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Selections from the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Library: The Parable of the Jars and the Gospel of Thomas, Part 2 of 2

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Those Who are Chosen “Jesus said, ‘I’ll choose you, one out of a thousand and two out of ten thousand, and they’ll stand as a single One.’” “Jesus said, ‘Blessed are those who are One – those who are chosen - because you’ll find the Kingdom. You’ve come from there and will return there.’”

Our Origin and Identity “Jesus said, ‘If they ask you, “Where do you come from?” tell them, “We’ve come from the [inner Heavenly] Light,” the place where [inner Heavenly] Light came into being by Itself, [established] Itself, and appeared in their image.’ ‘If they ask you, “Is it you?” then say, “We are Its children, and we’re chosen by our living Father.” If they ask you, “What’s the sign of your Father in you?” then say, “It’s movement and rest.”’”

Light “[Jesus’] disciples said, ‘Show us the place where You are because we need to look for it.’ [Jesus] said to them, ‘Anyone who has ears to hear should hear! [Inner Heavenly] Light exists within a person of Light, and they light up the whole world. If they don’t shine, there’s darkness.’”

Spirit and Body “Jesus said, ‘If the flesh came into existence because of spirit, that’s amazing. If spirit came into existence because of the body [by the means of practicing], that’s really amazing! But I'm amazed at how [such] great wealth has been placed in this poverty.’”

The World is Drunk “Jesus said, ‘I stood in the middle of the world and appeared to them in the flesh. I found them all drunk [without a clear mind]; I didn’t find any of them thirsty [longing for God, the Truth]. My soul ached for the children of humanity because they were blind in their hearts and couldn’t see. They came into the world empty and plan on leaving the world empty. Meanwhile, they’re drunk. When they shake off their wine [any harmful, addictive substances], then they’ll change.’”

The New World “[Jesus’] disciples said to Him, ‘When will the dead have rest, and when will the new world come?’ [Jesus] said to them, ‘What you’re looking for has already come, but you don’t know it.’”
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