege of mankind and maybe some of us have forgotten. And that’s why I have received such a great honor for such very ordinary work. But never mind. If God wills this way, then I just accept it and represent the whole people here and other different countries that they have not the opportunity to be here today. I represent them to thank the American government for recognizing us, for being so nice, so kind to us, and giving us such a warm welcome, honor, and love. Thank you.”

Each state representative then presented Supreme Master Ching Hai with more honors for Her humanitarian contributions.

We would like to open our entertainment section of the program with a performance from Formosa (Taiwan), called “A Joyous Small World.” We would also like to dedicate a very special song to our dear Master. Please welcome the LA disciples. Our next number is from New York. It’s by a professional performer. Her name is Marsha Perry, and she is a performer with the “Women of the Calabash” group of New York City, and will sing “Give It Time” and accompany herself on the African calabash instrument. Our next number is from LA. It’s a musical drama. “A Mysterious Night” is its title.

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