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Between Master and Disciples

The Eight Vegan Ways of Buddhist Life, Part 3 of 3, Aug. 5, 2015

Lecture Language:English,Mogolian(Монгол хэл)


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You don’t know that many of the animals in the animal kingdom, they hide their magical power – even dogs, cats. They don’t show it in front of you, but they have magical power. That’s why sometimes maybe you adopt a dog, and suddenly your sickness is gone, and your family becomes more rich, or your … some problems are gone away. They do it quietly to help you, to repay your kindness, or because they love you, because you’re kind to them.

“‘When you bring this fruit tray, full of different fruits to the king, then you say to the king that I was a longtime friend of the king, best friend in a former life in the Brahman clan. And we both received the Eight Ways of Purification and both of us had a wish. But because the king kept the Eight Precepts perfectly, he became king of the humans. I did not keep the Precepts, so I became exiled as a dragon. And also it’s not a very comfortable life and my body, also not beautiful. Now, I would like to receive the Eight Ways of Purification again, Eight Purification Precepts again ...The king must try to find that little booklet for me from before.’” “And from then on, the dragon diligently, honestly, and disciplinarily kept these Eight Ways of… (Purification.) of Purification Precepts. After he died, yeah, he was born again in Heaven, became one of the devas, one of the gods, enjoying heavenly happiness, and all the pleasure in there. And the king himself was also reminded now; he also kept these precepts from then on. Then when he died, he was also born in the same Heaven as the dragon and both were buddy-buddies again.”

“‘Ananda, you should know, those two people at that time are the two from Brahman came down right now – the two from Heaven just came down right now. And now they have attained Srota-apanna. And all the three lower levels of rebirth and death they have already cut asunder. They will not be reborn again in such and such lower level – like humans, or asura, or devils, or hell, or animals. And then life after life they will be born either in a human’s life ... human world or heavenly world, enjoying all the blessings until they attain Nirvana.’”

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