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Plants That Enhance the Skin's Beauty

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On today’s program, we highlight how the best medicine for our skin can come from the botanical world. And it is notable that we can grow many impressive healing plants for our convenience. So, if we are looking for ready-to-use skin products, keep in mind that those with animal-free ingredients, natural compounds, and no harsh chemicals are best.

Neem is a remedy for many skin and other health concerns, and can aid the eyes, hair, immune system, and digestive system as well as improve oral health. Aloe vera, which is cultivated throughout the world, is another plant that has a myriad of medicinal uses and is excellent for a variety of skin types. With the regular external use of natural products like these, not only do we enhance and better our skin, but also when we consume the same plant compounds, we can help to improve our immune system.

Licorice contains diverse compounds, including glycyrrhizin, glabridin, and liquiritin that have beneficial effects on skin when applied topically. By making either lavender-infused oil or purchasing lavender essential oil, we can use this plant to avoid infections when applied at the site of a small cut or burn. It can help reduce inflammation and blemishes as well. Rose petals help hydrate skin, reduce irritation and are filled with Vitamin C that helps limit bacteria-causing acne. Basil has antiseptic properties and when used on the skin can be a preventive measure against acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Yarrow, also known as Blue Yarrow, helps to heal wounds, insect bites, rehydrate skin, and resolve acne, particularly blackheads.

In summary, we've looked at some of the plants available in "nature's pharmacy" that can bring wondrous results to our skin. These are just a few of the many, many plants that have healing and protective properties. Wherever you are in our world, surely there is a wide realm of skin-benefitting plants just right outside your door!

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