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A Sincere Heart Can Change One's Karma (Part 2 of 3) July 11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt])
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“(As she was about to leave, she realized her bad karma. Because she got married to a man in the meat business. A spiritual practitioner should never get married to someone in the meat business. She said that the person in the meat business took away her merits.) The meat business involves handling meat and fish. (He fed her some food, but she couldn’t eat it, couldn’t swallow it because his hands were full of blood. That’s what she said. When I came, I cooked for her, and she said, ‘Anything you feed me, I can eat all right, it tastes very good.’ Therefore, it is said that near the time of one’s death, one can see everything.) I understand. It’s like a movie, (Yes.) it goes by very fast. (She thought if she meditated well, she could change that man.) Change him. I understand. (But it wasn’t possible.) Very difficult. (She said that only Master could do it. Nobody else could. In the last minute, she regretted and realized it. She asked me to get her out of her husband’s house. She said that the (inner) Master had already left her body. I asked, ‘How could Master leave your body?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. Master has already left my body, sister. Please get me out of this house, otherwise I can’t even die.’) Understand. (Therefore, I thank you, Master.) Because she was too involved with meat-eating people, the (inner) Master could not bear it. (Yes.) But not being able to bear it doesn’t mean leaving her. Just going outside for some fresh air. Could not bear the meat stuff all the time.” 
“(Among the young initiates, there was one child who had a disability since a long time. He could not talk at all. One day… His mother did not force him. She said, ‘Your sister and I are going to have a vegetarian meal. You stay here and eat the meat stuff with the (Other people.) others.’ And the kid ate nothing. After his mother had a vegetarian meal in another room, she came back and asked why he did not eat. He couldn’t talk. But then perhaps mother and child understood each other, so he just cried. He just cried. Later that day, his mother said, ‘This evening, you come and eat with me.’ The kid happily went to eat vegetarian food.) Okay. (After that, gradually he could talk. Ever since eating vegetarian food, he started to talk.) He was able to talk? (Yes.) Very good. Eat more vegetarian food then. He couldn’t talk since he was little, but after eating vegetarian, he could talk. It wasn’t because he ate vegetarian food. It was his sincerity and faith in the Master. Yeah, because he was sincere, so he tried. Due to the sincere heart, his (bad) karma (retribution) changed. He was so sincere in wishing to be initiated. Therefore his (bad) karma (retribution) changed, and he could speak.”
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