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Soaking It In: Therapeutic Benefits of Hot Springs

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In our time together today, we will talk about hot springs and their health benefits.

What is a hot spring? Hot springs, also called geothermal springs, come from geothermally heated groundwater. They can form in several ways. One of the common ways is when the groundwater is in contact with rocks that have been heated by magma or molten rock deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

Hot springs have been used for thousands of years for their health-promoting properties. That's because soaking in hot springs can be very relaxing, and the water in natural hot springs can contain a variety of minerals, such as sulfur, silica, calcium, sodium, selenium and many more. Many scientists from Japan, Europe and the Middle East have been studying balneotherapy, which is the treatment of disease by bathing in waters containing minerals.

Not only do humans enjoy hot potting, but also capybara-persons, the largest rodent-people in the world, know how to enjoy themselves by taking a nice hot bath in thermal springs. When they soak in the natural hot tub, the bliss on their faces just says everything about how enjoyable it is.

Bathing in hot water can boost blood circulation by raising body temperature. Researchers have found that immersing in hot water increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide is a natural chemical produced in the body that dilates the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are expanded, they relax and become wider, allowing the blood to carry more oxygenated red blood cells and nutrients to cells in the body. Not only does a rise in the nitric oxide level give a greater blood supply to various parts of the body, but the widened blood vessels also help to lower blood pressure.

Hot spring immersion helps reduce stress and promotes sleep. Bathing in mineral water is beneficial for relaxing tense muscles to lessen stress. Meanwhile, the effect of your body temperature rising in the bath and then cooling after getting out can help you relax and fall into a deeper sleep. When you become less stressed, your outlook will become more vibrant as a result of the improvement in your overall physical and mental health.
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