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Buddhist Stories: “Husband-Honorer” (Part 2 of 4) Sept. 26, 2015

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This instruction, like, “Thus I have heard,” was given by the Buddha while he was in residence at Savatthi, with reference to a woman named “Husband Honorer.” Right? I did not read this, right? Yes? No? No. Okay. All right. Her name is Patipujika. The story begins in the World of the 33 gods. In the Astral World, there is a section of heaven. There are 33 heavens together. Now, the story goes that a god named Garland-Wearer, one of the 33, his name is Mālabhārī. Mālabhārī, entered the Pleasure Garden in the World of the 33, accompanied by 1,000 celestial nymphs. Five hundred of these nymphs climbed trees and threw down flowers. Five hundred others gathered them up, the flowers that fell, and decked the god with them. One of these nymphs, means one of his concubines, heavenly concubines, even when she was sitting on the branch of a tree, passed from that state of existence. And her body vanished like the flame of a lamp, and received a new conception in Savatthi in a certain family of station. A certain family with position and wealth. Something like that. My God! See that? She’s one of the heavenly beings even. And she was on the tree, gathering some flowers. And then, while she was on the tree, she just passed. Dead. Passed out of this heavenly existence, and was reborn in this world, in this world at that time, in Savatthi, in a family. And she remembered that she had been the wife of the god named Garland-Wearer. She made offerings of perfumes and garlands when she grew up, making the earnest wish to be reborn with her former husband again, the flower-wearer, upstairs in Heaven. That’s why I was telling you and warning you, and the Buddha had been always warning everybody in all the stories and lectures: Do not wish for the heavenly world or anything like that. Wish to be liberated, to be a Buddha, or to just be liberated from all that. Her husband was her god. Well, he was a god, okay, but a small god. All right. My God! But we have to feel respectful for this woman, as she was so loyal. Faithful to her husband. This is a virtue. Also praiseworthy. I’m not saying that it’s bad or anything. I’m just saying to you that the attachment, even heavenly beings cannot escape. So mind it. Mind this. Understand this.
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