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An Inner Spiritual Vision: When the World Was All Ruined, the Ones with a Golden Thread Were Carried by Phoenixes

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Hallo, respected and Beloved Master: I’m so thankful that You and the Supreme Master TV brothers and sisters are working together to save the Earth, and that fellow initiates all over the world have been striving together over the years to make our world a better place.

I’ve been a vegan since being in my mother’s womb. I am 13-years-old now. I am fortunate to have been able to watch the outstanding Supreme Master TV programs from birth, and I’ve been trying my utmost to keep up in spiritual practice. However, all kinds of worldly temptations did cause the immature me to have committed some mistakes for which I deeply repent here. Please forgive me, this once ignorant and confused child. I’ll definitely change myself and be a good kid from now on to help the world together with everybody else.

I’d like to share an inner experience I had in August 2022: Once, during my meditation at dawn, I saw that the world was all ruined. A giant city appeared in the sky, from where countless beautiful phoenixes of seven colors flew down to Earth. A golden thread appeared on the heads of many people connecting them with the sky. The ones with a golden thread on their heads were all carried by phoenixes and flew away, while those without a golden thread were all drawn into a huge black hole… At that moment, I saw, among the hundreds of billions of stars and planets, a planet that was shining with the radiance of tens of thousands of billions of suns, tremendously brilliant and dazzling! Surrounded by extraordinary, serene and beautiful melodies, it made people feel so elated and joyful that Master and everybody were all crying with joy…

Additionally, I’d like to share one of my paintings, titled “Awakening.” In the very center of the painting is the burning Earth. Mother Earth is shedding tears of blood, drop by drop. Above the Earth is Heaven and underneath is hell. Maya is using a huge iron chain to tie the Earth, trying to pull her into the abyss. On one side is the endless transmigration of birth and death, and on the other are some souls who fortunately return to Heaven. God is shining immense Light, together with Heaven, trying to save and uplift the Earth.

It portrays what our Earth really is encountering now— a battle between Yin and Yang. Although countless pitiful tears of Mother Earth have dropped into hell, she still can’t quench the fire of hell, as the karma of all the beings is too heavy, and they are unwilling to repent... The dragons and phoenixes surrounded by Heaven mean the goddesses are assisting Master and doing their best to guard and protect our only Earth home...

I hope that, together in this lifetime, we’ll be able to see peace in the world, and that people on this planet will awaken soon to choose the vegan diet and the compassionate and noble lifestyle. May all lives be gently treated!

Thank You, the Greatest Master in the Universes, for guarding and protecting the Earth and all Your disciples day and night. We love You forever! May Master be beautiful, healthy, have a long life, and all Your wishes come true!

The sounds of the inner Buddhist chanting and inner ocean waves are superior to the sounds of this world. I would like to dedicate this series of spiritual paintings to our most Beloved Master. I wish You good health, good luck, all Your wishes to come true! May the world wake up and become vegan, and may World Vegan, World Peace be here on Earth soon! Li-Wen, a disciple from China

Soulful Li-Wen, Thank you for your insights. No matter what the future holds, together we cherish and devotedly express our undying gratitude to Master for being here on Earth and sharing Her Ultimate Loving Power.

Master replies to you with Loving guidance: “Talented Li-Wen, I am so proud of you and sending you my Loving embrace. Your merit from past lives has served you well, with the Blessing of vegan living from birth and being born into a family of initiates. Well done, and thank you for sharing your beautiful and insightful paintings with us. Know also that you have my forgiveness, unconditional Love and support always. May you and the gracious Chinese people be blessed by Buddha to achieve your highest noble dreams.” 

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