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Between Master and Disciples

God Will Forgive Us If We Forgive Others, Part 4 of 9, Dec. 8, 2022

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It’s not possible that I, with different color of skin, different facial features, go around in the Western world and go into a very special place like Buckingham Palace without people being curious about where I came from. For example, if I were there. (Yes, Master.) Either Lady Susan has been trained to do this job to protect the Queen– that’s why she was trusted with Prince William even, or she was so curious that she could not contain herself. She had to ask!

Sometimes people don’t know what else to ask when they meet a person for the first time. I’m not sure that if I was the godmother of Prince William, I would be able to control myself and not ask the lady, “Where are you from, actually?” Because, just my opinion, my feeling is Lady Susan Hussey used to be the Queen’s favorite, and the Queen wanted to keep her in the palace to continue further whatever assistant work she liked to do for the new king even. And she is the godmother of Prince William, so she has big respect. (Yes, Master.) I want to tell you why. That’s why the Queen must have trusted her enormously. And the Royal Family must have respected her so much, that they even made her the godmother of Prince William. It’s a big thing. (Yes, Master.)

So, because being next to the Queen, she probably trained herself to always take care that whoever comes near the Queen should have some good background or something she should know in case the Queen asks her, “Where does that lady come from? Who is she? And what does she do? Why does she want to see me?” For example, like that. So, she had to know in advance, being the lady-in-waiting, always next to the Queen. (Yes, Master.) So, maybe it’s due to training that she does that.

I understand what you said because I read that news also. First, I thought, “Oh, it’s just a single case. It’s not very important, no big deal.” But since then she had to step down. And the boss of the charity organization, Madam Fulani, was angry and told the press that she was feeling abused in Buckingham Palace. (Yes.)

It’s not possible that I, with different color of skin, different facial features, go around in the Western world and go into a very special place like Buckingham Palace without people being curious about where I came from. For example, if I were there. (Yes, Master.) Either Lady Susan has been trained to do this job to protect the Queen– that’s why she was trusted with Prince William even, or she was so curious that she could not contain herself. She had to ask! (Yes.)

Because Madam Fulani looked different, of course. I saw her photograph. She looked glamorous also with a beautiful hairdo, nice dress and beautiful face and all that. And this Lady Susan Hussey probably didn’t know this Madame Fulani beforehand. She was just curious or it’s a habit asking where she came from, maybe just naively or curiously, only. Because, “Oh! How come? Oh, such a lady, so beautiful, how come I never saw her before? And how come she’s even privileged to be invited into Buckingham Palace to a reception.” (Yes.) It’s very special. Not just anybody can go there. Can you go there? Can I go there? No! (No. No, Master.) Maybe you can, not me. Maybe you guys are still young and handsome. Maybe you have a chance. Me, an old lady, doing what in there?

So, she was also surprised, “Oh, where does this lady come from?” Of course, she knows she’s a British citizen, but where were her ancestors really from? Where were the original roots of her existence? Just curious or interested. That’s what I think. Maybe I judge it because of my silly case when I was younger. (Yes.)

But, of course, I told you I had to be there in order to see the attitude and feel the energy of the conversation. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) But the thing is, this Madam Fulani is not just an ordinary person even. She’s a boss of a charity organization. (Yes.) And she was probably so good at it that she’s so famous that she was even invited into the King’s palace. It’s a very big deal that she’s invited to go to the Royal Palace. (Yes, Master.) So, of course, this is beyond her curiosity, and she couldn’t help it.

She also asked other guys… one of the guests also told the press that Lady Susan Hussey also asked him where he came from. Not just Madam Fulani alone. And the gentleman also answered Lady Susan Hussey, where he was from. He said he’s from Manchester, that’s it. Something like that. And then she didn’t ask anymore.

But, you see, because he probably doesn’t look so outside of the ordinary – he. But she – Madam Fulani, does look out of the ordinary. (Yes, Master. Yes.) With her beautiful hairdo, her glorious dress and outlook, and things like that, people feel attracted to her. I am sure Lady Hussey wasn’t the only one that asked her where does she come from. (Yes, Master.) Such a successful lady. (Yes, Master.) And contributing to Britain in such great work.

So, maybe she just felt like… maybe at the end probably she wanted to say thank you for helping – “Wherever you come from, that country – you came here all this way… your parents and your ancestors came all this way, and now you’re helping England. Welcome and thank you.” Probably at the end, she would have wanted to say that. If it were me, I would have wanted to say that.

And I often say such things… similar things. So, I’m not sure if this is a misunderstanding, or maybe because Madam Fulani has been asked 10,000 times already in England. She stands out, man… what to do? (Yes, Master.) She stands out. People cannot help but ask her that question. I guess it’s not just real, British-born people, or white British people that ask her, I guess people from many other nationalities also ask her. Because she’s in England, she doesn’t look like most of the other so-called English people. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s nobody’s fault actually. It’s just that God made so many colors out of us. (Yes.) That’s what I think. But I apologize to Madam Fulani if I have offended her in any way, I have no such intention. With all due respect, I love all people. And you guys know that, right? (Yes, Master. Yes.) I love black people and people of color very much. I call them “chocolate” all the time. And they love it, they love it. Whenever they see me and they ask questions, they say, “Master, Chocolate has a question.” Something like that. I say, “OK, come on. Come on. Go for it.”

The world is like this. We have so many different nationalities, different colors of skin, different jobs, different aspirations, different countries. And if we are in a different country, rather than in our own country, then we are bound to be asked where we’re from. That is definite. So, if you have a chance to be close with another human being, but not the same color of skin as yours, then she/he will ask you, “Where are you from?” (Yes.)

Oh, they asked other even more embarrassing questions – for me it was embarrassing. I was invited to a dinner party in Monaco, where his Royal Highness Prince Albert II was. It was his party. He invited good people, and all that. And I was lucky. I don’t know why, I was invited there as well, just by chance. I forgot to ask why I was invited. Probably they would have told me why, but I did not have the chance to ask.

So, I was there, sitting very near to His Royal Highness and many other Royal Household members. (Yes, Master.) And they all asked me… they came and asked me, “Where are You from?” and, “What’s Your name?” And I had to tell them everything. I was already prepared. I just read it out just like you learned by heart in kindergarten or in primary school. I said, “I am named so-and-so. I was born in nineteen so and so, from so and so.” And I said even the city where I was born as well.

So, that’s it. They were gone. Or they continued or they were gone. So, just before they asked, I even told it right away already. They came to shake hands and I said, “I am so-and-so from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), born in nineteen so-and-so, in such-and-such province or city.” Like that. I sat alone without partner, without anybody and they came and said, “Oh! You don’t have any man?” I said, “No.” So, they said: “You should find a fiancé, then you can become Monégasque.” I said, “Good idea. Thank you. I will think about that. Your advice is valuable. Thank you so much for really caring for me.”

And later, I went out to take a (non-alcoholic) drink, at the drink area, or something. I forgot why I stood up from the table. I guess I had enough with all this man stuff, and answering. So, I stepped out. I said, “Oh, I will go out for a little fresh air,” or something.

And then I met my doctor at the time. He was my doctor, at the time. I was sick, and I went there (Monaco), and I got better. The doctor treated me. So, I saw him. And then I said, “Hallo,” and all that. After talking for a while also with his girlfriend or fiancé, then he accompanied me back to my table. And immediately, all the ladies at the table said, “Oh, you have found yourself a man!” My God! “You have found yourself a fiancé.” Oh God. Not so fast, my dear. I was so embarrassed. (Yes, Master.) I said “No, no, no. Sorry. Oh, no. He has a fiancé himself. I’m just his patient. He’s my doctor. He’s doctor so-and-so.”

And everybody felt so disappointed. I saw their disappointed faces. I guess they were hoping I become Monégasque so quick, afterward. But their expectation didn’t come true. So, they looked like, “Oh…,” like it’s disappointing. I also didn’t know what to say. I was so embarrassed.

So, it doesn’t matter. You stick out if you are a different race and go to live with or mingle with another race of people. (Yes, Master. Yes.)

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