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The Eight Vegan Ways of Buddhist Life, Part 2 of 3, Aug. 5, 2015

Lecture Language:English,Hakka Chinese(客家話)
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So, the Eight Ways are this: The first one is like the Five Precepts that we have. No killing, no harming. And second, no stealing. The third is no sexual misconduct. The fourth is no lying. The fifth is no alcohol or intoxicants. Now, the sixth is you don’t sleep on a high or large bed. The seventh ...You don’t go out singing, dancing. The eighth is that you cannot… You eat only one meal a day, at noon. After meal, don’t eat. After lunch, don’t eat.

Richness, power, position is not always conducive to your wellness in the long run, your spiritual elevation. So therefore, in Buddhism it’s also mentioned that anyone who is well-off, who is in a good disposition and still remembers, still wants to practice discipline, meditation and all that, then know that they have the Bodhisattva spirit or Bodhisattva merit from former lives. Mostly they would call them “Bodhisattva” right on.

“The two of these Brahmans, after the Eight Purification Ways, also after their lifetime according to their longevity’s affinity, both died. The one who wished to forward this merit to become a king, he became a king next lifetime because he kept all these Eight Purification paths perfectly during his lifetime. And the one who wished to be born in Heaven, he broke his precept. He also still had some merit so he was born, reincarnated as a dragon – not just human.”

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