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Stories to Share: Wearing S.M. Celestial Clothes Can Truly Spread Master's Power of Awakening Everywhere in the World

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Beloved Ultimate Master and Supreme Master TV team, Thank you so much for your tireless work to uplift all the humans, animal-people, and our planet. Just wanted to share some stories about wearing the “Vegans R Super Heroes” S.M. Celestial Clothes.

One day, when my husband and I went shopping while wearing the T-shirts together, a gentleman suddenly came up to us and asked where he could get vitamin B-12 because he wanted to be vegan.

Another day, when we again both wore the same S.M. Celestial Clothes, another gentleman approached us with sparkling eyes and said that he loved our clothes so much and that he has been vegan for 18 years. We knew that he felt encouraged and was proud of himself. We then gave him the Supreme Master TV card for more information. When we left the store, we were surprised to see that he and his girlfriend were waiting outside, wanting to talk to us. My husband talked with the gentleman and both of them were really happy and excited. Afterward, my husband and I realized that Master had given special Blessings to the vegan gentleman through the S.M. Celestial Clothes. During the time he has been vegan, he enjoyed lots of benefits but also endured a lot of challenges from the surrounding people. I felt so honored to be a living advertisement vehicle to spread God’s message to help whomever I can.

That evening, we were taking a stroll through a park. A couple walked in our direction, and suddenly asked us, “Are you twins?” We looked at them, and all of us laughed together. What a funny joke! Thousands of thanks for our Beloved Ultimate Master’s beautiful designs. The S.M. Celestial Clothes are really like the rainbow that brightens the sky.

Finally, just a kind reminder, if you wear them outside, please be prepared to be treated like a movie star because you will attract a lot of attention. There may be people coming up to you to talk, ask questions, show their appreciation, show their adoration, or some may tell you their concerns and even debate with you. However, whatever situation you encounter, please don’t feel frustrated. That is the purpose of Master’s designs. Any kind of attention from other people, whether positive or negative, all indicate that the vegan slogans have really touched their soul. Some are happy because finding others with the same ideal will give them encouragement, and some feel sad because the slogan makes them not feel good anymore and reminds them that they need to change. All kinds of experiences are good. Master’s awakening Power is working through whoever wears them.

Pray to Heaven to give our Beloved Master and all our brothers and sisters perfect health and strength to complete our mission quickly and smoothly on Earth: World Vegan, World Peace now. Sincerely, Isla and Owen from Canada

Joyful Isla and Owen, We enjoyed reading about your experiences with the S.M. Celestial Clothes. They are truly a Blessing in disguise! Our Master has so many ways to reach people’s souls, and clothing is one of them. Everything from the color to the slogans to the logos is Divinely designed to capture the soul’s attention. So let us wear them proudly and spread Master’s Blessings everywhere in the world. May you and your inspiring Canadian co-citizens enjoy being vegan and peaceful in the Divine’s Light and Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master would like to share Her thoughts on your happy stories: “Faithful Isla and Owen, all beings are at varying levels of evolution and have very different experiences on Earth. So, every reaction to the S.M. Celestial Clothes is an awakening of some sort, and it is all positive. One step on the path back to God, as small as it may be, is a step in the right direction. I thank you for being ambassadors for veganism in your country. I pray that the lovely Canadians open their hearts to see the cruelty done to the animal-people and together, become a caring, vegan nation, in God’s Love.” 

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