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Between Master and Disciples

Selflessness and Humility, Part 12 of 12, Dec. 16-17, 2006

Lecture Language:German(Deutsch),English
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The teacher took a lot of effort to teach you, and said you have to learn this and that every day. But you don’t learn at all, and you don’t go to class often, or not at all. One day the teacher wants to say something on graduation day or there is a special situation, then you squeeze in, only to make noise. You don’t want to learn German, why do you always want to see the teacher? What for?

Here is cheaper and Munich is more expensive. If you want to eat, you have to pay for everything. Cheap or expensive, you must pay. Karma is the same anyway. Nothing is free in this world.

Do you have something nice or serious, useful and selfless to ask? (I don’t have a question but I have a message from a lady. She is an aristocrat from Thailand.) Something good? (Sorry?) Good or not? (Yes, she is very nice.) No, the message, is it good or not? (Yes, yes, also.) You get tired of bad news.

Yes, tell me. (She’s not an initiate or anything, but she thinks You’re very nice.) Me? But I don’t have anybody... Maybe the workers in the hotel? (She’s an aristocrat.) Athlete? (Aristocrat.) Sport? (No.) Noble. Ah, aristocrat, OK, OK. (No. She is a noble lady from Thailand.) Aristocrat. Aristocrat. (And she liked Your lectures very much and she said if I saw You, please tell Her that she feels very sorry that things happened in Thailand with You.) What happened?

(They also showed You on TV. Some TV programs showed You with a good, positive…) Good side. (Yes. And the other TV station said, “Miss Ching Hai is a good practicing woman, and She brings world peace, and She meditates for world peace.” So, there is good and bad. And this lady said that she is so sorry for everything. And she has a very high position in Thailand and she also somehow arranged the hotel for our group. But because the communication between our group and her did not work, that’s why the police made trouble there.) Oh, yeah?

(The police are friends of this woman and they said that if they knew who this group was, they would have been very protective of our group instead of making trouble.) But they didn’t cause any trouble. They protected us. Just observing us a little bit, maybe. (Yes, but they were alarmed when so many people came suddenly. The policeman himself said that if he was told who we were, then they would have protected us instead of giving us trouble.)

I didn’t think they gave us any trouble. They didn’t cause any trouble, no. It’s just when we meditate, then it’s not very convenient when the police come. It was a retreat. People from outside shouldn’t come. But we didn’t have a better place and it was a hotel. You can’t do much about it. It’s not ours. The police didn’t make any trouble. Nothing. (A little bit.) A little bit? No. (They were just working.) No, no, no trouble. No, they didn’t do anything. But if the police always come, then we have... then we don’t feel so comfortable.

It’s OK, no problem. Yes, there are many things that we can’t explain. But the police didn’t do anything. They were just doing their job. But they didn’t make any trouble, really. They were very polite. They ate with us and wanted to go into the meditation hall and look. They didn’t do anything because we didn’t do anything.

Even if they made some trouble, we couldn’t do anything either. We didn’t do anything wrong. We stayed in many hotels and we went there for the seminar. That is normal. That is not anything against the law. Because this world is different, no matter what we do, we are always different, a different group, not like them. A little foreign. That’s why I always have to be careful, to protect you and myself anyway, so I can stay longer. For you. So this woman is OK.

Why did she tell you that? Is she your friend? (No, I met her by chance. After the Thailand retreat, I went to see an initiated sister, and her husband works for this woman. And I happened to go along that day to her office, and then this woman said that she respects You very much and likes Your teaching very much. And then she said she would like to write You an e-mail and tell You that she is so sorry for everything that had happened.)

It’s OK. Nothing happened, but we don’t know what could happen. I left quickly. That was better, because if I’m not there, nothing will happen. Everything is quiet and everyone is sleeping in the meditation hall. When I’m not there, you don’t make any noise anyway – always sleeping. And if the police come and see you so well-behaved, so quiet, then maybe it’s not a problem.

(This is for You to rest Your legs.) What is it? (For You to rest Your legs.) Thank you. No need. I am fine. Thank you. Do you use it for meditation? (For [inner Heavenly] Sound meditation.) It’s comfortable.

We don’t talk about that. Tell the woman that the police didn’t do anything to us. We all arrived legally. No one had a problem. And the group that made so much noise, they didn’t follow the rules and didn’t meditate and blah blah blah. So we didn’t want them. Maybe that group was my problem. They came, and if they didn't leave, then of course the police would notice something like that, not so bad.

I already told you, you have to meditate well and be humble and disciplined. Otherwise, you’ll give me lots of problems. No matter how many times you say you love me, etc. I do not believe it at all. Like mosquitoes, they like me, always suck my blood. So terrible. If you don’t meditate well, and you don’t keep the precepts, then you are not my disciple and you should not come bothering me or anybody else.

If you are an English teacher and you want to teach your student English, and you teach every day, and he doesn’t want to learn, then why should he come to the class and see the teacher again and again? For what? Right? Is that not so? (Yes.) Or you teach German, and then the student says that he wants to learn German, but he comes every time, or he doesn’t even come to the class, and he doesn’t even learn any German that you taught him before. And so what’s the good of him wanting to come to see the teacher again? What is that for? What for he even forces himself, wanting to come into the German class, when everybody sits there and wants to learn German? And he comes in, he doesn’t speak anything, and he comes there and he just asks ABCs again! Then he really just wants to make trouble. He doesn’t really love the German language. He doesn’t even love the German teacher. He just wants to make noise. Do you understand me, these kinds of people?

That is the kind of group that was in Thailand and made trouble, and then that’s why the police came. It’s not the police’s fault. If it was just us and we just meditated, then when they come in and see no problem, then they go. But because every day this group made trouble, that’s why the problem came.

I told you many times, if you're not a good meditation practitioner, if you’re not disciplined, then you’re nothing. You’re just a troublemaker. You’re worse than the people who are not enrolled for initiation. You’re worse than a non-initiate, and I don’t want to have anything to do with you. I’m sorry. That’s what it is.

If you have a German class, and you don’t even go, and you don’t even learn any German language at home, and you want to come every time the teacher comes – a special event – you come, you want to force yourself in there and make a lot of noise, for what reason is that? If you don’t attend a German course, but in the beginning, you said you wanted to learn German, and the teacher took a lot of effort to teach you, and said you have to learn this and that every day. But you don’t learn at all, and you don’t go to class often, or not at all. One day the teacher wants to say something on graduation day or there is a special situation, then you squeeze in, only to make noise. You don’t want to learn German, why do you always want to see the teacher? What for? It’s exactly like this.

I do not want to have anything to do with these kinds of people. Therefore, I would rather have only one student who is good and nice, than too many who make noise, make problems for the world, for us, and for other people, dirtying the good reputation of our group.

OK, no problem. If you have a chance to talk to this woman, tell her we didn’t have a problem with the police. They were just doing their job. They were just trying to protect and observe us. The police didn’t do anything. They were very nice. Very good. I wrote a poem for the police to say thank you. We don’t have any complaints. (The big donation.) Yeah, donate to the police maybe, if someone died on the job or something.

German is so difficult, (You can speak English.) English, no one translated. Do you have anything else to ask? No? You made me laugh and then so...

(I have a daughter, whose foster mother wrote a poem for You. She wants to read it for You now. May she have Your permission to come up and recite it?) You can put it in our magazine so that everyone can see it. Don’t read it here. (Yes.)

We are practicing spiritually here, so you ask spiritual questions only. And whatever to praise me, just forget it. I am so tired of it. I did not come here to hear praise. You thank me once, twice, and that is enough. Otherwise, there will be no end to everyone praising me. Everyone wants to write one hundred poems, not just one. If we sit there and read all of them, when would we finish then? If it is good, then send it to our magazine, so they can print it for everyone to see, the whole world can read it. But if they don’t select that poem because they don’t think it’s good, then just forget it. Don’t let anyone see the poem! Just assume nothing happened. (Yes.) But thank you. Thank you anyway.

OK, is there anything else? Everything clear? (Yes.) Meditate more, more Group meditation and read more, watch more Supreme Master Television, then everything will be clear. Now it is easy. You can watch my lectures, hear my teachings at home. You don’t even have to buy anything. That is nice. Free. (There are so many languages we can learn.) Yes, we can learn. Chinese or Korean. We could have more languages, but on the small TV screen, there’s no space for it. Maybe we can add Arabic. That would be great. The Muslims would like to see it too. But English is good already – international. OK, good?

It’s all your fault. That made me laugh. Then, we go on with the work. Do you want to refresh yourself? Go outside, breathe in and out, then come back again. Drink something, then come back to meditate. (Yes.) There are lots of cough candies. If anyone needs it, then come to take it. One.

See you. See you later. Leave those things here, so that the ones who need can take it, the ones who cough. (Cough drops, yes.) Take some to relieve your cough. Now you pretend to cough, huh! You didn’t cough earlier. After hearing “candies,” you cough now. (I have a container of candies to cure snoring.) (Stop-snoring candies.) To cure snoring we use this, not candies.

Hey, are you guys all right? Good? (Yes.) Very good.

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