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Staying in Awe of and Humble as Well as Grateful to God lets Master Come Close to Us and Lift Us

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Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team, In 2017, I had a blessed chance to visit Master for the first time at Hsihu Ashram. During the Thanksgiving retreat, I was focusing on meditating, and the first few days of the retreat Master didn’t come out.

I had a vision during meditation that I saw a very large (tall) being coming toward me. He looked at my “initiation card” that I was wearing on my chest and on the card, it had a stamp with the word “GOOD.” He gently pointed to a large golden gate and opened it to let me in.

The next few days after I had that vision, Master came down to see us and I had a chance to sit very close to Master on the stage and celebrate Thanksgiving with You. It was such a Blessing to be sitting next to You and enjoy Your presence. I soon realized that Master is protected by many guardians, and only the ones who have enough merit and are worthy can be allowed to see You. Grayson from the United States

Happy Grayson, Thank you for sharing your insights. It is always such a tremendous gift of Grace to be in Master’s presence. We are so glad you had the opportunity to see Her in person and have a life-changing Thanksgiving meditation retreat with Her. May you and the genuine American people awaken ever further to the Light of God within you, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here is a sweet note from Beloved Master to you: “Good-hearted Grayson, when we are humble and grateful to God, we let the Master, who is God’s instrument on Earth, come close to us and lift us into God’s loving energy, which is within and all around us. We are all truly good inside. It’s just many people in this world have become lost in a mindset of separation, and it is my job to bring those who are ready Home again. May you and the benevolent United States always enjoy Heaven’s favor.” 

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