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Upgrade Yourself into a Very Noble, Selfless Being, P 1/2

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Take every situation as a God-given challenge or the erasing of the bad karma (retribution). If we lost something, we gain something else. It’s always the same. Everything happens for some reason. Everybody would tell you that. So do not just so conveniently or easily just pray for any little thing that you could take care yourself. If you’re sick, don’t pray to Master to heal you. Go to see a doctor. Unless in a desperate situation that you could not help it, then of course, maybe you can. But I told you, if you keep the five precepts, the angels protect you. And make sure what you eat is pure and clean. Make sure you meditate enough. Then every situation will turn into a very mild situation. Big troubles become small troubles. Small troubles become nothing. And that is normal if you keep your precepts, eat pure vegan food, and meditate well.

Don’t always pray to Master power to do this, do that for you. That’s abusive of power, when you don’t need. Emergency, yes. Okay? When you cannot do anything more, okay. But if you can, use your brain first. Use your IQ, train your IQ to be more intelligent, to be more quick-reaction with all situations that arise. In case someday you’ve got to help somebody. It’s not all about us. It’s about everyone around us and everyone not around us. You have to train to be first good and able, so that maybe one day we can help someone else. Don’t always sit there like a baby waiting for mama. Even if you have been spoiled, you have to prepare to upgrade yourself into a very, very noble being. Self-sacrifice being.

It’s too precious, your breath, your life, your days, your years here on Earth. Use it just so that when you go up, you smile. “Oh, I’ve done my best for my spiritual practice. I am where I am because I earned it.” And don’t just cling to all this little temptation in this world and a little comfort in this life, and bypassing the spiritual chance to go to the higher level. Master Power can bless you, but if you just use it for any other thing, (if) you abuse the power just for a little mundane gain or little pleasure, then you lose it. And then after you die, you just sit somewhere in maybe Astral or Second Level or Third Level, seeing all the other disciples flying by. Then you’ll feel sorry that you shouldn’t have clung to this world so much.
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