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Reconnect with the Earth: The Benefits of Grounding

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There are different ways to connect yourself with nature. Some people enjoy surfing, hiking or strolling in the park in the morning, while others choose to reconnect themselves by walking barefoot on the soil. This is often referred to as “grounding” or “earthing.” The Earth’s surface, which is abundant in negative electrical charges, is one of the overlooked global resources for maintaining health.

According to Coulomb's Law, which is a statement in physics, like charges will repel each other, while opposite charges will be attracted to each other. Based on this scientific principle, if free electrons can be absorbed into the body by establishing direct bodily contact with the Earth, then the free radicals can be neutralized in order to reduce inflammation.

Even though people immerse in nature from time to time, the direct connection to these electrons is still greatly reduced due to insulating rubber or plastic soled shoes being worn. If you have to stay indoors, don’t worry. Grounding can also be achieved by using some simple equipment, such as a grounding mat, sheet or pad, which can be applied whether you’re working in front of a desk or sleeping.

Having learned the methods of grounding, now let’s have a look at some of the potential health benefits. In a clinical study to evaluate the correlations of cortisol levels to circadian rhythm and changes in sleep, pain and stress, 12 subjects with sleep dysfunction, pain and stress were given a conductive mattress pad to use on their beds for a period of eight weeks. Eleven out of the 12 study subjects reported that they were able to fall asleep faster, and the number of times waking up during the night was reduced for all 12 individuals. Furthermore, the results demonstrated that grounding the body during sleep alleviated morning fatigue levels, and improved daytime energy and nighttime pain levels.

In another study of randomized double-blind design, 58 healthy adult participants were given a conductive adhesive patch to place on the sole of each foot to simulate grounding with the Earth. All the test results demonstrated that grounding is able to reduce stress levels. In addition to reducing tension, grounding can also have beneficial effects on improving cardiovascular risk factors, such as red blood cell clumping.
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