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Between Master and Disciples

Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life (Part 2 of 6) Aug. 31, 2013

Lecture Language:Czech(čeština),English


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“I told everybody. This time, it’s different. I told, maybe I didn’t tell this batch of you, but I told at the beginning, many beginning people, first week, second week, that this time, it’s different. You should concentrate more inside, then you get a lot, a lot, a lot of blessing power because I brought a lot down. But you have to tune in, really have to be sincere and really trust what I told you, then you will have just the way she has. Perhaps she’s more humble, perhaps she’s more appreciative, and then she can go up so quick. So, if you don’t have too much spiritual experience, please don’t blame me. I don’t give her more than I give you. It’s all laid there. Just like whatever the food from the kitchen is laid all on the table for all of you to enjoy. You take a lot or you take a little, it’s up to you. If you need the spiritual progress as much as you need the air, I mean, not like you know it consciously, but in your soul, you yearn so much like that, then you get it. You can feel the spiritual energy that has been brought down this time, or is concentrated here because I’m here right now, of course. And the rest also spreads around in the world.” “(I want to share one good news from Costa Rica. Because I read that they want to close all the zoos of the country, and starting from next year. So it will be more than four hundred animals that will be free, and all the zoo places will be transformed into gardens.) Wonderful news!” “The cow is from the Fifth Level. He sacrifices himself to come in and look like an animal like that, just to help some of these cases. Or in a former life, we didn’t have machines to plow the field, the cows, the ox came down to help. But what do we do? She gives milk to our children, he plows the field for us, and then we just kill him, to eat whenever. If you excuse my honesty, honest speech, it’s like that. Really barbarous, the way we treat animals.”
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